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Decorating With Columns

Columns have long been a popular element in architecture for centuries, presenting a majestic-like appearance that adds to the overall home d├ęcor .Installing faux columns in your home can add a touch of elegance, especially when they reach from floor to ceiling. 

The " living" concept for new homes has led to broad expanses of living area, particularly in the family-centered rooms like the kitchen, den, living, and dining rooms. This "line-of-sight" contact between various common living areas contributes to a warmer, more intimate living atmosphere. Architects have turned to columns as a devices to help break up these open areas without destroying their continuity. 

If you are doing renovations, you can request columns to be placed at strategic points in your home to complement your design ideals. For example, have your entrance door framed by columns fixed into the wall. This will give your doorway a stately appearance from both the interior and exterior. Alternatively, have your stairway supported by columns, or even have a full height column placed in your home solely for decoration. You can use these columns to give the illusion of bigger space and to create or divide two spaces. You can divide your living room and dining area to give it a grander look.One of the most popular ways to use columns in your home is as a pedestal for a sculpture, plant or collectible.

Most decorative columns today are made from fiberglass, or perhaps a fiberglass and stone composite, coated aluminum or pre-cast plaster so they are light and easily maneuvered. I love scouring antique and collectible markets, yard sales, etc. for old salvage columns.They look wonderful in your interior design as well as in outside entertainment areas or around pools. Here are some ways they will enhance your style.

Columns bring elegance and refinement to any interior.

I like columns to have a faux stone or marble paint treatment rather than be smooth and white. I just think the texture makes them more aged and interesting.

These covered columns are very unique.

See how these painted columns looked ancient and give more of an old world feel than white ones would. 

Consider "aging" your columns.

I love them just sitting around adding interest to rooms.

These have been aged to perfection. Diane Burn is the master at using faux paint techniques.

They are wonderful in all shapes and sizes.

And of course they are fabulous when painted black!

Use columns alone or with urns of plants on top.

This homeowner has made lamps from the urns sitting on top. I like this idea.

Use them as pedestals and sit a bust on top!!

They are lovely when used outdoors in your entertainment areas.

What a beautiful mirror. Look for columns in unexpected places.

This shows the same columns painted differently. Be creative and customize yours.

These have been split, painted and used in a mural.

Columns stenciled in a Moroccan design.

You can find them in salvage stores, antique malls and flea markets.


Like I said, look for ways to make them unique.Why NOT turn one into a lamp?

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  1. columns are becoming a common component of most architectural works due to its cheaper price and it is also promotes protection of the environment as it lowers use of wood.


  2. Wow!!!!! awesome structuring home designed with architecture columns.Really heart soft.The designing is no nice to see and touch as well.
    Any way If you are fortunate enough to have a hand in the design and aesthetics of your home, talk to the structural engineer and architect about options for creatively addressing columns. Especially in large great rooms such as living and family rooms or open kitchens that may have a second story above, ask the design professionals if you can plan how you will use the space so large columns aren’t stuck in inopportune places if possible.
    What architectural style of columns could your home benefit from?

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