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Brown Colored Interiors.....Warm, Comforting, And On Trend!


Brown is having a renaissance. First it took the fashion world by storm and now brown interiors are showing up everywhere! With colors like Warm Root Beer, Chocolate Truffle, Turkish Coffee, Toasted Brown, and Mink to choose from, no wonder the brown interior has become so trendy. There is a lovely shade of brown out there for everybody! 

Grays have ruled the design world, but the demand for warmer colors is making a huge comeback. Brown feels very earthy and rich. It’s warm and inviting. I mean really, how can you get anymore "down to earth" than a brown interior!

Brown is also the color of aged, antique things and with the resurgence of the "more is more" detailed and collected interior, the timelessness of the brown interior creates a warm sophisticated canvas for showing off your treasures.

I know you are thinking "oh no, dull, drab brown". Not so anymore! We will explore the many color combinations that make such great interiors. The brown palette is being used in interiors in new ways. Brown is now considered a neutral as well as an accent color. You will see how interiors ranging in style from formal and traditional to casual and modern will all look wonderful in shades of brown. Enjoy the reemergence of brown interiors.

Designer, William Eubanks

There is a return to elegance at present and brown is one of the dark colors leading the way. Designers love brown because it brings refinement and sophistication to all style interiors.

Nicky Haslam, designer

Plus brown is a color that evokes a sense of safety and security.

There's no doubt that brown is having a big moment in fashion which mean it is also filtering down to the design world as it always does.

From wall paint to furniture, flooring, and home décor, the color brown is coming on strong. Beautiful and luxurious shades of brown are responsible for some stunning interiors.

With the right treatment an interior can be trendy yet classic which will keep the look from being dated. The earthy brown color tones effortlessly bring a timeless look to an interior which is what you want.

Brown is not a hue but a shade. You can’t find it on the color has to be made by combining several colors. Since it’s not a part of the traditional color wheel you won't get help in color schemes for brown there. Hopefully this blog will help you see a combination you might consider.

Victorians loved dark rich colors and today brown paint is being used by all the best decorators. You will see more pink and brown interiors later on in the post.

Brown interiors are often thought of as dull and boring.....not anymore though! Brown walls are great neutral backdrops for energetic and colorful interiors.

In the design world brown is being considered 2023's new neutral.

Designer Mark Hampton via

Brown brings in more warmth and energy making it a less harsh neutral alternative to black. However black does pair well with dark brown.

Painting your interior a soft milk chocolate brown will create a sophisticated backdrop for neutral accessories.

Carolyne Roehm

Dark brown walls will enhance your interior's rich architectural details.

See how the dark brown wall accentuates this beautiful antique mantle.

Colorful accents bring life into these brown interiors. Flowers look especially beautiful in their natural element.

Brown interiors can become overpowering and make the space look dull and dark, but only if you neglect to add the elements that bring lightness and life. Layer your space with interest, texture and unique items.

Kelly Wearstler, Designer

Faux zebra, whether in rug, upholstery, or pillow form, looks great in a brown interior.

There are so many wonderful shades of brown to choose from!

The beautiful brown living room in Aerin Lauder's East Hampton home features earthy green accents and faux leopard print. Also on trend are the oil paintings and the statement plant.

A warm neutral like brown is associated with calmness, confidence, and being grounded all of which are important in today's uncertain world.

Let's look at some of brown's favorite complementary colors.!

Jake Curtis

When finding a complement to brown, yellow should be at the top of your list.

Mario Buatta

All shades of brown act like neutrals. They coordinate beautifully with warm tones like yellow, gold, orange and fuchsia. Don't forget you can also lacquer your walls for a stunning effect.

Chocolate brown brings depth and saturation even more so if it's lacquered. Pops of orange in a brown room comes across as trendy yet incredibly relaxing. 

Glenn Gissler, designer

Stay away from primary orange as an accent in a dark brown interior. The look is too contrasting and loses the calm relaxed sophistication. Mandarin orange looks fabulous here.

Brown interiors are the ideal complement for artwork with bold colors whether formal in style or casual contemporary.

Green works well in a brown interior because it lends to a moody earthy vibe.

Hang colorful paintings on your brown walls for instant brightness that will team up nicely with the brown décor.

Chad Jackson Photography

Brown provides a fabulous base for other colors that are growing in pink, yellow, and orange.  The late Kenneth Jay Lane

Brown can make other colors stand out, making them look richer and brighter.

Kelli Ford and Kirsten Fitzgibbons

One of the most stunning looks is accenting brown interiors with multi colors. Since brown is a mixture of many colors, many colors look fabulous against it. It is perfect as a base color for bright vibrant shades. Just make sure you accents have undertones of brown or it could get messy.

I am going to stop here and turn you over to Kate Smith, an internationally recognized color expert, consultant, and designer. Her site will help you understand what I mean by undertones. They are essential so go do your homework.

A violet shade of purple adds softness and femininity to a chocolate interior. Add in a touch of yellow (brass included) if you are looking for a third complementary member of the the color scheme. Also it will brighten the space.

Red is another wonderful color to bring into a brown interior though the use of accent pieces of furniture. This red sofa teams well with printed and floral mix-and-match cushions which add texture. The artwork becomes the center of attention that ties it all together.

I love red used as an accent in an interior with warm brown walls. Brown is fun to play around with and can work well with every color.

@DrvonFox1 on twitter

Brown walls are the perfect neutral for the warmth of tartan plaid.

Designer, Tommy Kyle

via Pinterest

In a pink and dark brown interior a watermelon pink will make a statement while still remaining delicate and feminine.

via Pinterest

Or you can go a bit more soft and subtle with your pink accessories.

This is such a pretty brown interior. The sofa lightens things up and then some fun is added with muted pink pillows, subtle mixed patterns, oil paintings and accessories. The art of accessorizing is key to a lovely room. That doesn't mean run out and buy lots of matchy matchy items. You want a room to look as if it has gracefully evolved.

Blue is a great accent color for the brown interior, however, I think it looks better in small doses and not too "balanced out". Too much blue and a brown interior can go sideways on you.

Designer Michael S. Smith

Combining blue and brown tones in your interiors can make a relaxing environment. I think brown makes a lovely background for Chinese Export.

The cool tones in shades of blue mix well with the warm browns without leaving the room feeling too dark or heavy.

Libby Cameron

 Remember to focus on lighting when using the trendy dark colors in your interiors. Use table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and mirrors to reflect it all!

These next two images feature a dark caramel brown which is a warm and comfortable alternative for the darker brown interior.

Paired together, a soft shade of ivory and the visual appeal of a dark chocolate brown will always be a classic combination for interiors.

A word of advice......creamy whites are going to look better in brown interiors that stark white will.

Robert Brown, Designer

Since both gray and brown are in the neutral category they place well together. Adding in cream, the third neutral, creates an air of chicness.

Frank de Biasi Interiors

The trend for wallpaper is hotter than ever so the papered brown interior might be just the ticket for you. Another tip is to introduce a bright rug that will serve as an anchor for the colors you choose to accent with.

Designer, Ann Getty

Since wallpaper is a big commitment just take your time and make sure you love it. I prefer more subtle patterns that allow furniture and art to have center stage.....especially with brown.

Damask wallpaper is trending again so consider the elegance of this old world wallcovering design for your brown interior facelift.


Some people like things a bit more bold. Since brown is a neutral you can pair it with everything from strong prints to larger florals.

This brown Chinoiserie wallpaper is stunning when paired with the oriental style fretwork under the dado. Brown wallpaper can make a beautiful statement when chosen wisely.

Ralph Lauren

The colors of the rooms in your home also serve as a direct reflection of your personality. Like I said before, brown brings a casual elegance and sophistication to a space but it is also often associated with authenticity, warmth and dependability. All good character traits!

Since the color brown delivers a sense of security and since it is warm yet luxurious, it is perfect for the interior of the bedroom.

Mark Hampton

A brown interior can come across as masculine so you must soften up the bedroom if you choose to paint the walls brown. A touch of lace and vintage style linens give a romantic feminine feel which will certainly balance things out.

Brown kitchens must have color, warmth, textures, and well thought out styling in order to look modern and yet warm and inviting.

In fact I find most modern brown kitchens horrendous and had a difficult time finding an image that had any character at all. 
This is a small kitchen but it is comforting and kitchens should be.

I do like the brown subway tile. At least it offers interest and texture.

via Pinterest

Don't be afraid to paint a small interior space with a dark color. The rich tones of a chocolate brown bathroom creates a luxurious feel while actually upping the cozy factor.

Breaking up the expanse of brown with a lighter patterned bath rug is a good idea.

via Pinterest

If a dark brown bathroom is too strong for you try something softer like mocha. You will get the same effect without being overwhelmed.

A beautiful soft brown interior by designer William Eubanks. I hope you have a different opinion of these glamorous and warm interiors and might even aspire to create one for yourself.

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