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Decorating With Rose Gold

Metallic madness is becoming epidemic in the design world and rose gold is THE color metallic for this season. It rose to fame as a popular alloy used in jewelry design and now has entered the interior design arena. Rose gold is the perfect addition to the trend of mixing warm metallics.

Rose gold, also known as pink gold and red gold, was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century Although the names are often used interchangeably, the difference between red, rose, and pink gold is the copper content, the higher the copper the redder the appearance. Subtler than traditional copper, rose gold  is a daintier version of classic gold and especially enhances feminine interiors. It plays particularly well with some of the softer neutrals, especially those that tend toward warmer tones such as a pinkish beige or a soft dove gray. However, when paired with chocolate brown and dark leather the  contrast will  prevent the rose gold from seeming too dainty.

 Since I don't believe rose gold will replace gold as a staple, it may be a trend that will pass quickly. It remains to be seen. For now it is a  a nice alternative to other metals and a fun way to mix things up a bit.I hope you will enjoy the images of home decor inspired by rose gold .

Stacy Garcia

Try adding a few pieces of rose gold to spruce up a room that is all neutrals.This precious metal will give any room a fun updated look with a gorgeous glow.

While furniture is a bit hard to find at present, there are several manufacturers that offer fabulous chairs is rose gold metal.

Left                                       Right

If you don't want the look of metal, keep your eye out for items like this great sofa in rose gold upholstery to freshen up your interior.

You may want to proceed with caution and use rose gold as an accent rather than as the lead color in a room. British designer Tom Dixon was one of the early starters, designing his Shade Globe Light in rose gold back in 2005.

Contemporary table lamp in rose gold by Chatsworth Lighting Lamps Plus

Try the fresh look of multiple warm metals such as brass, copper, and rose gold. It is a particularly hot trend right now.

Kelly Wearstler via

Cameron Diaz's apartment in Manhattan's West Village....... wallpaper and upholstery in shades of rose gold.

Kelly Wearstler via

Diaz's dining room in hues of burnished metals and lustrous minerals: malachite, onyx, rose gold, silver, and copper. Designers continue to encourage mixing metals for a layered look.

Black, white and rose gold is a glam combination that has a Hollywood Recency look to it.

Rose gold’s warm tones blend well with a variety of other colors and also tend to flatter the skin so you also have the added bonus of looking great in your home!

Ways to introduce rose gold into your interiors are things like pendant lights.......

...........picture frames, candles, mirrors. Capture the trend without overdoing this look by adding a few rose gold accessories to any room.

Also throw pillows are quite readily available.

via pinterest
The color of this lovely metal will give any room an updated look with a gorgeous glow. I have always referred to this color as blush. It is a rose but with gold undertones that takes away the pink and makes it even softer and more refined.

This wonderful Chinoiserie style table in rose gold would look wonderful in the room above!!!

Vince Camuto 

A rose gold comforter set mixed with mirrored furniture and other metals like the brass shown here would give your room a chic, trendy look.

Watch for this trend to hit hard in kitchen hardware,

via pinterest

and plumbing fixtures.

via pinterest

Rose gold faucets are a fun update for your interior.

source unknown

This bath demonstrates how lovely rose gold colored walls can be. I would like to see faucets in rose gold. They would mix perfectly with all the brass.

The rose gold Gem Table would be a gorgeous addition to the right interior.

Rose gold accents pair well with light pastels like peach, cream and white for a 'shabby chic' look.

Be creative and try some DIY projects using rose gold paint.
Rose gold with its warm color and soft glow can be especially feminine and desirable for wedding accents.

Rose gold goes beautifully with blush tones, deep burgundy, greens and plum. I like to use this color with touches of black to add an old world flavor and bring down the feminine levels.

However if you like, you can totally bask in the glow of rose gold.

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