Saturday, October 13, 2012

Decorating With Orange......It's A Great Color For Interiors

Orange, the happy cheerful color. We often overlook using orange as we find it bright and bold and too brilliant to use in our homes.

Shades of orange are warm and welcoming and are great in entry areas. To stimulate the appetite, cantaloupe or papaya or apricot work well in the dining room. Strong orange can be a perfect accent in the kitchen. Any area of your home where you want flattering warmth, the softer shades of orange are ideal.

We love it outside! Orange daylilies are a perennial flower garden  favorite. And who doesn't anticipate the autumn colors. It you like orange, don't fear it for your interiors. When carefully thought out, you will be happy for a long time with this color pallet.

 The orange and turquoise used for the front door above and this entry way are so inviting.

Orange is a fantastic color to use as an accent. Throw around some bright orange cushions to brighten up a dull color scheme, add some orange flowers to a vase to enliven the room.

If you want to use orange but find it too strong for your taste......think of apricot. It is a softer shade of orange.

I think orange is best used with  softer cream, antique white or tan walls. 

Purple is a good accent color to use with orange. Violet is my favorite shade to use. designer Diane Burn

Stop and enjoy the song!

This is one of many lovely color combinations for orange.

I love the mix of patterns and shades or orange used in this room.

I like the dark taupe wall color in this room. It is a wonderful background for orange accents.

Orange accents in a pretty cream room.

For a touch of orange don't forget you can always go for accessories!

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