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Decorating Paris Apartment Style.........A Grand Mix Of Classical And Contemporary.

While the interiors of the French chateau and the English manor definitely have first place in my heart, the Parisian apartment is running in the number two position with it's grand mix of classical and contemporary. I love to see the grand interior structures with the elaborate gilded moldings and boiserie that give these apartments their history. Add in the contemporary furnishings and lighting that gives them that chic and stylish modern appeal and you have magic. 

Whether you are lucky enough to live in Paris or simply want this look in your home right here in the states, I hope these images will help you. Alluring and sensual, this blending of styles is a great look. Hats off again to the French! Enjoy!

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The quintessential Parisian apartment with beautiful architectural detailing and ornamentation juxtaposed with modern furnishings. Even with sleek leather sofas this apartment still keeps it's French 18th century feel.

The majority of Paris apartments are painted white. Who needs colorful walls when you have classical crown molding and ceilings like this!

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Besides, the white paint gives the classically inspired interiors of the Paris apartment a modern, casual ambiance and a light airy feel.

source unknown

Designers of Paris apartments go for an updated classical approach with bold new styles that blend seamlessly with the more traditional backgrounds that the carved boiserie and moldings provide.

Depending on your personal style, you can choose to leave some of your walls completely free of ornamentation, allowing the rich classical carvings and plasterwork to steal the show.

Or you can choose to wow with interesting contemporary artwork and sculpture. Just don't overdue in the Parisian apartment.

Art Buro

In the Paris apartment you will find fabulous, classical, carved boiserie and furniture from different periods. However, clean contemporary lines will be a common element.

If you prefer classical boiseries with antiqued patinas, the Paris look will still work for you if you add in some contemporary furnishings and accessories.

Klavs Rosenfalck via elledecor.com

My favorite way to pull off this aesthetic is to create spaces that are modern and streamline but also incorporate touches of flamboyance. I also like beautiful French antiques mixed in with contemporary furnishings.

The apartment buildings in Paris are loaded with classical moldings and fireplaces. All you need is to add in the contemporary element and you can create magic. This homeowner has chosen to add excitement through the use of color and metal in a young, modern way.

The trick to decorating a home with a mix of classical and contemporary is to display beautifully detailed accessories but to also keep everything very subtle and low-key.

Nancy Gabriel/Guillaume Excoffier
This is Paris style........ luxurious contemporary furnishings and breathtaking classical 18th-century boiseries.

Rodolphe Parente

Today, the ability to mix and match styles effectively has become a status symbol. This is why the Paris apartment style is very much in demand.

The classical elements of a Paris apartments like beautiful moldings, chevron floors, and wrought-iron balconies are offset by a mix of contemporary furnishings in this great space.

Daniel Suduca et Thierry Mérillou

Learning to under decorate is key to the Paris apartment style of mixing classical and contemporary. With really good pieces, like these two Eames lounge chairs, it is easy to let them be the stars of the show.

Who says classical and contemporary don't belong together!!


Classical elements along with a modern sophisticated stylishness is what makes these Paris apartments so appealing.

The classical wood paneling is the perfect backdrop for  colorful modern art and contemporary furniture in this eclectic Paris apartment.

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Tone on tone interior with classic and contemporary elements.

The Paris apartment of designer Christian Liaigre..........classical and contemporary at it's best.

Iryna Dzhemesiuk and Vitaliy Yurov

If you like dark, moody interiors don't be afraid to still try this style. Black boiserie and classical moldings wedded to contemporary furnishings can be a marriage made in heaven.

  Andree Putman. Photography, Francois Halard

The contrast of classical and contemporary is exiting and chic. Choosing to under decorate certain spaces creates a beautiful streamlined look that will wow your guests.

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