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Decorate With Sliding Barn Doors

Since I have always restored older homes, I have been able to avail myself of the old fashioned pocket doors. I have adored them for the same reasons today's home owner is excited about the current trend of sliding barn doors. 

A barn door is a door slab that slides left and right on wall-mounted hardware with rollers suspended from a steel bar in front of the door opening. This twist on the pocket door opens up floor space since you do not have to deal with the arc of the swinging door thus making them a stylish solution for cramped spaces. Also they provide both privacy and decor without having to worry about electrical, plumbing, or vents on the other side. Throw in the aesthetics and the fact that, unlike most trends, this one is very functional and you have a design idea that will more than likely be around for awhile.

Just because they are called sliding barn doors does not mean that they have to be used only in rustic inspired interiors. Also you need not just use barn doors when there is a host of interesting vintage doors that will look stunning used as sliding doors. Be creative and selective and the possibilities of using sliding barn inspired doors in your home can be endless.

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 This is a great look and i wish I knew who to credit. Let me know if it is your picture so I can back link!

Rustic style has always embraced the past and a natural look and is still highly popular today. A rustic style which is often incorporated with a country design always looks warm and natural. Sliding barn doors in interiors of this kind are the perfect accents.

The sliding barn door is a great design option for the rustic style interior. However, I am not a huge fan unless your home's interiors can really support the use of such a large rustic element. The sliding barn door should works to enhance rustic interiors as opposed to just being hung on a wall in an uninteresting way.

Santa Fe Doors,La Puerta Originals

Sliding barn style doors and the log home.......a match made in Heaven.

If you don't want a rustic barn wood look there are still many sliding barn doors made of wood that can be custom stained.

Another type of sliding barn style doors is the carriage or coach house design. A bit more refined than the barn door but still able to supply an interior with a warm rustic look.

Carriage style sliding barn doors can also resemble garage doors with windows at the top. These look good in vintage homes, modern traditional, even beach homes.

Great sliding barn door for a vintage interior. This door closely resembles a barn door with the traditional Z, but when painted it has a softer effect.

Don't forget the hardware for you sliding barn doors. Unlike the typical sliding door, the hardware is exposed and
certain types help blend the industrial look with vintage decor.

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Black is a good choice for a painted sliding barn door. This room maintains a country feel because of the homeowners choice of colors.

Rustic black sliding barn door works fabulously with the stone walls of this interior. This door is rugged like a real barn door but choosing to paint it black amps up the elegance.

Sausalito Architects and Building Designers

These black sliding barn doors add just the contrast this area needs. They can accent your home in many ways other than means of an entrance. From a design standpoint they add color, texture and function to an otherwise empty doorway.

Lawrence Bullard Designer

If you are creative, by all means customize your sliding barn doors. The possibilities are endless!

Kelly Kerrie Design Lab

Remember you are not limited to only rustic barn doors. There are many styles of sliding doors to choose from. I love this elegant monogramed glass door.

My favorite way of using sliding barn doors is to look for beautiful antique doors and shutters and other creative ways to make your sliding doors unique to your home. Look for items at salvage sources, antique/collectible fairs and stores.

Traditional swinging doors are being swapped for sliding varieties in dining rooms, living rooms, pantries, bedrooms and bathrooms.Be on he lookout for stunning old doors, buy a hardware kit and install the sliding barn style doors yourself. This look can be as interesting as you are!!!

Ennis Nehez

French doors also make wonderful sliding barn this stunning room proves. Paint them.......

Total Concepts

.......or leave them natural for a more rustic sliding door.

Of course any French style doors used as sliding barn doors will give your interior an old world European feel. 

Use sliding barn doors to make a grand entrance!

Gorgeous cottage interior and the painted sliding barn style doors add the finishing touch!

Find a unique door and put it on sliders for your bath.

This is a great bath with its sliding barn doors and transoms for ventilation.

I think paned sliding barn doors are lovely. And if you need more privacy just add some frosted or other unique glass.These doors add architectural interest and are a great way to break up a large expanse of wall.

My advice is to not limit yourself to the sliding barn doors that are readily available. Find something to use that will make your interior stand out instead of becoming a cookie cutter look.

Sliding barn doors can also be artfully used in interiors. A splash of a bright color can liven things up a bit.

source unknown

Colorful sliding barn doors add charm and character without having to add additional art.

Or your sliding barn doors can even make a cool background for displaying some artwork.

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