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Decorating With Cable Knit Sweater Accents

Hot chocolate, a cozy fire, a great read, warm blankets, and cable knit are all distinct pleasures of the autumn season. If you've ever had a favorite cable knit or Irish Fisherman's sweater, you'll agree that a sweater inspired sofa or bed throw is a welcomed home accent that never goes out of style.The cable knit craze which began a few years back shows no sign of slowing down as
this fall, designers and retailers are still serving up sweater motifs on an array of home decor.

Cable knit Aran fisherman sweaters originated in the Aran Islands off the west of Ireland. We are captivated by their wonderfully classic look. The many different  intricate patterns of these cable knit sweaters were linked to clans much like kilts and tartan plaids are. In fact the sweaters were often used in the identification process when bodies of fishermen washed up on the beach following an accident at sea.

Today cable knitted home decor items enhance all styles of interiors from traditional, to coastal, to contemporary. This accent has also inspired many homeowners to learn how to knit as well as recycle old sweaters into accessories.

Cable knit sweater inspired home decor is still popping up everywhere.

And I do mean everywhere!

Whether it is a Ralph Lauren Cashmere Aran Cable Knit Fisherman Sweater Pillow in Heather Plum.......

or a do it yourself project, the cable knit trend is alive and not dwindling away this fall.

Lauren Liess

Beautiful cable knitted couch throws blend a variety of knit patterns to their velvety soft finish and superior warmth. Perfectly suited for curling up with a book on a rainy Saturday or for giving your home an added touch of elegance.

A chunky cable knit feels just right for fall. This cozy handcrafted throw is a welcome addition to a sofa or atop the bed.

Pottery Barn

Cable knit sweater decor and vintage style is a winning combination.

You can cover your walls in sweater fabric  if you choose. This is a great wallpaper in a knitted design.

Cable knit throws are like chameleons that blend with their environments. Here the look is very elegant, but elsewhere they may take on a rustic look.

This cute cable knit lampshade is another do-it-yourself idea and great use of an old cable knit sweater.

via pinterest

Cable knit brings perfect rustic yet elegant warmth for the back of a sofa or layered on your bed. 

This cable knit blanket has a more open weave which gives a loose, softer appearance.

A chunky cable knit throw adds textural depth, something the neutral interior depends on for a successful look.

Melanie Porter

A cable knit pillow is a cozy addition to any decor plus it gives texture which when lacking makes a room look too flat.

via pinterest

This image definitly gives you many options for working cable knit decor into your home. Doesn't the chair look inviting for a good read? I especially love the rug!!

Pottery Barn

Anthony Como of Luxe Interiors

Cable knit looks wonderful even in warmer, coastal design. Remember that fisherman's cable knit sweaters started it all!

source unknown

Cable knit comes in all shapes and sizes.It must take some huge knitting needles to pull this off.

Set your next table with cable knit place mats........perfect for holiday entertaining.

Makawao Photographers, Ashley Camper Photography

There are many lovely patterns  woven into cable knit sweater blankets and throws. On the Aran Islands where fisherman's sweaters originated, patterns were carefully guarded by individual clans for generations.

A plush, neutral hued pillow that provides a perfect complement to this cozy-chic bedroom decor.

Obviously the simplest change you can make to a room is adding some throw pillows. Next time toss some cable knit into the mix.

Old Lyme Architects and Building Designers, Nautilus Architects LLC

This bedroom features a pretty mix of patterns and a lovely grey cable knit throw.

From the supremely soft ............

Pearson Design Group

to the chunky knit, there is a style to suit any room.

Light up any room with  cable knit elegance

Great sweater chairs but I will take the cable knit ottoman anytime, anywhere.

via pinterest

Another of the large, chunky cable knit throws in a lovely shade of violet.

Great stackable cable knit sweater inspired storage containers.

Cable-knit Pattern Decorative Light Switch Cover by Dressumups

Remember I told you cable knit sweater decor is popping up everywhere!

gif via tumblr

If you are interested in a cable knit do-it -yourself project, there are many instructional tutorials on line that will have you knitting in no time just like Cary ........

gif via tumblr

and Christopher.

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