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Decorating With Tufted Headboards

Tufted headboards which started trending in 2012 are still very popular, especially now that we are seeing a wide range of design looks from actual headboards to walls that become your headboard.

 A tufted headboard can add instant elegance to a bedroom reminiscent of the glamour and glitz of the Hollywood regency style. However their classic look complements a variety of bedroom styles and will have a different effect in a room depending on the frame chosen, the fabric covering, and its color and texture.

You can entirely change the look of your bed with a few yards of fabric and the tufted headboard is a fun project for guest room do over. If you have thought about it before, take the plunge and make a tufted headboard the centerpiece of your bedroom!!

I'll take one of each, thank you!

If glam and glitz is your style there are plenty of  headboards that will make you feel like a 40's starlet. This one belongs to Dita Von Teese

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Perfect for the diva in you!

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This is an example of upholstering the wall behind your bed to act as your headboard. Very dramatic!!

Even though this is not my personal style, I do think this is a pretty headboard treatment.

I prefer the more French style  like this and the twins below when it comes to tufted headboards.

I love antique tufted headboards and this one is magnificent. Just freshen up or reupholster and you have a treasure.

A beautiful wood carving has been added to this tufted headboard for an exquisite, romantic look.

The wallpaper and window treatments are more transitional in style but work wonderfully with a antique style bed featuring nail head embellishments and tufted headboard. A good mix of modern and vintage.

This pretty traditional bedroom is given a fresh look because the headboard has large tufted squares instead of the smaller squares (called biscuit tufting) or diamonds (diamond tufting) associated with traditional style. 

A clean and pretty transitional style bedroom. The tufted headboard is framed like a picture. Finishing the edges gives a more refined look to your headboard while leaving them unfinished looks more modern.

Another pretty modern bedroom made elegant with the owners choice of headboard.

There are many tufted headboard designs to choose from. Your choice of colors will make even the more glam styles look fun and modern.

Bright colors are the trend in modern tufted headboards.

A different approach is to build shelves around the bed to create a recessed look like this and use a portion of the wall as your tufted headboard.

This room is very current and chic yet has a 40's glam style headboard.

Tufted headboards, usually associated with traditional and frou frou rooms, can also look sleek and quite at home in a contemporary style bedroom.

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Colors and artwork make this tufted headboard appear modern even though it is quite traditional. It is fun to mix the old and new!!

So many elements about this room work for a fresh chic look. The combined twin tufted headboards in this gorgeous color was a terrific choice. 

A velvet tufted headboard in rich blue sets the stage for a lovely, youthful cast of characters. A guest bedroom is a fun area to be brave and creative in!

Wrap around headboards are another option if you are under the spell of tufting.

No matter what your favorite style is there are many tutorials on line to show you how to try tufting yourself. I have never done it but know many who have and they say it is easier than you think!! Or be creative, design one yourself and let an upholsterer make it for you.

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