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Decorate With Round, Skirted, Dining Room Tables

A skirted round table can be an impressive piece of furniture that can be a beautiful asset to any dining room. They are a great way to make you dining room seem warm and inviting while adding color, pattern and texture. There is nothing new here, the skirted round table is a classic that gets banished to no man's land periodically. But there always seems to be an eventual resurrection because they are so lovely and versatile that decorators always seem to acknowledge their worth and bring them back from exile.

 Whether you like the romantic, dreamy style with billowy ball gown-like skirts or your preference is a more tailored style, it is the fabric that will give your skirted dining room table a refreshed updated look. The right fabric choice will take your table from too fussy to elegant and chic. Flouncy skirts have given way to more classic looks that use lovely linens and dressmaker detailing. Even the layered looks are now clean and crisp.

 If you find yourself drawn to this look maybe these images will help you make up your mind to create a table skirt for your dining space.

Decorators are once again realizing the potential of a skirted table's presence in a room. I think they are especially lovely when used on round tables in dining rooms.

If you are considering a dining room facelift, make the decision to start with a new table look.....skirting. Trendy and elegant they will be a wonderful focal point for your space. Plus they tend to create a softer feel in a formal dining room.

Three elements at work here to make your dining room look more updated and interesting. 1. Chinese wallpaper which is very trendy at present.  2. Mixed seating. A settee will give you a banquette look.  3. A colorful and luxurious skirt on the round table in a pattern that pulls it all together. 

Designer Mallory Mathison Glenn via

A table skirt will help to bring pattern and texture into the décor of the dining room. The pattern gives this skirted round table a modern twist on the classic look.

Because of the number of chairs, a dining room can easily become too "leggy". A beautiful table skirt will soften the look by warming things up.

Leta Austin Foster, Designer

A round skirted table is such a wonderful way to incorporate color into your dining room.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Such a pretty dining room with it's skirted round table and wonderful banquette style seating via a sweet buffalo checked sofa. via House Beautiful

To protect your dining room table skirt you can choose glass or a waterproof liner.

I love the casual elegance of this round, skirted, dining room table.

Bailey McCarthy

One of the quickest dining room updates is to switch to a round table and add a beautiful skirt.

Sitting comfortably is many times a drawback to the round skirted table. Usually if the skirt is not too heavy and doesn't puddle on the floor it's not a problem. Weighting the bottom gives a better visual effect but can add to the seating problem. The trick is to make sure you provide plenty of fullness for everyone's knees so the space won't be pulled too tight.

Even though this dining room has a classic skirted round table, it still has elements like the modern chandelier and trendy, bolder Chinese wallpaper that make this space feel fresh yet timeless.

Pamela Pierce

There are many different styles of round table skirts to choose from. Some like a skirt to be gathered to the max.

Others choose a more simple style table skirt.

John Fowler and Nancy Lancaster

For those who like layers of pattern, skirting your dining room table (or dining space as it is in this image) in a stylish pattern is a great way to mix in more.

A round dining room table covered in layers of crisp stripes and checks is perfection when used with painted furniture. 

Designer, Ralph Lauren

The new grandmillennial style lends itself to layering. Just remember, if you choose this style for your dining room table skirt, limit it to three layers so you won't get stuck with a cluttered look.

source unknown

Albert Hadley via House Beautiful

Trims and fringes will provide your round dining room skirted table just the detailing it needs for finish and style.

If you are an advocate of ‘more is more’, then you already know that a beautiful round table skirt is a great opportunity to add more patterned fabric to your dining room.

via pinterest

A softly draped table skirt adds instant warmth to the dining room and can be a wonderful alternative if there is already a good deal of wood in the room

If your dining room is lacking architectural interest, a skirted table is the perfect solution to bring interest to the space.

I love this simple but elegant round, skirted table. And since I am a big fan of mismatched dining room chairs, the addition of the great colorful painted chairs and French settee is pure perfection!!

This gorgeous dining area is on trend with the table skirt and the pretty collection of blue and white China.

It really doesn't matter the condition of the round table just as long as it is sturdy. This will give you more money in your budget to purchase great fabric for your dining room table skirt.

Home of artist and architect, Tomás Colaço

A truly beautiful neutral dining area with cream round table skirt. I think a round and skirted dining room table creates a more intimate space.

Miles Redd creates the unexpected in this dining room with this round table skirt in a bold colorful pattern. It is so much fun to play with these skirts!!

When not in use during mealtime, a skirted, round table can serve as the perfect place to display treasures or even books. Also chairs need not always be tradition in style. This resident has chosen curule seating in their dining area.

Suzanne Rheinstein

The dining room that features a round and skirted table can be even more visually appealing if the chairs aren't situated in the traditional pushed in way. Either move your chairs out a bit, place them against the walls until ready to use, or try something unique like the placement above.

Round dining room tables look wonderful in more tailored skirting as well. Decorative tape or fringe can help refresh your fabric and those little dressmaker details make all the difference.
If you want a beautiful skirted look for your round dining space table, try using something different like a quilt.  

Or maybe even skirt your round dining room table with a tapestry! Think outside the box and get creative.

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