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Decorate With A Desk At The Foot Of Your Bed

I am an advocate for sumptuous, lavishly appointed bedrooms that feature luxurious fabrics, antique furniture, and decor with a boudoir feel......a private retreat. Many of today's bedrooms simply look like hotel rooms or just a place to sleep that the homeowner deems not really worthy or decoration. 

I also prefer to have something interesting at the foot of the bed. This post features how to use a writing desk in this space and is the follow up to an earlier blog about seating areas at the foot of the bed.

I love a writing desk placed at the foot of the bed. Now before we go any further, I do not recommend an office desk or work space complete with computer etc. The kind of desk I am talking about is a writing desk where you can read, jot down notes, catch up on some correspondence either by writing or using something small like a tablet. No computers or laptops please!!

A small desk at the end of the bed can add functionality and interest to your room as well as provide a comfy place to catch up on small tasks. Just remember to keep some perfume close by for scenting those love letters you might compose on the writing desk at the end of your bed.

Unfortunately these days the foot of the bed is often one of those overlooked spaces, However people are returning to a more refined and romantic style and the bedroom is a perfect place to start the process. There is just something elegant and romantic about a writing desk in the bedroom, especially at the end of the bed.

It was common place to use desks at the foot of the bed in times past. It just makes sense.

Princess Diana's childhood home via

Chatsworth House via Pinterest

I like my bedroom and enjoy spending time there besides sleeping. Having a desk at the end of the bed will allow you to use and enjoy your bedroom during the day.

Here are two pictures of my own bedroom with a painted desk at the foot of the bed. These were taken at Christmas last year.

The desk is painted in a muted green with black lacquered top and a grid of fleur de lis on the sides. Normally there is a chair but I used it somewhere else at Christmas.

Furlow Gatewood, designer photo: Paul Costello

When you place a small writing desk at the foot of the bed it becomes a space-saving location that's also aesthetically pleasing.

source unknown

A lovely antique desk can transform the foot of a bed.

Charles Faudree

A simple writing desk, or in this case vanity, is a nice addition to the foot of the bed. It is how you use the desk that makes it romantic and not just a work space.

via Pinterest

I realize not everyone lives in a historic home, however you can still bring that elegant look into a smaller home with smaller rooms. This is such a lovely space and as you can see it is quite small yet big on style.

Cottage Company of Harbor Springs

A desk will help you add style and refresh the foot of your bed.

Consider using a desk at the end of the bed if you are short on space and really in need of a small desk.

A desk at the end of the bed extends your bed and makes it seem more grand. Any style decor can benefit,  from exotic ....... traditional.

Nate Berkus

Even a colorful trendy bedroom looks great with a desk neatly placed at the foot of the bed.

A streamlined desk and bench are perfect for the end of the bed in a contemporary style bedroom.

Herzog & de Meuron Photo by Angelika Gruendler via

This painted French style desk at the foot of the bed adds a touch of glamour to a modern traditional bedroom.

The bedroom can serve other purposes than for just sleeping. I like having a small writing space at the foot of the bed as a cozy place to get some work done! I know my feng shui friends don't agree with a desk being in the bedroom but obviously I am not a follower of the laws of feng shui.

Here is a space you will be able to do such things as quietly make a phone call, write, enjoy a good book, make to do lists, and read your mail.

Be creative in the pieces you choose as desks for the foot of your bed.

Use unconventional pieces of furniture for your end of the bed desk. There are many unique tables and desks to choose from. Visit antique and collectible fairs, flea markets, antique malls and yard 

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