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Decorating With The French Cabriole/Cabriolet Sofa

The gorgeous French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa was popularized by Louis XV in the first half of the 1700's. Cabriolet (where our term cab comes from) is a term that was used to describe a carriage or a cab in the eighteenth century and this sofa mimics the carriage's seat that had a curved exposed wood back which swept into arms in one seamless line. They also stood proudly on sinuous curvy legs called cabriole legs.

This style of sofa looks marvelous in a French Provincial, French Chateau, or classically ornate French home. It all depends on how it it upholstered and whether the wooden frame is left natural, painted, or gilded. If this style decor is your desired look than consider the Cabriole as your sofa of choice.

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The beautiful craftsmanship of the exposed wooden frame, and the legs that curve outwards and down are the main distinguishing features of the French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa.

The French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa is the extended version of the French bergere with its enclosed sides, lack of back cushions, and single loose seat cushion

And whether you gild the exposed wood,

paint it,

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or leave it natural, the French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa is a lovely addition to your seating arrangement.

There is a great demand for the Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa as a focal point in the French Provincial style interior.

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Of course if you want instant French flair try covering a Cabriole sofa in toile de jouy.

The French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa has a beautiful shape that is ideal for creating an ornate and classical look. They can be quite glamorous depending on your upholstery selection.

This beautiful gilded French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa is covered in Aubusson needlepoint tapestry.

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However this great sofa can also look chic and refined.

As elegant as they appear they also have a cozy feel especially when covered in velvet. I guess it's the arms, they seem to engulf you. I could definitely curl up in a Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa with a good book. Yes, I still like electronic reads for me.

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The Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa has a lovely back as well and looks good pulled out into the center of the room.
Some have a bit more squarish arm placement but still have the wooden frame that extends all the way down the arms.

The wood trim on a French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa may be elaborately carved and come across as Baroque or Rococo. However, it can still pull off a more simple look because of it's tightly fitted upholstery especially when painted and upholstered in the same color.

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If you crave luxury and elegance, the French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa is stunning in damask.

Romantic and charming, this Cabriole sofa provides an invitation for cozy conversation. Its sweeping arms, undulating back, carved wood frame, make it a lovely place to linger.

Painting the wood of these Cabriole/Cabriolet sofas has become very popular. I am not quick to paint wood especially when it is a good piece but I can see the fun in these painted sofas.

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Add some fun new upholstery and this timeless sofa can look fresh and modern.

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Even though the Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa originated in France, it is still very much at home in an eclectic or traditional interior.

There is just something special about a Cabriole sofa upholstered in cream linen with it's wood left natural. I think this is my favorite look. The pillows give a nice pop of color.

But then again this pink French Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa is so stylishly fashionable.

The Cabriole/Cabriolet sofa works well in a cottage style living room. 

And if your style is shabby, this French sofa is a must have piece.

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Of course there is alot to be said about the French Cabriole/Cabriolet settee. This smaller version of the sofa is one of those pieces you can use in so many different ways.

The Cabriole/Cabriolet settee is the perfect piece fora small conversation area if your decor is French chateau.

Or you can dress this iconic seat down for use in charming and rustic French farmhouse interiors.

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