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Chic And Classy Ways To Decorate Your Interiors With Butterfly Decor

We love watching them in our gardens as they flit from flower to flower and we secretly hope they will take a moments break by landing on our shoulder.Why then not invite nature indoors by decorating with these delightful winged creatures and their lovely patterns and beautiful colors. 
Nature-themed decor is a big interiors trend and I am glad this includes butterfly decor. With Monarch butterfly numbers at historic lows, we need to become more aware of these creatures, that we many times take for granted, and how we can help them survive.

So if you are looking to incorporate butterfly decor into your own home hopefully these images will help you make good choices. This is a trend that if not done well can become unappealing very quickly so use good taste on this one if you want your look to be successful.

I like the antique look of old butterfly collections and this is one of my favorite ways to decorate with butterflies. Butterfly collecting has been widespread and was in the Victorian Age a very popular educational hobby.

While I would never collect butterflies myself to make specimen displays and am not an advocate of that practice in any way, I have no problem with people buying old (notice I said old...don't buy new ones because that will encourage people to do this for profit) collections to place in prominent areas of their homes as decor. In fact I think this gives a certain amount of honor to these beautiful creatures and helps preserve them.

If you like this style of butterfly decor but you can't find actual old butterfly collections, make some yourself from paper. Just keep it tasteful and authentic looking. If you must have real butterflies, please collect dead ones only. There are tutorials that teach you how to rehydrate dead butterflies so they can be pinned and still look beautiful.

Natural World collection by Miki Rose

This butterfly wallpaper is in keeping with the specimen collections look.

The current trend in botanical decor makes it possible to find everything from lamps to rugs featuring butterflies. They are everywhere. This room is an example of how a space decorated with butterflies can still look very elegant and yet playful at the same time. Remember you don't always have to focus on their bright colors. Instead let their form be the focal point.

Playful, optimistic, bright and happy are just some of the words that come to mind when you think of butterflies. These same adjectives will describe your home when you add a bit of butterfly decor to your space.

I love how this homeowner decided to saturate a wall with butterflies and make a fun statement. There are wonderful butterfly wallpapers to choose from. 

Frame a few and display on a wall or shelf. Just put a touch of butterfly decor anywhere that strikes your fancy.

I found an old framed picture of a butterfly in an antique store the other day and now it is proudly displayed in my sitting room above a French painted piece. I love the way one little butterfly gives life to that corner of the room.

Butterflies infuse a room with color and energy. Why not add just the right amount of whimsy to your interiors by incorporating an upholstered piece covered in butterflies and insects. Chic and trendy!!

Papilio is a fabulous fabric from Harlequin's Amazilia collection which features striking butterflies. I LOVE this fabric! The colors are rich but dirtied up enough to make them more muted and elegant.

This gorgeous chair with butterflies in wonderful jewel tones would definitely add a bit of fun to a more refined space.

To be on board with the nature and botanica trend, take your inspiration from flowers, birds, insects and butterflies....... just about anything you might find out and about in your backyard garden.

source unknown

Another way to decorate with butterflies is to showcase this beautiful creature in your home through large artwork placed as a focal point.

Living etc Magazine

You might like the all over wallpaper look and be bold enough to completely surround yourself with fluttering wings..........

........but if that much of a butterfly statement is not for you, try covering all the walls of a smaller space like a bath or powder room.

When decorating with butterflies remember the more authentic the better. Keep your colors neons please. Also I have seen butterflies cut out of maps, wallpaper, glitter, etc and pasted on walls. Authenticity is a must for this look to be successful or you will end up with what looks like a child's birthday party.

Butterfly dinnerware from Horchow.
Herend Large Leaf Dish w/Butterfly

Butterflies have provided inspiration for art and poems. They are the creatures of legends and myths so no wonder we want to add them to our home decor.

Let nature in with this gorgeous butterfly wallpaper. I like this space and it's jewel tone colors. The addition of grey keeps this busy print softer and more refined. Wallpaper is one of the ways to make the biggest statement when decorating with butterflies.

I think this is a really pretty butterfly wallpaper pattern and I would love to be able to create a room around it. 

Again, make a fun statement with framed butterfly art choices.

Design Legacy’s charming cabriole leg chair, upholstered in hand-screened natural linen with butterfly pattern. Playful pieces like this would look stunning in even the most elegant of interiors.

Pretty butterfly decor in muted colors.

Pillows are one of the best ways to decorate with butterflies. Throw some around the room and watch it come to life!

The bathroom is a good place to try your hand at decorating with butterflies. Just a few well placed pictures will go a long way. 

Butterfly prints are suited to any style from vintage........ modern.

Designer Jean Louis Deniot, Photography by Derry Moore for Architectural Digest

I love this old world bathroom in a Paris apartment. The butterfly decor has a modern, yet classic look and accentuates the height of the ceilings to perfection.

If you are in the process of updating and are considering bright colors, the gorgeous butterfly inspired fabrics out there may be just the thing to give you the desired look. I would love to see this in a predominately white, classically designed space.

Or this butterfly inspired chair against a black lacquered wall!

19th century Serves Porcelain cup and saucer.

Whether you decorate with butterflies in large doses or just incorporate a few of them gently perched on a cup or floating by on a porcelain trinket box, you will enjoy the way they have of lifting your spirits.

From my collection of French porcelain miniatures.

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