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How To Create A Trendy Dark Green Kitchen

Green, that wonderful color that we often associate with freshness and the outdoors is now one of 2019's top color trends for the kitchen. Shades from mint to a dark, black based green are popping up in all the decorating sites. In this blog post I chose to shine the spotlight on the dark moody shades of green that are truly the latest trend to consider when designing your kitchen.

Since there are so many lovely dark green paint colors out there to choose from, it should be easy to find one that supports your taste and idea of how you want your kitchen to look. Also with many different ways to incorporate dark green into your kitchen it is not hard to create the style you are after. Hopefully this post will be of some assistance in helping you "GO GREEN".

Instead of rich jewel tones like emerald green, the first dark green kitchen pictures reflect deep muted greens that have a black base. These are what is referred to as "moody" greens. First up is my favorite dark green kitchen. Paired with moody blue cabinets, this dark space still comes across as warm and inviting. If you are after a look like this make sure you add in some wood, like this great farm table and bench, and use creamy white accents like they have in the backsplash and farmhouse sink.

via Pinterest

Another kitchen that proves you can use dark moody green walls and even black cabinets and still have a warm, cozy kitchen. The copper and honey colored wooden island really warms things up.

Dark green walls make a dramatic background that will really show off copper and antique creamware.

It is popular today to saturate your kitchen with dark green. This will, of course, work better if you have a larger kitchen. The light ceiling and counter helps to keep the dark green from totally dominating the space.

If you are going for the green saturated kitchen, choosing to accessorize with white or cream is a good idea. Your items will definitely "pop". I love the painted brick walls.

More dark green saturation in this kitchen. And there is the copper and painted brick walls again. This is a great kitchen......and those beams!!!!!

Dark green subway tile is another alternative to paint and will add texture and shine. There is a decorating rule about keeping the dark color on the bottom cabinets of your kitchen with light walls above. You can see how nice it looks when you throw out that rule and do just the opposite. Love the galvanized lockers. A zinc finish looks great with dark green.

The addition of dark green to your kitchen instantly makes it the main color. You want to be sure and add the right supporting cast to this color star.

Here the rule of dark green on the bottom cabinets with a lighter color above is in effect. To create a fun and energetic kitchen space add in a splash of intense color. Here it is through the lighting fixtures but there are lots of other ways. Just don't overdo . Sometime just one punch of color is all you need.

A nice color combination to use with dark green kitchen walls or cabinets is black and silver or zinc. Black looks good because these muted green colors have that black base. Here it shows up in the floor tiles and on the counter tops.

Another good combination, this dark green saturated kitchen has the black counter tops but focuses on the copper and honey tones instead of the silver.

Jaclyn Peters Design

White or cream counter tops will look very crisp against a green wall or cabinets and will help keep the room light.

And white tiled walls will help soften dark green which definitely has the potential to overwhelm a space.

In this kitchen the walls and cabinets are both painted a moody dark green. Lots of pale natural wood keeps things warmed up as does the artwork and touches of brass. Loving the brass galley shelf!!

Try a dark olive green for your kitchen cabinets and for contrast add a light island in the center to help break up the green.

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Dark sage green has a real earthy feel especially when paired with natural wood tones like here in the counter tops and stools.

Deep apple green is another dark green choice that really works well in the kitchen. Looks good in farmhouse interiors.

This kitchen's cabinets and that great floor to ceiling cupboard are painted a lovely shade of dark apple green. 
 A farmhouse sink is a great addition and really brings the cozy to this inviting kitchen.

This kitchen is grounded by the jewel toned emerald paint on the lower cabinets. Meanwhile a crisp airiness is provided by the shine of the white tile backsplash and the upper cabinets.The space comes across as light even though the homeowner has chosen to use sleek black counter tops and flooring.

Again, emerald green is used to saturate this kitchen from top to bottom. However, they have added in enough off-white to keep things from getting too heavy even with this dark colored floor. The stainless appliances also help by reflecting light.

Choosing to decorate with dark green paint in the kitchen is definitely a bold move. Therefore, it is important that you select a shade that you are rather passionate about so you won't get tired of it too quickly.

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