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Decorating Dark, Moody Bedrooms

For 2015, dark color schemes in the range of deep, saturated colors are definitely trending. This post will spotlight the dark, moody, perfectly sultry bedroom and, if you are so inclined, will hopefully help you as you go about creating one of your own.

A dark color will set the stage and create a sense of intimacy for a classic romantic bedroom. Wonderfully intense shades will give a bedroom a sensual atmosphere. On the other hand dark bedrooms can be cozy and warm, perfect for those who tend to want to bury themselves beneath the covers. Either way you win with a dark bedroom.

Be bold - add drama and personality to a bedroom with dark, intense paint colors.

Music for setting the mood!!

These rich and sophisticated colors add an air of mystery to this fabulous dark bedroom. I adore these colors!

Many people are suffering from "white fatigue" and are looking for a dramatic bedroom makeover. This image is an example of how you can achieve a dark, moody bedroom that still balances a masculine and feminine look.

Moody greys can be a comforting color scheme that suggests a quite, reflective mood. Good lighting and creamy accents make this bedroom's owner comfortable and assured of a good night's sleep.

A room with a strong black color presence represents maturity. 

source unknown

Alternatively, use black to create a dramatic, nocturnal look that injects a mysterious mood in your bedroom.

Many of you love the sophistication, lushness, and downright sexiness that darker colored home furnishings bring to a bedroom. Wood paneled walls also have a way of darkening a room while still adding a cozy feel.

via Pinterest

Your bedroom will definitely take on richness and sophistication with some moody, dark designs elements.

A touch of fur and flowers of course help a dark bedroom from becoming too masculine. Also a bit of whimsy is nice.

Dark, moody walls in black will be the perfect backdrop for the metallic madness that has taken over. Dark walls teamed with soft metal accents, such as brass and copper, create a truly glamorous interior.

You can create a dark moody bedroom with the right wallpaper as well. Plus wallpaper like that above and below gives a richer, sensual feel.

I love tapestries and have used mine to darken my bedroom even though it is painted a muted color that is actually not that dark.

Lorenzo Castillo

Anouska Hempel

Just like dark furniture and accessories pop on white walls, light accents pop on a dark wall. You can liven up a dark bedroom so it doesn't become depressing by using the right amount of lighter accessories and accents.

I like the feeling of being encompassed by the room and this pretty dark bedroom does just that!

source unknown

Even though this bedroom is saturated in dark teal the good lighting and lacquered ceiling keep things from feeling claustrophobic. 

Teal and grey is a pretty combination to consider for your dark, moody bedroom.

Photographed by Didier Delmas................ via

Bright colors really seem to pop against dark tones that are naturally devoid of light. Just use them with restraint or your dark bedroom will lose it's cozy, sensual appeal and start to look cluttered.

Ralph Lauren

Dark colors won’t necessarily make a room smaller. Dark colors recede. When a room is painted a dark to medium color, the color will actually make the room look larger rather than bringing the walls in, which is a common concern.

Grant K. Gibson

A deep shade of blue can bring drama to your dark, moody bedroom...............

..........or coziness depending on how you dress your bed. Again flowers or a crystal candelabra, like in the image below, can go a long way to preventing your dark bedroom from becoming too masculine.

To pull off a room this dark, you have to start with a space that has good lighting, or you’ll end up feeling like you’re in a cave.

This dark atmospheric bedroom is sophisticated and quirky.

This dark bedroom is romantic but at the same time simple and rustic. This keeps it from becoming overly feminine.

Ralph Lauren

This bedroom is dark and moody because of the deep shades of green, red, black, and purple that are used throughout. The white touches of bedding and the reflective surfaces provide a good contrast.

Incorporate items that are reflective like the mirrored pieces to help your dark bedroom not be too overwhelming during the day.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Decorating The Western Style Home

Who says rustic Western decor can’t be stylish? The trend that started strong in 2014 is still a player in the design world. There are several styles to consider when decorating your Western Style home. Choose from a rustic cowboy hideaway cabin in the hills, to a Western lodge style, or cattle ranch. All styles that capture the warmth and charm of the Old West. In other words there are several ways you can decorate in Western Style without feeling that you are living in the OK Corral. But if that just happens to be your thing there is even a style for you called Cowboy Kitch.

Below are some images I have collected that show ingredients that will help give interiors a feel of the Wild West. And if you are a homeowner that loves the romantic history of the Old West and are looking to replicate that style in your home, hopefully this will help you get started.

With colors reminiscent of the painted desert, and clear southwestern skies, comfortable natural furniture pieces instead of ornate ones, your Western home will feel relaxed and inviting

Kevin Corn Design

Western style decoration usually uses wood, rock, leather, and metal in abundance. The fireplace and mantle are prerequisites for a western style living room interior. Decorate with artwork on oil, vintage photos,  paintings, and Western artifacts.

Western home decorating ideas suggest an accent on anything that is old and antique but rugged in looks and nature. Consider not using window treatments, especially if you have a great view of the mountains or other natural settings. Just leave them bare!


If you do want the warmth of curtains remember to keep them simple. Make them long and out of thick material like  suede. Add Western Style details like the leather trim and beading in this pic. 

When it comes to furniture, Western Style is most often large, bulky, and simple in design. 

Western heritage is deeply rooted in the ranching industry so couches and chairs typically feature leather and hides. The hand tooled look is especially popular.

 Rugs with a southwestern design, sheepskin rugs, and cowhide rugs go well with this style. Native American artifacts and collections make great displays in the Western home.

Ralph Lauren

Western interiors can also take color direction from Native American rugs with rock gray, metal black, cream, coral and turquoise as well as strong reds, blues, and earth tones.

Western themed art also provides color direction. Cowboys, bear, moose, pine trees, cattle, lakes and rivers, and hunting and riding scenes take center stage. I'm loving this bunk house look!

We all know that cattle and buffalo skulls lend to the Western look but these beautifully carved examples take this popular accessory to the next level. True works of art!

Antler accessories also enhance the Western Style interior. You can find everything from curtain tiebacks to chandeliers.

These is alot to love in this rustic Western interior. Everything from the fringed leather sofa to the great log coffee table and cow hide Queen Anne chair work to combine rustic and elegant.

via pinterest

Hardwood flooring, especially with a touch of flagstone, is pretty much required for a Western home decorating style. Throw down woven or Native American style rugs or even fur or animal skin and you are off to a great start.

Today's "cowgirl" bedroom has more of a vintage flavor. This one is done up in shades of pink. Just don't get frilly or too girly.

Look for fabulous accessories that will add western character to your home.

right -via Pinterest

For the authentic Western look search for saddles and other accessories with decorative details such as barbed wire, fringe, and nailheads.

Of course log walls are a desired element.
I have misplaced the source of this image. If it is yours, please let me know and I will credit.

But stone and rough plaster are also stunning in the Western Style interior. If these are out of the question, try a suede-effect paint for a more rustic look. Don't hide your boots and cowboy hats behind closet doors. This is one decor where it is stylish to leave them tossed about. Here pottery, horn furniture, and a cowhide table cloth also enhance the look.

Jean Macrea Interiors, Inc.

Fabrics for the Western home tend to have Native American or Cowboy prints, as well as nature prints. For a layered look mix in stripes or plaids. If busy prints are not for you, consider leather (matte finish), denim, suede, or nubby weaves.

Is this an office for a cattle baron or not? Even if your office is not this grand you can still get an idea or two on how to decorate it in Western style.

I had to share this. It's kitchy and fun but somehow works.

Using some Western bedding and throwing down some western rugs will get you heading in the right direction. Look for bold-colored quilts and old saddle blankets.

source unknown

via Pinterest

Western interiors can also incorporate a "saloon" feel to them. Notice the cowhide chairs, stretched rawhide lighting and that counter!

Most rustic Western bathroom designs are in wood. Using natural elements like the stone basin also helps warm up every space. What a great mirror for a rustic Western bath.

Heavy timber is popular for the Western Style bathroom vanity as it supplies the sought after natural look. Heavy vanity tops of stone are also popular.

Bess Jones Interiors's

I really like the faux adobe walls and the look of hand tooled leather on the vanity.

source unknown

Great accessories with a hand tooled look for the Western bath.

As you know I love old world classic decor and simply adore curtained beds. I even found a bed I could use if I ever choose to change my style to Western.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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