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Decorating Your Home With The Pink/Green Combination

When you think of pink and green decor, Lilly Pulitzer, Dorothy Draper and Carlton Varney come to mind. Their bold use of these colors have brought them great success. Whether you love bold and bright or prefer it a bit more classic and subdued there is a pink and green room out here with your name on it. I have posted a variety of images to show you how these colors can come together in any form to give you a spectacular interior. There are so many wonderful shades of pink and green to choose from, ballet to fuschia, celadon to emerald .....there is a combination for everyone. 

Unless you are intentionally decorating in the preppy style, just don't add too many girly elements and you will be fine. The trick to pulling off a pink and green interior is restraint. There is something about this combination that makes women tend to go overboard and can cause the room to lose its elegance and sophistication. 

I love a room that isn't as much about a color combination as it is just a natural blending of colors. This is not a "pink and green" room yet it has a natural progression of that combination.

Calm pink's sweet side down with lots of white.

Pink and green can benefit from small touches of blue as proven by the effect the paintings create.

Another perfect pink, green and blue interior. Pink and green rooms crave pattern!!

Pink and green fit perfectly into an English style decor.

Everyone admires pink and green outdoors....why NOT bring it inside.

This room definitely has a Dorothy Draper appeal about it.

source unknown

Pink and green is a great look for the tropical home as well.

Pink and green rooms are usually for people that like to have fun. They can be whimsical and energetic.

Of course you can have fun while being classical as well.

The trick to having a successful pink and green room is being able to make it look feminine AND sophisticated!

Even classic antique chairs look wonderful covered in this color combo.

Another one of my favorites!

Old world pink and green!! It's not always about the Preppy Look!!

If you love this color combination but want to add these colors to your home on a smaller scale, do it in one statement against a white background.

Since pink and green is a perennial favorite you won't have a problem finding beautiful accessories in this colorful combo.

There is just something about pink and green that brings out the polka dots in all of us!!

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Pink and green take on a dramatic allure when wedded to black.

Cotton-candy pink and muted greens show the softer side of Preppy’s classic hot pink and kelly green combo.

A subtle mix of pink and green pattern make this living room cheerful and inviting.

Watermelon pink looks best with other fruity colors....think lime when using this shade. And add white!!

A bold way to use pink and green but all the white tones it down and the furniture selection mixes the contemporary with the traditional very well.

There is alot going on here and some people like the "more is best" look.

You can also keep it real simple and still have your pink and green pops. Flowers and pillows always do the trick!!

Fun and funky pink and green bedroom.

 Janie Molster

Kristy Lee Interiors

Palm Beach style interiors many times feature the pink and green combo. A headboard and pillow is a great give your room an infusion of this color combination without becoming overwhelming.

Plum Sykes in her home for Vogue Magazine.

If you're not bold enough to use pink and green in your home, how about your outdoor space?

People seem more comfortable with pink and green outside than in.

Whichever way you choose, pink and green are very pretty together!

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