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Decorating With The Whole Tortoise Shell

This post is a follow-up to Decorating With Tortoise Shell. While that one focused on using this versatile design element in a more traditional and classical way, this post spotlights the whole shell and how is has become an art form that lends itself well to any style home. Large turtle shells have been showing up on the walls and shelves of homes for some time now and for homeowners that like using natural elements such as antlers, taxidermy and shells, a tortoise shell can be a great addition to your decor. They are also perfect for the animal inspired or safari interior and look wonderful displayed with leopard or zebra accessories.

As sea turtles are protected, current designers resort to faux tortoise shell plastic and other imitation materials such as resin. I only support the display and use of real turtle shells that are antique or have been shed naturally. Make sure you know the dealer you are buying from.

Joe Nye

The pedestal with the tortoise shell came from Hollyhock, his mentor's Suzanne Rheinstein's shop.

Kelly Werstler used 100's of faux shells to create this look at The Tides La Marea. I love the brown chairs and how they make it look like you are in your own shell.

Kelly Werstler

When allowed to become a focal point, the shell itself makes quite an  impact.

These shells seem to work well anywhere you display them, even in a soft and elegant room like this.

This lighter colored shell is perfection in this stunning room. You can display them alongside your favorite antiques.

Display a specimen box with a shell inside. As you can see they make great vignette accessories.

I love the well traveled look the shell adds to a room.

Bunny Williams- Town & Country

Victoria Hagan

I think tortoise shells are especially beautiful when used in a neutral interior.

Some like them natural.......

and others like the lacquered look. It's a matter of personal taste.

Karen Robertson

A trend in decorating is the Specimen Look and the whole shell works perfectly with the other displays.

Here a do-it-yourselfer has used an old brass candlestick to create a lovely display stand for the lacquered turtle shell. 

Phoebe Howard

Gabriel Hendifar

Ballard Designs

A stand is a great way to display the beauty of the shell as it enables you to see all sides of it.

Aerin Lauder's home.

Photo by Simon Upton

The whole tortoise shell becomes a lovely addition to a classical display.

This eclectic interior features a tortoise shell as wall art in another specimen display.

via pinterest

Even the smallest version steals the show!

For more on tortoise shell .......used in a more classical way, be sure to check out the post below.

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