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Decorating In Patchwork Chic

When you say patchwork the first thing that comes to mind is Grandma's patchwork quilt. While vintage quilts are lovely, the patchwork I am focusing on in the blog post is a design style very well known in Great Britain right now, but is quickly spreading. 

Mixing different textures and fabrics, cut up and sewn back together in a modern twist, is called Patchwork Chic. You can create a variety of interior styles from soft, gentle, and warm, to conversely bright and crazy. In fact, the patchwork style can be applied to almost all interior elements such as pillows, wall art, wallpaper and upholstery. 

If you want to be a part of the current patchwork trend, but you just aren't sure about the best way in which to introduce it to your home, check out the pictures I have assembled to help you.

The beauty of patchwork is that it can be used to bring together the various colors and patterns in the rest of the room.

For those who want to explore the patchwork trend without going overboard on color, there are many beautiful options available.

Patchwork sofas are crafted by working with a variety of pieces of material to cover the sofa. These cuts of fabric are assorted sizes and materials. Some of the most popular fabrics used are velvet and leather. Investing in a patchwork sofa or chair is a great way to make a statement in the room of your choice. There is sure to be a design out there to suit your price range.

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Would you like to decorate your walls in a very original way? Do you love bright colors? If the answer is yes to these questions, then decorating walls in a patchwork style is exactly what you need.

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Whether you choose brightly colored patchwork or a selection of softer muted  fabrics, this is one way in which to add a statement piece that really stands out yet adds the finishing touch to a room.

Desire to Inspire

You might want to make the patchwork sofa the center of attention of the space or you might want it to just simply complement the rest of the room's furnishings. Keeping walls white will make your patchwork really stand out.

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An alternative to a headboard in your bedroom is to patchwork the wall space at the head of your bed using fabric or wallpaper samples. This patchwork has an exotic flair.

Combine bright, eclectic patchwork furniture with neutral walls and pick out various patterns and colors throughout the room using picture frames, lamps,vases and other home accessories to set off the furniture artistically.

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This eclectic modern living room gets all soft and cozy when you add this patchwork rug.

In  this living room the addition of colorful patchwork window treatments really make a statement and offers the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of colors, styles and patterns throughout the rest of the room.

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This simple window treatment is true patchwork and really gives a farmhouse feel to this home.

American Blinds and Wallpaper

For a feature wall with a difference, decorate one wall with ready-made patchwork wallpaper.

Patchwork doesn't have to be bright and colorful. I love the softer side!

If you want to be more subtle in bringing a bit of patchwork into your home just use one piece, or a few pillows. This is a lovely room and  certainly doesn't overwhelm.

Bedding is probably the perfect place to start if you want to add a touch of patchwork.

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If you are crafty, try painting a vintage piece in a patchwork design.

Gorgeous French chairs with patchwork seats.

A madras-style patchwork rug could be a focal point in any room from rustic to contemporary.

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With a little bit of know-how and some material, you could even re-upholster a chair  in your favorite patchwork style as a do-it-yourself project.

Bokja Designs

The homespun, vintage, or antique look has been very popular on the runways and in our homes. Patchwork furniture has that  pleasing handcrafted look to it.

You just can't get any cozier than curling up in patchwork!

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