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Decorate Your Interiors With Hot Air Balloon Decor.......It's French!

On November 21, 1783 the first free flight carrying a human occurred in Paris, France.

Flight of the Montgolfier brothers over the Tuileries in 1783 - Anonymous artist

It was in a hot air balloon made of paper and silk made by the Montgolfier brothers.

 The balloon carried two men, Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent, Marquis of d’ Arlanders. They stood on a circular platform attached to the bottom of the balloon. The fire was hand-fed through openings on either side of the balloon’s skirt. The balloon reached an altitude of at least 500 feet and traveled about 5½ miles before landing safely 25 minutes later. Tradition says that upon landing the pilots gave bottles of champagne to the startled farmers and peasants in order to calm their fears of demons appearing from the heavens. However, research shows that in actuality they landed in a deserted farming and vineyard area near Paris with no witnesses.

This started a hot air balloon decorating craze in France then.....

1790-1829 Regency Empire Shoes 

....and for todays Francophiles, a touch of hot air balloon decor can give your home an immediate French flair. With all the white French interiors out there this is a chance to be colorful and French at the same time and make your interior reflect a bit of aeronautic history as well. It can be fun but also can go sour on you at the same time if not done tastefully. You don't want your interiors to resemble a kids birthday party. Just choose French hot air balloon decor wisely and show restraint and you will be successful.

You may not have the chance to go all out in hot air balloon decor like the Saint James Hotel in Paris, France, but with just the right touch your space will soar.

Being as I am old world through and through and a collector of wonderful old and exquisite things, my favorite way to bring this look into a space is through old French lithographs of hot air ballooning. This will give an historic look to your interior.

Or maybe a plate prominently displayed with the image of a French hot air balloon floating by.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Look for treasures at antique stores, flea and collectible markets, even thrift stores that might have a scene with a French hot air balloon on them.

I have a collection of French miniature porcelain boxes that are displayed in French curio cabinets. Even something this small adds the charm of hot air ballooning.

Even though I love a more classic style I have to admit that...... 

I am in love with this Manuel Canovas French hot air balloon print. Modern yet somehow classical and loaded with color, you can see how well it works with the antique French chair. What fun to decorate a room with this print.

There are also wallpapers and other lovely items reflecting the French hot air balloon theme.

Another colorful space using a great French hot air balloon fabric.

This room features bedding in the form of a map and looks incredible in a masculine room. The maps behind the headboards are the perfect backgrounds for a hot air balloons!

Of course if you just want a hint of this theme, a pillow or two tossed on the sofa with more vintage style French hot air balloon prints in muted colors may be all you need. Again the map background is stylish and fun.

These vintage French hot air balloon themed lights are fabulous. The French pilot is the perfect touch. This shows how you can select a great accessory that will incorporate this element without it becoming tacky.

This may be more hot air balloon than you can handle but it is clever and tasteful. Great for a boy's room or even adults that fly and love the history of manned flight. The theme is carried through the rest of the room as well with a hanging biplane. Even the chair is airborne.

Chandeliers in the form of a French hot air balloon are currently trendy.They are stunning with modern and contemporary interiors.

And of course more vintage spaces.

This hot air balloon themed chandelier works splendidly alongside French furniture and layers of French style fabrics to create a cozy French country seating area. 

Another stunning French inspired space that definitely benefits from the addition of a hot air balloon chandelier.

You can find many accessories for decorating your home with touches of this style.

David Duncan Antiques via

This cute French hot air balloon lamp in just the right place.......tres chic!

With the popularity of painted furniture French hot air balloons are a wonderful theme for decoration.

I love the rustic simplicity of this wire and paper hot air balloon piece. Works so well in this French interior.

You can find lovely French toile fabric for using on window treatments and upholstery. Here is a classic toile featuring a period rural scene with hot air balloons

I like this Stof Montgolfiere Hot Air Balloon linen.

Add a touch of French flair to benches and chairs with some of the great hot air balloon inspired fabrics.

Sorry the site says these are out of stock. But you get the idea!

Metal "Hot Air Balloon" Umbrella Stand by Fornasetti

Try your hand at this DIY project. I'm thinking Christmas ornaments!

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