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Decorating Black Rooms With Brightly Colored Accents

While white walls and bright accents have been on the list of recent trends, a recent poll reported that 74 percent of homeowners enjoy black rooms. That means black walls are in. Just like fashion's Little Black Dress, a room with black walls is undeniably chic in 2014. This post is dedicated to black walls with brightly colored accents.

Black walls read as neutrals and look great paired with whites, yellows, reds, bright blues, corals, and the list goes on and on. Dark walls give colors an extra oomph and will put your brightly colored art, accessories, and furniture in the spotlight.

Even though it is trendy now, bright colors set against black walls has always been a trusted weapon in a designers arsenal. Designer Albert Hadley used it in this 1962 Park Avenue Duplex

In 2014 we'll be seeing rooms with a lot more drama and glamour. Dark, moody walls in black will be the perfect backdrop for colorful accents and are now being used to make a statement.

This small black bathroom doesn't feel so confined when you factor in the bright colors of the wallpaper.

The brightly colored chandelier and sofa are the color stars in this black room and are supported by a cast of colorful collectibles.
Bright colors are beautiful on black walls as seen in this picture. The art may not be your style but just look at how beautifully these bright colors stand out against the black.

Books can provide color to a black wall. You will see this in a number of the images below.

I love the way they have introduced bright colors to this black interior in the colorful paisley print on the sofas. They accessorized with the same colors to tie it all together.

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Living with bold colors like red, bright blues, or citrusy yellows can be difficult. They are intense, saturated colors and their effect can be overwhelming. Black walls can temper your bright, bold colors.

Chinoiserie involves bright color on black and can be a great style to incorporate into your black interior

Hand painted, brightly colored design on black, chinoiserie mural at Avebury Manor by artist Mark Sands

There are many lovely wallpaper selections that feature bright colors against black backgrounds. These can really bring your decorating project to life!!

Here Mario Buatta has used color against black lacquer for a bright yet cozy sitting area.

Don't be afraid of black walls if you have a traditional style home. Color will look wonderful against them.

Bright colors really stand out against black walls.

Coorengel & Calvagrac

Lots of color and beautiful black boiserie in this classic French apartment.

These pretty colors are enhanced by the bedroom's black walls.

Brightly colored artwork is a great way to liven up dark walls.

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Jane Hall

This designer is known for her use of bright against black walls.

Sometimes just a black or dark grey wall with pops of bright color is all you need.

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Whether all over intensity......

or a bit  here and there, color comes alive against black walls.

source unknown

Brights against black  can work well with any style from modern.......

via pinterest retro.

 Eclectic as well as Boho interiors can benefit from black walls and brightly colored accessories.

Brightly colored books look wonderful in shelves that are painted black.

It's fun to decorate against black. Be creative, don't be afraid to use color, and by all means have fun with this style.

These bright colors pop against dark grey/black walls.

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