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Decorating With French Cane Settees

When you think of French Country Style the phrase "casual sophistication" comes to mind. The French just have a way of making even their country furniture elegant and graceful. This is evident in the lovely cane settees that really seem to embody that combination.

The settee is more formal and less comfortable than a canapé or sofa and generally seats 2 people.Caned settees and canapés, fitted with loose seat cushions, were extremely fashionable under Louis XV. They were less formal, airier, and cooler than the typical highly ornate styles made famous by the French Court that featured seats heavily upholstered with silk or tapestry. Sometimes cane settees were even referred to as peasant furniture because of this simple ornamentation and line. Hallmarks of this furniture style include distressed off white paint, lightly stained wood tones (such as oak or elm), rustic carvings and cane panel inserts instead of upholstery.

Cane strips derived from the peeled bark or skin of the rattan vine native to Indonesia have been used in weaving objects since ancient times. Thanks to the bustling trade with Asia around 1660, caned furniture began to appear in Holland, England and France.

The first French cane settees were low backed bench like seats or banquettes.These romantic cane settees immediately exude vintage French charm when placed in a room. The whitewash finish gives it the patina of a treasured family heirloom.

There are three different finish styles for the cane settee, painted or whitewashed, gilded, and natural. All are beautiful and bring a definitive French country look to a room. It's hard to say which is my favorite. First let's look at the painted examples.

This grey painted cane settee is such a nice size and can be displayed in a number of places. It looks chic in a boudoir when placed at the foot of a bed.

Cane settees are a staple of French Provincial decorating, especially in light finishes.

The whitewashed cane settee makes the perfect banquette seating for this French Country style dining room.

A vintage Louis XV Cane Back Settee in Gold and Cream.

This gorgeous piece features an airy cane backing and rustic exposed trim and hand-carved details that have been slightly burnished. If you like the look of gilding but want a more relaxed look, try a softer burnished finish.

Even though it is gilded, this French cane settee has the ability to be so sophisticated yet farmhouse at the same time. It depends on how you accessorize and decorate around it.

via Pinterest

If your style is an antique and modern mix, try a trendy, oversized floral print to cover your cane settee.

The natural cane settee is a style that evokes images of lavender fields and the rustic, romantic, old world charm associated with the French Provincial lifestyle.

source unknown

Natural French cane settee........relaxed elegance at its best!

Blind or French caning is when there are holes for hand caning but they are not drilled all the way through the frame. Each strand of cane is individually pegged/plugged at every hole. This kind of caning is extremely time consuming and costly.

A beautiful antique French Provincial caned settee in walnut .

This natural cane settee is rustic, old world and welcoming.

Early 18th century carved and detailed beechwood cane back settee/sofa.

The unpainted French cane settee has a rustic elegant look that works well with stone and other natural elements.

The cane settee makes it possible to enhance your entire home decorating with just a single piece of furniture. They make that much of a statement.

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Use these timeless French cane settees, canapes, and sofas in the boudoir and living room. Or make it the statement piece in your entry hall. Wherever you choose to put it, the cane settee will steal the spotlight.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Let Your Rooms Bloom With Rose Patterned Wallpaper

Rose patterned wallpapers have traditionally been one of the most popular mainstays over the years. We just can't say goodbye to them for long.They have graced English walls for generations and today can be found in traditional, shabby, vintage and yes, even modern interiors. While the style might be different than what graced grandma's walls, a floral wall featuring a classic rose motif still represents the cozy romanticism of yesterday, something the masses seem to be drawn to. I can't say I like all rose patterned wallpapers but there are some rosy walls that draw me in too. I have gathered some photos that will thrill traditionalists and hopefully entice the modern crowd to consider the new rose patterned wallcoverings. 

Roses are old-fashioned, homey and romantic and traditionalists love them. The trick is knowing how to choose a pattern that doesn't look dated. You want to stay away from the 80's look and choose something a little more current. Even if the color palette is soft and pretty, modern rose patterned wallpapers features bigger and bolder roses. Your vintage look will still be enhanced by a selection like this one.

I think this rose patterned wall is fabulous and works really well with vintage and antique pieces. If I were starting over today and looking for something unique and over the top I would definitively embrace this look.

Rose patterned walls have always set the stage for a vintage, traditional style.....and they still can, just in a different way. The popularity of painted furniture and brighter color palettes will help to refresh a traditional style rose wallpapered interior.

Another example of how brightly colored painted furniture can team up with a vintage rose patterned wallpaper  for a more updated look.

This fun rose wallpaper is a modern take on a floral pattern and proves that old fashioned roses can work in a modern interior whether used on all the walls or only one.

If you still love a romantic rose covered wall, it isn't difficult to find a pretty rose patterned paper. Just be willing to check out a few of the current unique collections like these.

Murals are another trendy way to cover your walls in roses. If you are bold and not intimidated by the size of the florals, you can create some pretty stunning interiors.

Diana Watson design  at

Another fantastic floral wall mural design featuring a classic rose motif.

Diana Watson

Create a beautiful accent wall with an oversized rose pattern.

I like this colorful old world style wall covering with oversized roses and gold calligraphy. It reminds me of a huge oil painting.

Two perennial favorites, stripes and roses, but combined in a more modern way. The painted piece for vintage and the acrylic modern lamp pull this pretty eclectic look together.

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English interiors were saturated with rose patterns. The trend today for the popular English County style interior is traditional looking, rose patterned wallpapers with larger roses as opposed to the smaller patterns of a few decades back.

An all-over rose pattern for your walls will always be a classic look if, (and that if is extremely important), you treat the room in a more updated vintage style and not make it a throwback to times past. Even if you choose antique furniture, add in some edge so you won't get the "grandma" effect.

This rose patterned background gives the room a touch of modern and chic while keeping it feminine and comfy.

For those who want a neutral rose inspired wallpaper, you have many wonderful choices. I love this grey and white version from Windsor Smith in an all-over pattern. Very feminine with a subdued elegance.

A soft greige all-over cabbage rose patterned wallpaper is a pretty choice if you are into neutrals.

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I LOVE this rose wallpaper selection. It is traditional, soft, and feminine but the tone on tone pattern and neutral French, painted furniture make it classic and not dated.

A modern take on the traditional rose chintz wallpaper.

Many of today's rose patterned wallpapers are not as "serious" as paper in the past. The roses are more lively and whimsical but they can still help in creating lovely rooms.

Stenciling a wall in a mono rose design is another alternative if you are not interested in wallpaper.

For those of you that love the old fashioned vintage look, you can still enjoy wonderful rose covered walls. As you can see from this picture and the one below, this cottage style interior with it's rose and fern covered walls and accessories is on trend with today's interest in botanicals. 

The fern motif keeps his space current as botanicals are a popular design element right now.

via Pinterest

A pretty old-fashioned tea rose motif - perfect for a vintage shabby chic look.

Whether you like your roses vintage.......

source unknown

colorful and trendy........

 tone on tone subtle...............

................or layered, oversized, and edgy, there is a rose wallpaper out there that will give you the desired look.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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