Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Reasons To Decorate With Black

Here is a second post dedicated to black interiors for all you drama queens out there. I have always liked a dramatic touch of black somewhere in the room. Black adds refinement and sophistication wherever it is used and works as a neutral that makes other colors come to life. I hope you will enjoy this post as well and get inspired to give black a try. Make sure you check out the October post titled How To Decorate Your Interiors With Black For a Classic Look.

The quintessential icon of elegance. When you think Audrey Hepburn, you think of classic black. I can see her at home in any of these elegant interiors. She made black such a fashionable color. This is a mini tribute to her too....just for fun.

This is a perfect example of how touches of black can add sophistication to a room.


Beautiful boiseries that have been painted black

Very glam bedroom!

Black kitchens are very popular alternatives.

To me black is as wonderful a neutral as cream or white. It works well with every color.



Pink and black have always been a favorite color combination.

As you can see you can't go wrong by adding aqua!


This lovely room is very traditionally balanced.

Consider black woodwork and flooring. It makes a room so elegant.

Vivid colors are so pretty when used with makes them pop!

I know this isn't for everybody.....but for some it's your "cup of tea".


The distressed black island looks wonderful with the stone floors.

Jeffrey Hitchcock Enterprises

I think black ceilings are wonderful. They will make your rooms look taller.




Great color combination .....and those chandeliers!

Prestonfield Edinburgh


All the accessories work together to make this a glamorous room. I love the black ceiling.