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Decorate With Blue and White Buffalo Plaid

As the title says this post spotlights blue and white buffalo plaid interiors but let's first have a history lesson to learn more of this fabrics interesting history and how it got it's name. 

 Buffalo plaid is defined as a broad checkered plaid pattern usually of two colors. The original was black and red and is a centuries old pattern that has an interesting history and whose timeless beauty has captured the hearts of homeowners and decorators alike. It was actually Rob Roy MacGregor tartan, introduced to North America by a descendant of Rob Roy - one Jock McCluskey, Indian trader, who bartered for buffalo pelts by using heavy woven Scottish blankets with the clans tartan signature red-and-black. Since these were most coveted among the Indians, Rob Roy blankets became known as buffalo plaid. 

Buffalo plaid, like any other decorative element, can become dated, but over recent years its been given new life in updated wonderful new colors. Actually I believe designer Charles Faudree has made it a classic that will always be loved by a certain group.

Today one of the most popular color combinations for buffalo plaid is blue and white. Nothing can infuse a room with casual elegance quite like it. Rooms decorated with blue and white buffalo plaid are always fresh, sophisticated, and charming. Perfect for the primitive/country interior but equally at home with stripes, florals and even leopard, this timeless blue and white check can really add a big punch to a room. 

This post is all about blue and white buffalo plaid and the lovely interiors that can result from it's use. Enjoy!

Blue and white buffalo plaid makes this room fabulous and sophisticated, but warm and cozy at the same time.

Yellow is a wonderful accompaniment to blue and white buffalo plaid. If you are a fan of French country, then this is your color combo.

Blue and white buffalo plaid certainly has the ability to make a room look "country". The checked drapery is a wonderful choice for this setting!

Blue and white plaid works well alone.......

Charles Faudree

.....or as companion to other patterns like florals and toile.
Charles Faudree's style is always "in style". Here blue and white buffalo plaid fabric is mixed with the more formal red floral toile fabric.

I think blue and white buffalo plaid is a classic that works well in a variety of decorating styles....even beach chic!

source unknown

Blue and white buffalo plaid can make a room look cozy or formal and elegant, depending on what furnishings and accessories you use with it.

It can be a bit fun and unexpected if paired with other modern prints.

Swedish interiors with their rustic charm and white backgrounds can also benefit from the use of blue and white buffalo plaid.

Blue and white buffalo plaid is just the thing to complement all the blue and white transfer ware  in the home of Furlow Gatewood.  Also it looks great with the blue and white gingham sofa. If you too are a collector, your transfer will look fabulous with some of this plaid added in.

Don't forget cottage interiors. This style lends itself well to blue and white buffalo plaid and gingham. This room also includes blue and white toile and transfer ware, the perfect supporting cast to blue and white plaid!

This buffalo plaid goes a long way to warm up a formal dining room.

To me blue and white buffalo plaid is rather classic and a little bit of it can go well with most styles. The gorgeous mural is from Susan Harter.

via pinterest

Navy and white buffalo plaid is a perennial favorite.

There is such a crisp freshness that the navy blue and white buffalo combo brings to a space.

Try a touch of buffalo plaid in the form of a window treatment like in this lovely blue and white bath. Powder rooms and baths are good places to experiment with fabrics you like.

Charles Faudree

Robert Passal

This kitchen is decorated in modern country style and the blue and white buffalo plaid chairs are the perfect touch. See how pretty this combo is with green.

I think it is the scale and graphic nature of the pattern that makes it so appealing.

For those of you who like a bit more formality but crave a dose of casual charm, blue and white buffalo plaid slipcovers are the perfect solution. The best of both worlds!

Perfect for a boys room, blue and white buffalo plaid adds a little fun without looking too juvenile. I love it as a wallcovering.

Lisa Luby Ryan

If darker blue is not your favorite, there are lovely, pale blue buffalo plaid fabrics to choose from. These pillows and draperies add energy to this neutral space in a soft, subdued manner.

Blue and white buffalo in a modern interior. This fabric pattern is very versatile!

This soft blue buffalo plaid fabric is very charming on these antique French chairs. Chairs are a great way to introduce this pattern to your home in a small dose.

This blue and white bedroom is proof of how well buffalo plaid coordinates with other patterns. It also shows how beautiful painted furniture compliments this blue and white print.

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