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Pink Interiors Decorated With Elegance and Style

Edith Piaf understood it when she sang the iconic French song "La Vie En Rose" which translates to "Life in Pink" or "life seen through rose-colored glasses" The color pink has always evoked the emotion of seeing everything in an attractive, pleasant light. And this color has never been as popular in interior décor as it currently is.

What I call the "predecieved" idea that pink should only be used in a girl’s bedroom or bathroom is now outdated. Use the right shade of pink and it will make any room look fresh, modern, and grown-up. The color pink has many positive benefits and lends well to interiors. Pink brings warmth, depth, and sophistication to all interior décor styles from Old World, to Traditional, as well as Modern Maximalist interiors.

According to interior designers, pink décor for any room is definitively in this year from blushing rose to magenta and every hue in between. Pink has the power to transform a room into a lovely space. Although it can be a challenge to work with, you can be successful with a bit of knowledge and a good eye.

From living rooms to kitchens and all areas in between, in this blog post we will look at ways to make each of these spaces pink friendly in an elegant and stylish way.

I am not a big fan of millennial pink, so you won't be seeing interiors with that color on this post. I say let pink be classically pink and not some weird brownish color. Also as beautiful as coral and salmon are, they are in a league of their own. I am talking PINK here!


Even though pink is now such a grown up color, it can still be a bit intimidating for those not in the industry to decorate with. While it's easy for most people to add a few pops of pink, creating a bold and dramatic interior with this color takes a little more mastery. Hopefully by the end of the post you will have the knowledge to create a beautiful interior like the one above!

Windsor Smith, Designer

We will start with pink walled interiors. At one time this was a bit daunting but not anymore. Saturated interiors are trendy now and if you choose your shades properly you will see why. Stick with pretty  muted pinks like Windsor Smith has used here. These shades won't become tiring especially when used in living rooms, dining rooms, etc. Bright and overly saccharine pink is ok for a short sprint but not the long run.

Designer Timothy Corrigan,

To create a classic sophisticated look, stick to decorating with a pink shade on the muted side..... one that is not as saturated as a bright color.

What colors go with pink? Pink is not featured on a traditional color wheel because it is not a color in itself but is a tint of red. Because pink is so versatile, it can be paired with many different interior colors.

Anthea and Lawrence Mynott, designers

Now if you have decided on pink walls, what will your accent colors be? Let's start with yellow, an uplifting color making it the prefect partner for happy pink, the positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings.

via Pinterest

Today more elegant versions of pink are popular as the return of the refined and sophisticated interior has taken center stage. Again you can see how yellow/gold in the form of rug, painted furniture, and gold tone picture/mirror frames ups the classy look of today's pink interior. 

Veere Grenney: A Point of View via

Kempshott Road Location House (@kempshottroad) on Instagram

Since pink is a tint of red and red is opposite green on the color wheel, these opposites sides from each other means that pink and green are the most complementary to each other. It also means that you can pretty much find any shade of green to go with pink. It’s important however to match the correct hues.

Samantha Todhunter, designer

Black, white, orange, yellow, and the pop of the green plant all add a soft sophistication to this lovely room painted in a soft blush pink.

Matthew Williamson, designer - via

Better Homes & Gardens

Pink and orange work well together in interiors because red and orange are located so close together on the color wheel. So whether you choose soft and elegant shades.......

or bold and dramatic, pink and orange will work well in your space.

via Pinterest

Red and pink may seem like a risky combination but remember pink is a tint of red. The pink and red interior really does not clash when done well.

Miles Redd, designer

 Pink and red are actually harmonious and can create a stunning interior with the use of artwork and a touch of black to pull the two colors together. 

A classically styled gallery wall with rich gold tone frames can do the trick.

Warm, deep pink walls will make a room feel cozier.

Miles Redd, designer

As will a soft shade of pink on the walls of a neutral creamy white interior complete with vintage style furnishings.

One of the easiest ways to accentuate your home interior is by using the simple concept of accent walls. Here a pink accent wall instantly boosts the aesthetic appeal of this room. Choosing the correct wall to paint in contrast is imperative so take your time and make a wise choice. I prefer short walls to long walls.
via Pintrest

 Look around the room and see what offers the most aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners are now using the fireplace wall as the accent wall. This would be a good choice for a single splash of bold color, in this case pink.

Paint or use pink wallpaper above wainscoting to break the saturation. Just a touch of black in an all pink space will add some depth and drama.

Old world pink interiors coupled with multi-colored antique accessories can create a jewel box atmosphere.

Samantha Todhunter Design Ltd

Because pink is such a versatile shade, it is seen in interiors paired with many of what we refer to as jewel tone colors. Jewel tones are colors and tones that are derived from gemstones such as Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. These colors can have mid to high level of color saturation which makes them dynamic and eye-catching.

Another way to incorporate pink into your interior is with wallpaper which is currently making a substantial comeback in the design world. This pink wallpaper not only adds color to the space but also character and style.

Texture is also important especially in the Grandmillennial interior. This pink wallpaper shows how that can be achieved with the right wallcovering.

Cathy Kincaid, designer - Photo by Emily Followill

If you want pink walls but don't want them saturated in paint, wallpaper is your answer. With pink and green prevalent in nature, the eye appeal for the color combination in this space is guaranteed.

Try using pink to add a pop for energy in your entrance. Very sophisticated with the addition of black and white harlequin flooring, antiques, and art.

Vivid pink walls, creamy white woodwork, and black accents create a glamorous crisp and bold foyer.

Yes, stairway walls can also be painted pink. Make sure that you add art to break up the strength of this color. The touches of black are also nice with this vivid choice of pink.

This stairway wall is painted with a bit softer pink but still needs art because of it's long expanse.

With designers agreeing that pink décor for any room is definitively trendy at present, maybe this is the time to update your dining room with the color pink. In a room set aside for dining and conversation, why not choose a soft, muted shade like this that flatters any skin tone. The pops of blue keep the pink walls from becoming overly feminine.

Consider pink striped walls via the wonderful wallpaper trend now upon us. The great thing about stripes is that they never really go out of style. Plus you have the visual benefits of making your ceilings look higher.

Muted, dusky yet vibrant pinks are energetic and uplifting and can look very chic if done right. These cream colored rattan Chinese Chippendale style chairs give the room a light, airy feel that promotes good fun and conversation.

Everything is rosy in this pretty pink old world dining room. By bringing in some darker hues like the black and dark grey of the trim work and the painting, the muted green chairs, and the creamy dishes and classical bust, you help to balance out the sweetness of the pink tones and the room doesn't look too feminine.

Pink interiors have seen a surge in popularity recently with pink bedrooms becoming increasingly fashionable.

Bunny Williams, designer

Softer pared down pinks for a bedroom create a beautifully calming interior anyone would want to sleep in. Mixing with gray, as Bunny Williams has done here, takes away the femininity to the point that a man would feel at home in this pink bedroom.

Marella Agnelli's bedroom, Photography by Eric Boman via

Marjorie Skouras, designer, Photography by John Ellis

Even though there is huge amount of pink in the bedroom above, it doesn’t feel too feminine  because of the dark teal color in the large art, lamps, and rug which are creating such a contrast.

Pink walls can be considered neutral when you pair them with stronger hued colors. Here cool colors in shades of green and blue combine with pink to create a lush garden inspired space with a zebra rug adding some pizazz. The room is vibrant yet calming and sets the tone for a serene sleeping space.

Photo by The Mural Source

One of the best and easiest rooms to consider decorating in pink is the bath or powder room. You can ease into the pink rage by starting out in a small space. Soft pinks are currently the most popular and wallpapered baths are a real design trend so there are currently many ways to individualize your space in a subtle........

or unexpected way!

Dusty rose is lovely when paired with gray. I am an old world gal so the shutters, French console turned vanity, antique perfume bottles, and crystal chandelier are perfection for me.

via Pinterest

This cooler shade of vibrant pink wallpaper creates a refreshing space when paired with the creamy white painted paneling, vanities, and mirrored cabinets. The crystal sconces add the old world elegance to this modern space.

For a kitchen I don't think saturation is a good idea. I am more an advocate for utilizing touches of pink instead. Here is a gorgeous cream colored kitchen featuring pink glass subway backsplash tiles and pink and gold stools at the center island. You could also add in some pink accessories to balance out the room. This is a pink kitchen look that is not chaotic and would not become tiring. 

Prefect example of how you can create a lovely pink kitchen without going overboard with the color.

Big Chill via

With the new lines of retro style appliances you can now get a vintage look in your kitchen without sacrificing function and modern amenities. Great way to incorporate that pink!

Of course magenta or fuchsia shades of pink can create strong and chic kitchens that really evoke the "wow" factor. Just do your homework and choose all elements of the design carefully.

And why not a pink library? The bookshelves and other touches of black give this shade of pink an edgier look.

Elizabeth Bauer, designer

If you want to go bolder there is always magenta, a vivid and unapologetic shade of pink. This is a wonderful choice if you crave a darker, moody space because it still gives you a feeling of joyfulness. This color simply can't bring you down!

Pantone deemed Viva Magenta “brave and fearless” and chose it as 2023's color of the year. It is still popular and can be used to create elegant and stylish interiors. Treat it like other shades of pink and complement with blue, green, gold. Gold tone picture frames looks especially dazzling on walls with this shade of pink.

To have a pink interior there is no need to paint walls, change your carpet, and buy tons of accessories. You can simply introduce the color pink in subtle ways throughout.

Renvy Graves Pittman's Bel Air Home | Photo credit: Pieter Miguel Flores-Vianna for VERANDA

Pink window treatments ........ another great way to add color without overwhelming the room.

via Pinterest

The right curtains or draperies can transform a room. This living room is now thought of as pink because of the curtains and a few small accessories.

The right window treatments are detrimental to the overall look of a space and can add an element of interest to a room just as these pink ones do. And yes, the Eiffel Tower certainly helps!

Artwork is also a fabulous way to introduce several different pink elements into your home.

via Pinterest

Without going overboard with the color, your room can come across as being pink with just the right amount of accessorizing. 

Lee Jofa showroom, NYC

Pink furniture can become focal points and can stand alone to make a huge pink statement.

via Pinterest

Because of their size pink sofas can go a long way in strengthening the illusion that you have a pink interior.

Add a pink sofa as the main focus in a living space, support it with some pink accessories and guests will leave saying "what a pretty pink room!"

A painted piece displayed as a focal point will get people thinking pink about your interior décor.

Kristen McCory

Just want touches of pink only? There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate small doses of this happy color into your home décor. It will certainly uplift you without being overpowering.

Just a touch of pink here in the bedroom......

or the hall.......

or the living room and you are good to go!

This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

In the event that I have not credited the correct source of an image, please contact me at and I will be glad to correct it.

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