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Linenfold: A Classic Design Is Becoming Trendy Again

Paneling that was frequently decorated with a form of ornamentation designed to resemble folded cloth was called linenfold. A form of medieval carved ornamentation, it was found on wall paneling as well as on other forms of furniture. Linenfold was usually executed in oak and was seen on panels of seats, armoires, cupboards, chests, etc. As carved wood paneling it first appeared in Gothic European architecture and furniture in the 15th and 16th centuries.

 Linenfold wood carving originated in Flanders, a principal location for the linen industry in the 15th century. Linenfold was widely used in the north of France, Flanders, Germany, Scandinavia, and England.The motif continued in England through the 17th century and was found in Jacobean furniture. 

Linenfold pattern fell out of fashion in the 16th century. However, those in the know about trends in decorating say linenfold is an up and coming trend. Many homeowners are having it installed as wall paneling and on kitchen cupboards. Linenfold is also popping up on more modern furnishings as you will see in the latter part of the post.

People are starting to take notice of this lovely design element and finding ways to incorporate it into their interiors. I hope you enjoy the post and become a fan of linenfold.
An exquisite carved Gothic linenfold panel representing folds of linen.

Linenfold renderings from Belgian Master Woodcarver Patrick Damianens.
More examples of Patrick's FABULOUS work can be seen on his website and his blog.

Some music to enhance your visit!

This image represents linenfold at it's best, simply beautiful.

Athelhampton House

There was a time when entire expansive rooms would be carved in linefold pattern. Can you imagine the cost of that today!

The Vyne is a 16th century country house outside Sherborne St. John, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England built for Lord Sandys, Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain. The walls of Oak Gallery, which is one of the few surviving long galleries from the first half of the 16th century, are covered in linenfold paneling.

In many English manors linenfold was used alongside intricately carved panels.

The King's Room at Oxburgh Hall with a glimpse of linenfold paneling behind the bed. Henry VII occupied this room.

via Pinterest

It is amazing how the paneling looks almost curtain like. What texture and dimension it brings to a room.

Interior Design: Robin Kencel and Carlene Safdie

Usually you see linenfold paneling in darker woods but I really like it in this honey colored pine.

via Pinterest

Many of today's homeowners are opting to use linenfold paneling again on focal walls of their homes, especially in libraries, home offices,.......

and on fireplace walls.

Many times old doors will be carved in linenfold design. Salvage doors like this would be a nice addition to a space and wouldn't break the bank.

Late 15th century linenfold door.

Photo from

Since linenfold is an expensive design and covering a large space with it can be costly, many that love the look and want a sample in their interiors are collecting furniture that has bits of linenfold carved into it.

You see the design many times on old coffers and boxes.

English Gothic Revival style linenfold carved folding screen.

A beautiful piece of replica furniture, this half tester bed features head and foot boards of hand carved linenfold panels within the moulded framework.

An old Jacobean bench with lovely linenfold carving.

A fabulous large French oak linenfold cupboard.

The host of TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta", Monte Durham, poses before a circa-1870s linen fold chest in the dining room of his home.

Cabinets with the pattern in a modern kitchen of a homeowner that wants to be a part of the linenfold trend.

Painted island with linenfold pattern. 

Painted pieces are popping up with linenfold design.

via Pinterest

You can be shabby and part of the new linenfold trend!

source unknown

Vintage painted desk with linenfold design on the drop down portion. I love how linenfold looks like.......folds of linen.

Simply gorgeous linenfold carved cupboard doors.

Linenfold architectural form can come in a variety of materials. It doesn't have to be only in wood. Many metals are also used like these brass sconces outfitted in linenfold.

A contemporary black lacquer linenfold chest of drawers by Jonathan Franc.

Linenfold two drawer Art Deco chest and mirror adds a layer of glam to any room.  Today, the term linenfold describes any  material, other than cloth, that is created to represent folds of fabric.

via Pinterest

Today's linenfold is used in different ways but the carving is still lovely.

Here is a striking contemporary linenfold piece designed by David Savage. Below are more examples of his work

This stunning Caperana lamp table from Century Furniture suggests Tudor linenfold paneling.

Linenfold side table with what appears to be a metallic painted finish.

Whether your style is old world or modern world, the beauty of linenfold carving stands the test of time.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Decorating With Antique Crystal Sconces

We all know that a sure bet for creating French flair in your home is the addition of a crystal chandelier. Crystal sconces are another important element that can add a tremendous amount of style and European charm to your interiors. The great thing about crystal sconces is that they fit everywhere. It's amazing how a very small item can make such a big statement in every room in your home, from the powder room, to the dining room, to the bedroom. 

 Classic sconces dripping with crystals, bring life to a room in a way no other lighting fixture can by bouncing a rainbow of colors throughout a room during the day in accordance to the changing of the sun. 

Beautiful crystal sconces, to accessorize your walls, with can be found at reasonable prices, but you have to get out there and look for them. Check out antique and collectible malls as well as thrift shops and estate sales for treasures that will bring a chic touch of Paris to your interiors. 

Jacques Grange

In 1767, Louis XV gave Münzthal the prestigious name of Verrerie Royale de Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis Royal Glassworks). Fifteen years later, the formula for producing crystal was discovered by François de Beaufort. French architects and decorators designing for Louis XIV were responsible for the crystal chandelier, girandole, and sconce becoming the proper method of illumination.

French Rock Crystal Maison Bagues beaded vintage brass antique sconces recently sold for $6875.00

Rock crystal was rare, brittle, hard to work with, and very expensive so pressed glass pieces entered into use. The glass was brittle and could not be cut and shaped like rock crystal. Plus they were found to be dull and lifeless because they lacked qualities of refraction. It became evident that a substitute was needed. Lead oxide was added to the glass during its manufacture, and this made the material soft and highly refractive. This new material was easier to cut and was even more refractive than rock crystal. The newly created Lead Glass had what was called “FIRE”. When used in chandeliers with candles, it was absolutely brilliant!

In 1989 Hermès bought Saint-Louis which is among the greatest players of the world in terms of French crystal. Crystal sconces bring beauty and history to a space as well as instant glamour.

I love how simple but elegant crystal sconces can add gentle grandeur and sophistication to an area.

Lisa Luby Ryan via Veranda Magazine

Most of the available lighting out there today just doesn't catch your eye and hold your gaze quite like a beautiful antique brass and crystal sconce does.

A rich and detailed study in elegance.The old crystal and brass and bronze fixtures have a time-worn patina that immediately gives your room the look of history.

I love the look of crystal sconces mounted on mirrors and how beautifully it bounces the light around.

Ruthie Sommers via

Any competent glass and mirror contractor has the skill to drill the holes in the mirror to allow for the lights to be installed. Yes it's a bit harder than mounting to the wall but the look and benefits are well worth the extra time and precision required.

William R Eubanks

Crystal lighting fixtures add the perfect touch to a room decorated with French furniture styles. Frame a mirror or piece of art with a candle sconce on either side.

I recently purchased these antique crystal sconces to use in my bathroom.

It is hard to tell from this camera picture, but there is a round mirror, etched in diamond design, behind the arms that reflects the light in such a pretty way.

Finding these crystal sconces prompted this blog post.

Someone recently gave me this lovely mantle. I had no where to put it but wasn't about to turn it down. I finally decided to put it on the bathroom wall behind the tub. Right now I have a piece of fabric with French script on the inside but am looking for something else to go there, just don't know what it is yet.

via pinterest

Look at the impact of a crystal chandelier combined with the magnificence of a pair of crystal sconces.

The dining room is the most traditional place for using crystal chandeliers and sconces. Above a buffet or sideboard is ideal positioning or on the wall like in this stunning space.

Whatever your budget there is a crystal sconce waiting to adorn a wall in your home. A pair of lighted or candle crystal sconces is a great investment.

There is literally no space in the interior or exterior of the home where sconces can't do magic.

A crystal sconce with rosettes, beading, interesting brass arms, or carefully etched mirrors will get a lot more attention. Always look for something unique.

via Pinterest

You want your guests be drawn to the crystal sconce and then take time to to study its details for a few seconds before looking away. They should capture your gaze.

Chateau de Digoine, France

Crystal sconces, girandoles, and I think that is a chandelier reflected in the mirror. What a fabulous statement!

French crystal beaded laurel wreath wall sconces. This style of crystal sconce is stunning!

An outstanding pair of French beaded and dore bronze basket form crystal wall sconces. Cascading strands of crystal beads create such visual texture in this style sconce.

source unknown

Crystal sconces and chandeliers are perennial elements of the Paris apartment.

Crystal sconces and chandeliers are also perfection for the French or Swedish style interior. Don't be afraid to use crystal alongside rustic antiques. The two just somehow seem to go together.

My favorite way to see crystal sconces used is for decoration in a small spaces........for atmosphere. 

Since sconces are limited in their ability to produce much light they are at their best when paired with a crystal chandelier.

Whatever your decorating style, whatever your budget, a pair of lighted or even candle sconces can add a tremendous amount of style and charm to your home.

Add one or more crystal sconces to the bedroom to create a romantic glow.

Or even put one in the bathroom to allow for relaxing baths by candlelight.

You can count on a pair of crystal sconces to add instant glamour to a space.

These wonderful antique glass sconce are in the parrot motif with flowers, foliage and gilded arms. Maison Bagues makes these same sconces today and are available to order through Andrea Fisher Fine Art.

Pair of Italian Antique Maria Theresa Crystal Wall Sconces w Fortuny Lamp Shades

People usually think French when crystal chandeliers and sconces come to mind. However there are gorgeous Italian crystal sconces to choose from like these with Venetian shade clips in Fortuny fabric.

Or these large hand beaded crystal sconces.

via Pinterest

I love the classic beauty of this style of Italian crystal sconce. Italian beaded crystal sconces can be up to four feet in length.

Some people simply don't like a big crystal chandelier but still want some sparkle in their interiors. Crystal sconces are the perfect solution.

Are you convinced yet? Start treasure hunting for your crystal sconces today!!

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer
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