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Mustard Colored Interiors.......Tasteful And Trendy

If you are searching for a new way to energize your home's interior space, you should consider the color mustard. After all mustard is a seasoning so it is guaranteed to spice up your space with warmth and pizazz. And, just like the seasoning, because of its strength you don’t need much of this color to make an impact. However, if you are looking for bright and cheery, mustard saturation will definitely grab the attention. 

This blog post is designed to reintroduce you to the color mustard, currently a trendy interior color that has taken the fashion world by storm for the past two years and now is making a comeback from the 70's to conquer the world of interior design. Also I'll show you how to use alittle or alot in your interiors so you can make the call. Enjoy!

What better time than this to promote a timeless seasonal color that never really goes out of style if well thought out and executed correctly. The richer tones of this color, reflecting the color spectrum of fallen leaves, are perfect for warming up your interiors in time for Autumn.

Mustard is a darker shade of yellow and is ideal for those who appreciate brighter colors but are looking for something more sophisticated. People with a need for self-expression and individuality would probably be a top contender for this color interior.

While mustard is a popular shade of yellow, it is not common to see people wearing or decorating with it. I am hoping this blog post changes that by showing you just how pretty this shade of yellow can be when incorporated into your homes.

Charlotte Moss

Mustard yellow can range from light to dark, giving you the variety of style choices that run the gamut from stylish and sophisticated, to bohemian, to down to earth warm and comforting. For those of you who prefer a lighter color I think that a soft Dijon mustard like this would satisfy your cravings. 

This color of mustard interior demands attention but it's also happy, sunny and comforting. The strength is broken up by the creaminess of the furnishings and the black and spicy orange accents.

I look at mustard as a cheeky alternative to gold interiors.

Mustard is also a good color choice if you want your room to have a sophisticated yet retro feel.

Holker Hall, decorated by Colfax and Fowler

Mustard yellow works well alongside almost any color but there are some combinations that are especially statement worthy.

Robert Moore, designer via

Deep traditional blue and neutral beige interiors are completely updated when accessories like this rich mustard colored velvet sofa are added .

Mustard yellow and green is a strong color combination, but you can use it in a toned down decorative way. 

Ralph Lauren

Mustard also pairs well with teal and aqua green as long as you use it subtly in the form of a piece of furniture and coordinating artwork......

or an accent of mustard colored window treatments.

When using these colors together consider adding in decorative touches of creamy white as well to lighten it up a bit if you find the colors are overwhelming you. 

Use raspberry and burgundy with mustard for a chic and feminine interior. You can choose to go light.......

or bold and dramatic on your walls.

I especially like pastel colors used with mustard. The pastels bring a soft cozy feel while the addition of the mustard keeps things from becoming too sugary and feminine.

This room is well balanced so the pink and mustard can play off each other nicely. Plus the black accents keep it feminine but not precious.

Windsor Smith, designer

via etsy

If you like an interior that is saturated in a particular color, mustard might be a bit strong unless you use several shades to soften it up.

Axel Vervoordt, designer

You might also age your mustard walls for a more old world appeal. Cream woodwork looks best with this particular look. White is just too much contrast for the aged and antique style interior.

Wallpaper is a good way to incorporate shades of mustard into your interiors without it becoming overwhelming. Chinoiserie wallpaper is always a good choice.

You can tone mustard down by selecting a wallpaper with a muddier version of the color .......

or choose the color mustard in a bright and exciting way as shown in this wallpaper.

Decorating with mustard and other vivid accents in a bright white interior creates a dazzling and smart look.

via Pinterest

If you want to be part of the mustard  colored trend but don't want to break the budget, try accent pieces like pillows and make sure your artwork includes hints of mustard.

via Pinterest

You can always experiment with  shades of mustard on a smaller scale and still create lovely fashionable interiors.

If you would like to introduce a contrast  to  classic white, gray, and other muted painted walls, add some mustard colored furnishings and do something clever like this homeowners who has painted the back walls of their shelving a  dark mustard color.

Mustard plays well against most of the darker wall colors that are presently trendy.

Proof that even old world style interiors can be part of the mustard color trend!

Robin Gonzales Interiors

Gray interiors with mustard colored accents is always a smart and attractive combination.

Both of these colors are very trendy but classic enough to stand the test of time.

Pairing the color mustard with muted tones and softer neutrals like grey, taupe, clay, and crisp white allows it to stand out.

Gray is enhanced greatly by the addition of a touch of mustard. 

Undertake a DIY project and paint some vintage furniture in mustard yellow.

Try some mustard yellow accents in Boho interiors for visual interest and warmth, even when used in small doses.

via instagram @frizzyninja

The 70's palette of earthy colors like mustard, brown, beige, burgundy, forest green, and rust is having a  fun, fashionable renaissance as of late and there seems to be no end any time soon to this retro trend.

Mustard is the kind of color that you can use sparingly and still make a statement.

Don't be afraid to use pops of mustard in your bedroom. However, since mustard yellow is invigorating and energizing, it is a color you will want to use in small doses in any room you want to project peace and calm.

A softer version of the color is a good choice for the bedroom.

Consider just adding a few mustard accessories!

If you desire a warm and pleasant kitchen, be courageous and add mustard colored touches. This interior has a dark almost turmeric shade of mustard. Couple that with blue and white.....well you see! Ben Pentreath happens to be designer to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Or maybe you just prefer one unexpected pop of mustard yellow in your kitchen.

Decorate with a  bit of this color through a collection! French mustard yellow glazed confit pots are a recommendation.

photography by Isadora Fabian

If you are craving a trendy.....

via instagram (@farrowandball)

or old world mustard fix for your home, hopefully you have gotten an idea or two.

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