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Create A Cozy Old World Reading Space

Sure, a large home library is a wonderful luxury and you are incredibly blessed to have one. However, sometimes just to have a comfy chair and a good read in a cozy old world space where books are the main attraction......well that's just like Heaven on Earth.

The purpose of this blog post is to give you some ideas on how to create a cozy old world reading space in your home. You probably have a space begging to be turned into a reading nook. Hopefully this post will help you in creating a space that radiates the warmth and charm you read about in that last English novel.

Taking time for yourself to relax is so important. For those of you who define relaxation as a good book, why not turn an unused area of you home into a cozy old world reading space in which to take a break and have an adventure.

See if you can't come up with a nook, corner, or other small get away from the public areas of your house to create your own private literary space.

Create an intimate cozy old world style reading nook within a larger room. Maybe a corner that is a bit out of the way.

I like how the bookshelves divide this old world reading space from the dining room. The backs of the comfy chairs are presented to the rest of the room as if to say "private, do not disturb". I could definitely sit here and read to my heart's content.

Use you stair landing to create an entirely new space that meets a need in your household such as a cozy reading space.

Landings are usually overlooked but they can be great reading spaces. Most are large enough to accomodate a cozy chair and some shelving for books.

I love this cozy spot to read. Porteries are perfect for creating a private space. They can then be pulled back when you put down your book and come up for air.

If you want to create a cozy old world reading space but are short on square feet, a decorative screen can be your best friend. A room dividing screen will create a smaller intimate space and yet allow the room to flow.

via Pintrest

There are a few "must haves" when creating a cozy old world style reading space. First find yourself an extremely comfortable chair.

You know.....the kind you can curl up in and let all the tension disappear between the pages of a good book.

A chair is not always the answer though. Some of you might enjoy a daybed to read in.This cozy old world reading space beckons you to enter, relax, and lose yourself in a fabulous adventure.

Or maybe your idea of comfort involves a chaise lounge. My kind of wonderful colorful and cozy reading area complete with French chair and chaise.
Keep some plump comfortable pillows on hand in your old world style reading space so you can prop up, snuggle with, and get that warm, cozy feeling while you are adventuring.

Plus the pillows are there in case your cozy old world reading space becomes a much needed cat nap spot.

IF you can find it available!!!!

Make sure your reading space has good lighting.

This great old world style reading space in an interior designed by Allesandra Branca, has the kind of lighting you need. I love the way the chair just snuggles back into the mini library surrounding the reader in volumes. 

Of course a sunny window is also perfect for reading. This cozy English style reading space has great lighting which makes it a pleasure to read. Plus it is so warm and inviting ......just begging you to relax a bit.

If you have available space, put a bookshelf near your reading nook so you can have your favorite titles close by.

In this old world reading nook the way to keep your reading list at arms length is by making a mini bookcase on your window sill. I like this!

Here is a cute idea if you are limited for space. A vintage steamer trunk can make a mini bookcase. This would be a cinch for some of you DIY pros.

via Pinterest

Another book case idea for a cozy reading space.

Also remember to have a throw handy for when it's a bit cool. A small tea table is also a plus for an old world reading space.

Designers Marshall Watson and Kate Reid

Choose colors that you find especially calming for your old world style reading space. That way you will feel cozy and relaxed.

Choose a big upholstered ottoman to place near your comfy chair so you can prop your feet up while you read.

via Pinterest

Use an ottoman to rest your feet or even to store books on. This piece of furniture never goes out of style.

via Pinterest

There are a lot of options when it comes to ottomans. Choose one that provides the utmost comfort while you read. Another plus is that with an ottoman you can bring in another simple touch of pattern to your decor.

Of course a window box is a great place to stake claim to as a cozy reading space in your home. Perfect with built in bookshelves.

Your reading space doesn't necessarily have to be for reading but can double as a cozy space to relax and unwind. 
Wherever your old world style reading space is........ make it your own!

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