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Decorating With The Scallop Design

Emerging as a home decor trend, the scallop design is making a big impact in a subtle way. The scallop is ornamentation derived from the shape of the scallop shell, consisting of a repeated series of arcs. They are timeless, classic, and charming and while we may banish them at times, we can't seem to forget them. So out they come again as a haute new trend in fashion and interior decor.

Since scallops are popping up everywhere these days, I have pulled together some images to give you some ideas how to incorporate this trend into your own interiors either in a cozy vintage way or a modern chic application.

Just when you thought they were old fashioned you find them in all their glory at High Point Market. The scallop design is once again trendy, just maybe in a different way.

Some of us love scallop edging and will always find an opportunity to use a bit in a subtle way.

Dan Carithers

This is my favorite way to use this design element......a soft, elegant addition that doesn't scream "look at me". It just quietly catches your attention!

Kay O’Toole via Veranda

I love a scallop that provides a medieval or old world atmosphere to a room.

A scalloped window treatment takes center stage in this modern eclectic interior by Ruthie Sommers.

via Pinterest

I love a scalloped duvet and just purchased a cream matelasse one for myself.

This sofa proves that whenever you choose to use it, the scallop design adds ornamentation in such a gentle way.

Fish scale scallops have become popular wall treatments. It's fun to see a classic used differently.

Using a scallop edged coverlet can create a warm and cozy feel to your bedroom.

Also scalloped edging to linens makes a bedroom feel soft, romantic, and feminine and is a great alternative to layers of lace which men just don't seem to care for.

You can choose to actually use your quilts and coverlets or just fold and display in a lovely antique chest or armoire. Look for them at estate sales, antique and collectible markets, yard and thrift sales.

source unknown

Chaise with deep scallops is perfection in this old world bedroom.

Setting a table with scalloped, handkerchief thin, vintage placemats is a way to be a part of the trend.

Great mix of old and new! The scalloped range hood almost looks medieval.

Scallops are popping up everywhere. I love the carpet!!

Antique furniture pieces with scalloped aprons are especially charming.

Even small scalloped edging makes a big visual impact. Love this metal table.

Gerrie Bremermann, designer

And who can resist scalloped slipcovers.

Lighten up your look with the playful scalloped trim.

The scalloped sofa in a Chinoiserie inspired interior.

Another modern application of scalloped wallpaper.

A scalloped tablecloth can create a charming  rustic dining experience. It can also come across as medieval.

via Pinterest

A scalloped counter apron is the perfect addition for a vintage kitchen.

Or they are at home in a modern rustic kitchen.

The scalloped design is one of those "a little can go along way" elements. Use it subtly by confining it to one statement piece.

Toss around some great embroidered scallop pillows like these from Pottery Barn. The scallop design tends to add some whimsy to a space. 

via Pinterest

Adding a scallop pattern to your walls is a really quick and easy way to add a little playful pattern to the room.

Carolyne Roehm

Your outdoor entertaining areas will also benefit from a well placed scallop.

I am still a bit slow in my blogging due to injured shoulder. It is improving so hopefully will get back to publishing in a more timely manner soon.Thanks for being patient!!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

How To Create Stylish Formal Dining Rooms......Yes They Are Back!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I have always been an advocate for the separate dining room and have maintained a formal one through the ebb and flow of their popularity. I like classic dining rooms and think they should be decorated in such a way that it is a definite treat to be invited for a dinner party. And YES, I love dinner parties, boardgame night parties and entertaining in general. Unfortunately it is harder to get people together these days so I don't have the chance to entertain as often as I use to.

For years now homeowners have been opting to forgo the formal dining area. I am so pleased that the trend of converting the dining room into every kind of room imaginable is a thing of the past. Finally, with sit-down family meals making a comeback, people are once again wanting to stay home to cook, entertain, and foster a better connection with the ones they love. Architectural Digest reports that more and more young buyers are requesting a separate dining area to entertain family and friends. Good for them I say!

During the past decade people have opted to go out to a great restaurants. However now couples are realizing that the same kind of atmosphere can be achieved in your own dining room. The restaurant is being abandoned for old-fashioned dinner parties as people are wanting to create a room for a grand celebration for friends and family

With the formal dining room set to return to glory perhaps it’s time for you to bring back one of your own. Remember that "formal" has a different connotation today than it did in the past.Today's dining room is generally much more comfortable and casual while still maintaining a chic, elegant style. Below are some images of dining rooms in various styles that hopefully will convince you to embrace the fact that dining rooms are back, and help you create a stylish one of your own. I am in the process or redecorating my own dining room as we speak and will post the end result here as soon as I'm finished.

The dining room style is a matter of personal preference. All sorts of possibilities present themselves, but let's look at some examples that might pique your interest if you are considering jumping on board the trend. The French dining room normally has a comfortable elegance that makes a room interesting and chic without the overdone matchy, matchy look Americans, especially, have come to expect in a dining room. Tip....start out with some great chairs.

You don't have to be "formal" to breathe new life into one of the most important rooms in your home. Two French looks, the farmhouse and the chateau, are extremely popular today because they are naturally loaded with a quite, elegant, charm that is very appealing to homeowners. Cane back chairs, popular for use in 18th century country chateaus of the French aristocrat, bring a light airy look to any modern dining room.

A rustic farm table, used with more elegant tableware and beautiful flowers, makes a grand statement for any dinner party.

You can choose to show off your lovely table........just remember not to match the chairs and table. That look is passé.

via Pinterest

Or you can choose to dress your table in layers of cloths for a warm chateauesque style. I have just changed to this style myself after years of keeping my table au naturel.

Make your dining room table interesting by using contrasting materials and styles. Here a rustic wooden top rests on a couple of classic faux architectural salvaged stone columns. Today's dining room look is all about contrasts.

Today's dining room calls for a playful sense of style. Shiny stone surfaces, dressier finishes, and glass tops are more popular than ever.

Understand that the only furniture in a dining room need not be a table and x number of chairs with matching china closet. Other seating and interesting pieces can be added for charm and interest as well an functionality. Since it's a space that sparks conversation that might not happen in any other room of the home, why not include more seating.

images via Pinterest

Creating beautiful table settings has become popular again, 

as traditional tableware for the dining room is also making a comeback.

Thomas Jayne via Architectural Digest

Update your dining room using contrasting materials and styles. Try using contemporary furnishings with rustic or antique pieces.

source unknown

My favorite thing about the desired look for the new dining room is the feeling of casual elegance. Gone is the "all pieces must match, go to the store and by a dining room suite" mentality. Now it's all about mixing pieces and using them in different ways. Bring in a settee or small sofa for banquette seating.

Make your dining space intimate but also consider another side table that can be pulled out when guests stop in. Add it to make a longer table or set up two restaurant type tables.

Learn to think differently about the definition of a dining room chair.

Atlanta Homes Magazine

Since the new dining room design is all about eclecticism and using interesting pieces, it should be decorated........and that doesn't mean you  just add a table, chairs, and traditional serving pieces and then stop. It means bringing excitement and personality into your dining room.

Look for alternative spaces for your dining area. This is so cozy......just tucked away on a landing.

One of the top dining trends that has emerged over the past few seasons, the rustic, vintage farmhouse look, continues to gain popularity in 2016.

Tara Shaw

As for dining room lighting, a classic chandelier is always glamorous.

A French style crystal chandelier is a good investment and will always survive the trends.

However, with a plethora of stylish lighting out there, your options are unlimited. 

source unknown

Consider an interesting industrial fixture,

multiple pendant lights,

funky and contemporary,

or lanterns for your dining room space. There is something for everyone.

Susan Ferrier via House Beautiful

Although a big bouquet is still gorgeous, your centerpiece doesn’t have to be a vase of flowers.

Here sea shells take center stage.

Also many homeowners are choosing to combine their dining rooms with a home library or study space. I like the idea of a "double duty" dining room.

The return of the formal dining room is major interior trend..........catch the fever!

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer
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