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Decorating With Green And White Toile

Once a staple of formal decorating, French toile is making a huge comeback.Toile de jouy fabric originated in France in the 1760's and is that classic fabric that depicts pastoral scenes of the French countryside as well as Chinoiserie patterns and historical themes. Today there are many pattern choices and colors available.

This post spotlights green and white toile, one of the classic color combinations. Rooms decorated with green and white toile are fresh and crisp, light and airy. And with today's emphasis on nature, this color combo, coupled with it's natural pastoral scenes, is perfect for any style. You can drench a room with green and white toile for a more romantic, classic style or just add bits and pieces of it in more modern settings. However you decide to incorporate it into your home I hope you rediscover green and white toile

Toile has a distinct look whether it is green and white or in the wide range of other colors it can be found in. Here a dose of blue keeps the colors from becoming too saturated.

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This green and white toile drenched bedroom works so well because of the painted woodwork. While I think natural wood and toile is a fabulous look, in most houses painting your trim really helps to keep the feel light and airy.

Toile fabric features colorful pastoral etchings in a repeated pattern against a cream or white background. If you paper a wall and white is the predominate color, make sure your accent pieces are opposite, with white florals etc accenting green backgrounds. Do the same if green is the predominate color on the wall, make sure your accent pieces are green on white.

I like touches of color in green and white toile rooms. While the classic way to use toile is more regulated to only the two colors, I think a more modern way is to pop it up with color.

Reaching the height of its American popularity during the Colonial Era, toile has at times been considered outdated, stuffy, and so not chic. But like all things classic this fabric has again been resurrected by designers. Green toile is a perennial favorite as is red and blue.

Diamond and Baratta

This image best illustrates how I would personally decorate a room in my own home in green and white toile. I like the touches of black, the patterns create by the harlequin floor and the papier-mache table, and large artwork that helps break up the toile pattern a bit.

Green transferware is a great compliment to green and white toile interiors. This piece features a castle scene.

Soothing green walls provide a pretty contrast to green and white toile curtains. Here the toile is used sparingly but makes a big statement.

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Toile is a mainstay of the French country style of interior design. Paint a French side chair white, add green and white toile and buffalo checks, and you have the perfect addition.

This room is saturated with green and white toile but doesn't seem overwhelming because the designer uses just the right amount of white to keep things light and airy.

Another popular look when using green and white toile is to use solids on everything but the walls.

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Take toile to the walls to make a major statement then repeat the pattern in tiny doses on such things as pillows, bed skirts, get the idea.

Photo: Tria Giovan; Designer: Phillip Sides via Southern Accents

Here the stage is set for a lively mix of fabrics and patterns.This traditional green and white toile pattern has a timeless quality that can be incorporated into any home style.

Barbara Eberlein

This green and white toile makes a statement but doesn’t overwhelm the space. Toile can also be used in an supporting role rather than as the headliner.

source unknown

Another way to give your space the feeling of green and white toile is to display a collection of green transferware. It resembles toile and is fun to collect.

Green and white toile is used at the headboard, balanced by clean lines of the neutral bedspread, green tone on tone patterned pillows, and plaid bolster.

Once reserved for window treatments or upholstery, decorating with toile has returned to it's original French style of all over pattern.

Unlike red and blue, green toile can be used en masse without the feeling of heaviness.

Dan Carithers

However remember that a space does not have to be drenched in toile to be noticed.

Charlotte. Moss

I like mixing multiple patterns with toile interiors. These pink floral patterns work well with the green and white toile on the walls, windows, and bed hangings.

Green and white toile wraps this room in traditional comfort.

Vintage Wedgwood green Toile Transferware plate

French Bergere lounge chair upholstered in green and white toile. Nothing says "French" quite like it.

Dan Carithers room features Scalamandre Pillement green and white toile and buffalo checks.

The kitchen is another space that can benefit from the addition of a bit of green and white toile.

Part of the appeal of green and white toile is how it can easily make the transition from formal ........ casual elegance. If you are thinking about adding French flair to you home you can't go wrong with a bit of green and white toile.

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