Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Decorating With Antlers.......Rustic AND Elegant

Whether you want a cozy, rustic feel, or you are more inclined to the English hunting lodge look, antlers are a wonderful accessory for the walls of either style. Very few accessories can lend to rustic and elegant at the same time. Some of the most elegant manors in England have stag heads and antlers adorning the walls. Yet in this country we associate it more with log cabin getaways.

Let's set the record straight . I certainly DO NOT condone killing these gorgeous creatures just to get antlers to decorate your house with. I prefer my antlers attached to their rightful owners.

But I know that they can be found in the woods because deer shed their antlers. Also you can find antlers and mounts (antlers with part of skull attached)  in antique stores, yard sales, and collectible malls. Or if Uncle Ralph or Cousin Larry has some squirreled away in their attics, by all means ask for them and display them. As long as you don't go shooting Bambi's mother to get them, I am all for using them in your interior design. I did research on some of the manufacturers that are creating antler home accessories. In making and processing the antler chandelier and chairs, the manufacturers are collecting the shed antlers. Just like skin, the deer also need to shed off their antlers in order to let the new one – and also the stronger one – grow. People don’t need to worry about using this type of house decoration since there’s no deer being harmed or killed. This blog post is designed to give you some inspiration on beautiful ways to use antlers in your home. I hope it helps.

I love this alternative!!!

Jackson Hole uses antlers in all of its decorating. They are collected in the forests so you see there is a large number of them to be found


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