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Old World Style Green Bedrooms

My followers know I am old world at heart. I do, however, believe your bedrooms can be classic yet still on trend by observing current popular colors and other small modern details you can work into your spaces. With Greenery being the Pantone Color of the Year, there will be a lot more green in the world of interior design in 2017. The purpose of this blog is to put the spotlight on beautiful old world style bedrooms that happen to be green in hopes that they will make you "green with envy" enough to embrace this currently trendy color yourself.

The modern English word green comes from the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word grene, from the same Germanic root as the words "grass" and "grow" and is the color most associated with nature. Today everyone seems to be environmentally conscious and "going green" takes on a whole new meaning. This is not about political correctness. I'm publishing this blog just because I think green old world style bedrooms can be aesthetically pleasing and why not now that this color is so popular.

Green has always been a popular color. There were three main green pigments on the Renaissance colour palette, blue-green Verdigris which was the most vibrant green available during the Italian Renaissance and Baroque. Then there was Verona Green or Celadonite, and the third green was bright-green Malachite.The Romans also had a great appreciation for the color green. They also used the pigment verdigris, made by soaking copper plates in fermenting wine.

These first two images have examples of "green on green" bedrooms. This means the room has been designed in a monochromatic way featuring the color green. The fabrics. wallpaper, woodwork is all painted in a coordinating shade of green. We tend to break up the look today with accent colors but it was very popular at one time. A bedroom decorated in this  manner tends to shout old world no matter the color especially if you fill it with antiques or vintage. It can be tricky but can still be done beautifully in today's bedroom.

Through the ages green has always been a popular color for bedrooms because it is calming and peaceful. In fact the German poet and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe declared that green was the most restful color, suitable for decorating bedrooms.

Diane Burn is my favorite designer. She does fabulous work in old world environments but also can age a newer interior in a way that you are sure it is ancient. Here she has had the wall painted and stenciled. Green and cream toile dresses the bed. Add in other coordinating patterns and this green bedroom takes your breath away.

Not every one has a ceiling like this......I get it. However all the rest can be accomplished in any home to create a stunning green old world bedroom. Chinoiserie pattern in predominately green on the walls and mixed green patterns on bed and chairs. Throw in some solid green on the windows, headboard, and bench and you are good to go.

I love this old world style bedroom with it's green chinoiserie walls and lovely pop of mustard. To complete the look they have added creamy white lace pillow shams and a great green velvet pillow.

Interior-design firm McMillen, Inc

This old world style green bedroom evokes the the feel of waking up in a garden thanks to green Chinoiserie wallpaper that features birds, trees and flowers. The garden theme is enhanced by painting the four poster bed in an herbal green and embellishing it with hand painted flowers .

A Howard Slatkin old world bedroom.

Bedroom of the Mercer house in Savannah Georgia

You can also choose to forgo wallpaper and simply paint your old world style green bedroom. Here I am going to insert a pet peeve of mine. Stark white woodwork like they use in newer homes NEVER looks good with colored walls regardless of what male contractors say!!!! It is too much of a contrast and is not pleasing to the eye. Instead choose a wonderful soft vanilla cream, like in this room, or a very pale shade of beige. Your room will not look so harsh....believe me. 

Another option is to paint the wood work the same color as the walls so the room isn't all chopped up. This will depend on the size of room of course and the amount of millwork. Small rooms will look larger without the contrast. Punctuate a calm cool shade of green in your old world bedroom with a bright color like mustard, pink, shades of orange or reds that are on the orange side.

This bedroom' s walls are painted in rich green tones and I believe they are lacquered because of the reflection I see from the lamp.

Most people opt for lighter old world style green bedrooms, which have a light and airy feel to them.........

.....however dark green old world bedrooms like this one designed by Jacques Garcia can look very rich and luxurious, especially when paired with dark toned wood.

Studio Peregalli

A touch of red is a great accent color for green bedrooms. Just be cautious and choose your colors and patterns wisely. You don't want your bedroom to look like the north pole. Make it cheery but not Christmasy.

Mark Hampton

A cool mint green on the walls of this bedroom makes it a serene and restful retreat.Tall paned windows and delicate material draped over the canopy gives this bedroom a fresh and light feeling while adding a romantic touch and old world feel.

source unknown (please let me know if it is yours so I can credit)

In a resent sleep study 22 percent of respondents who slept in a green bedroom reported waking up feeling upbeat and positive.

via Pinterest

Green and pink is a classic and charming combination and in this bedroom it looks lovely. Just don't get carried away and make things too little girl like. Soft and feminine is the look you are after for an old world green bedroom accented with pink.

You might not have hand painted murals dominating your old world style green bedroom, howver, if you like the look, invest in some large oil paintings that depict landscapes or indoor scenes like these. 

via Pinterest

This old world style green bedroom has an abundance of hand painted boiserie. If you adore boiserie, have some modern millwork installed to give the effect. You can wallpaper the panels, stencil them, or even decoupage. Although I am not a fan of the bedspread and curtains, I do love the pop of orange sherbert on the beautiful antique French settee and chairs.

Southern Accents

The stately furniture, stunning green fabrics and matching wallpaper work together to create cohesiveness in this old world bedroom.

via Pinterest

Same wallpaper but a totally different look. Green and cream plaid coordinating fabric with plenty of cream accents give this bedroom a definite old world French flair.
Pistachio, and pale greens mix together wonderfully to create a bedroom that looks very sophisticated and classic.

Green and white stripes look chic and stylish even in old world style bedrooms.

Better Homes

If you are partial to old world floral wallpapers, this room by Timothy Corrigan and a few that follow will show you just how pretty green bedrooms can be when papered from top to bottom.

via Pinterest

Green is especially pretty when paired with dark toned wood.

Green is such a fresh and natural color it is generally thought of as very easy on the eyes. If you have a master suite that you spend alot of time in watching TV, relaxing, having meals etc. you might consider this color choice.

SLC Interiors

Light, airy, and really pretty!

Sometime you can "green up" your old world style bedroom with just a big splash somewhere in the room. The space doesn't have to be totally saturated to be green.

Here a green chinoiserie inspired folding screen does the job in a neutral bedroom.

This lovely old world style bedroom would be considered green because of the bed dressings and painted millwork.

via Pinterest

Is your bedroom feeling a bit dull? Refresh it with green in large or small doses. It is a trendy color that is perfect for bringing a nature inspired freshness into even an old world setting

There are so many cool and warm green tones to choose from. The final shade of green you choose for your old world style bedroom will depend on your personal style and taste.

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