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Decorating Bedrooms In A Pale Color Palette

Nothing beats a pale color palette for making rooms feel pretty, soft edged, and inviting. And these soft and soothing hues make any bedroom look timeless and sophisticated. Since color not only reflects your personality, but also the function of the room you are decorating, a pale color palette will certainly set the stage for a bedroom that is perfect for relaxing, cuddling, and disconnecting from the world's hectic pace. 

Natural hues are today's hottest pale options for modern bedroom walls with names like gardenia, quartz white, ancient marble, opaline,veiled violet. However, the pale color palette is still very popular for Romantic Old World and Shabby Chic style bedrooms. The trick is to not make your space feel so sweet that you lose the sophisticated edge.

I have gathered some images of pale bedrooms that I think reflect elegance and refinement as well as the invitation to snuggle up and unwind. Remember it's not only about the paint, it's about textiles, patterns, and beautiful accessories.

Of course ivory walls provide the opportunity to experiment with pale colors on the bed and accessories. This room features bedding with delicate touches of pale pink. For a perfectly cohesive look add flowers, upholstered pieces or other accents in the same color family.

A pale palette bedroom can easily appear too flat if you are not careful to mix pattern and texture. The faux painting technique on the walls give depth. Try and imagine this room with just a plain painted wall. It wouldn't be near as lovely. A pale, subtle wallpaper is another great option to bring interest to pale walls.

I adore old world bedrooms like this where a pale color palette is pure perfection!

via Pinterest

A pale color palette doesn't mean you can't have a punch of color. Just make it small and don't use a bright color. Stay more in the muted tones.

In fact a pale color palette can act as the perfect backdrop for bringing in other tones, giving you room to experiment with contrasting colors. Even though this is a strong color, it still is a soft shade and the room still maintains a soft feel.

A pale blue color palette, enhanced by ivory accessories, make this bedroom more complex and sophisticated.

John Jacob

The new opulence.......bedrooms with a hushed, pale color palette.

Trying a pale color palette in your bedroom will give you a chance to work with brighter and darker shades within the same family.

via Pinterest

We instinctively seem to gravitate towards a paler color palette that remind us of the softer calmer life when we want to create a bedroom haven for rest in a stressful world. 

Bedrooms that have been decorated with a pale, muted, aqua color palette always seem to have an inviting fresh feel.

Even though there is a hearty mix and match of pattern, the pale color palette keeps this bedroom on the soft side.

via Pinterest

Just because you choose a pale color palette doesn't mean your bedroom can't have a rich, regal appearance.

Beiges, aged whites, and grays are wonderful canvases that allow you to play with color. Ivory, pale aqua and lilac is a wonderful pale color palette to try.

Ralph Lauren

This bedroom's pale color palette features several beautiful colors in soft muted shades.

A pale color palette softens this bedroom's eclectic mix of home accessories.

Tiffany Eastman

The pale palette of barely there colors makes this bedroom appear romantic and luminous even with the bold zebra rug.

This pale pink, gray, and ivory color palette is not sugary sweet but has more of an old world feel. When using pink in a pale bedroom I recommend leaning towards a shade that would be considered nude.

via Pinterest

A pale color palette makes this bedroom a slumber-worthy space.

source unknown....would love to give credit to the designer if anyone knows it is.

Today's cottage style decorating is about soft colors, vintage furnishings, feminine florals and a pale color palette is especially desirable.

via Pinterest

Pale pink accessories upstage the bedrooms beige walls with just a whisper.

A sophisticated vintage look can be achieved by combining a pale color palette with faux plastered walls.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Decorating With Skirted Kitchen Cabinets and Sinks

A kitchen that is filled with cabinetry can many times come across as hard and lacking in the warmth and hominess that traditionally is associated with a kitchen. Kitchens should be inviting and sometimes that is hard to achieve if you have the typical wall to wall cabinets. Like the French I advocate decorating rooms that are thought of a utilitarian just as I would a dining or living room. As smaller kitchen are becoming the norm, I am so glad that we are seeing more and more kitchens that reflect personality of the homeowner and not the contractor. After all they are men and not interested in the warmth of the feminine touch in a kitchen. 

There are ways to make your kitchens appear softer, interesting, and above all,more welcoming. This post features one of those ways, the skirted cabinet which is a trend that seems to be sticking around. Once a staple in many American middle class kitchens in the 40's and 50's these homemade curtains provided a pretty way to have extra storage space below sinks and cabinets. Now you are seeing skirted cabinets again in vintage as well as new homes, still cleverly providing space but also providing the old fashioned warmth and coziness.....and that's not a bad thing! 

If you are considering a kitchen remodel or just looking to add some color, texture, and a friendly feel to your kitchen, I hope you will consider skirting a portion of your cabinets. I have gathered some images to give you some ideas on how you can do just that!

Replace cabinets doors with a skirt. It's a look we're starting to see in more and more kitchens and the patterns and colors will go a long way towards cozying up your kitchen.

Not only can cabinet bases be skirted but the sink is a perfect spot to add some cheery fabric. You can still uniquely   accessorize your kitchen by hanging a sink skirt. This homeowner has matched their valance and put the skirt on the inside of the cabinet frame.

Kitchen design is turning away from wall to wall closed doors and replacing portions of cabinetry with open shelves and skirted areas. There are many style of cabinet skirts. This homeowner has opted to use a more tailored style skirt under the sink......

.........while this more European country kitchen has a gathered and smocked style cabinet skirt.

If you want a more European country kitchen, a cabinet skirt will instantly help give you the look you desire. 

As you can see cabinet skirts can be made in many different ways. This one looks as if it is tied on to hooks and mounted onto a brass rod. You can always count on blue and white gingham to give your kitchen a cozy feel.

A cabinet skirt is perfect for this old fashioned style kitchen with its "modern" vintage cabinetry, sink, and appliances. Just make sure you use a fabric under your sink that can be washed and cleaned easily. Also you need to attach your skirt in a way that it will not be difficult to remove for cleaning.

There is ALOT to love in this kitchen starting with the great cabinet skirting! 

A touch of toile de jouy via a cabinet skirt looks wonderful in a French country style kitchen.

It's hard to believe that Grandma's kitchen cabinet skirt is now worthy of a spot in almost any decorating magazine you pick up.....but it is!

Another way to mount your cabinet skirt is on the outside of the cabinet frame. This linen skirt is more like curtain.

An old world kitchen with work tables and furniture for storage instead of cabinets is more my style. I like cabinet and sink skirts but can see a problem if you have animals. My cats would make sweet use of the space and sleep in pots and pans or whatever I stored behind them.

The plaid cabinet skirt really enhances this cute French country kitchen. Add in a coordinated fabric at the windows and you are good to go.

I like this fresh, crisp, green and white striped sink skirt. Make sure your skirts are made of a fabric that has some body or they will look too loose and messy. Try cottons and linens, ticking, or light canvas. If the fabric is too heavy they may not fold crisply and if too light they may not fall well.

How cute is this cabinet skirt? Another thing to remember is to get the length of your skirt correct. Make it just skim he floor or slightly higher. My advice is to not let it puddle on the floor, it just looks messy this way. I see many DIY projects using burlap that take away from the look of the room instead on enhancing it because of the loose way it just hangs here. Linen is a better alternative to burlap as it hangs much neater.

Fabric always has a soft touch and brings in a pop of pattern, color and texture. Adding even a small dose of textile always helps "warm up" a room.

One of the biggest concerns about the use of cabinet skirts is having to clean them. I don't have cabinet skirts but unless you are extremely messy I don't see it being a huge issue. Now maybe if alot of children are involved I can understand it. But you would still have to wash down your cabinets from time to time. My advice is to make your cabinet skirts super easy to remove and wash.

Pinch pleating is yet another way to to create cabinet skirting. This definitely has more of a curtain look

This kitchen with it's cherry cabinets and soapstone counter tops and backsplash looks really pretty with just a touch of cream linen skirting under the sink. The older style sinks that are so popular today are picture perfect with the addition of a skirt underneath.

source unknown

Cabinets skirts are a great way to conceal less attractive items and clutter.

Designer Laura Robinson

Don't forget that skirting needn't be relegated to your kitchen's cabinets. Try skirting your work table or island for a rustic country look. Upgrading your kitchen needn't cost a fortune and cabinet skirting is a great way to add some clever storage space.

And remember that the kitchen isn't the only space to benefit from skirting. Powder room sinks have always carried the look well.

Cabinet skirting is also a great way to give your laundry room a facelift.

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