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Decorating With Grown-Up Twin Beds

The National Association of Home Builders says it expects 60% of new homes to have dual master bedrooms and The National Sleep Foundation's reports show that nearly 1 in 4 American couples are sleeping in separate beds, simply in search of a good night's rest. People seem to be needing a good sleep these days so couples are electing to sleep in separate bedrooms or try to stay together in a room with twin beds. Bedrooms featuring grown-up twin beds are becoming more and more popular. 

Empty nesters are also converting childern's bedrooms into chic guest rooms and grown-up twin beds are a favorite choice for the decor since a pair of twin beds is more convenient for guests who aren’t couples. Couples can always push them together if need be.

Gone are the day when twin bedrooms were thought of as youth rooms only. If you've opened a glossy home decor magazine lately you've probably seen plenty of rooms featuring wonderful bedrooms with chic and elegant grown- up twin beds. 

If a guest room do over is in your future, or you are attempting to save your marriage with separate beds, I hope the images I have gathered will be of assistance to your decision making.

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The guest bedroom can sometimes get the short end of the decorating stick. However, today's guest bedroom, complete with grow-up twin beds, can be an asset to your interiors. These wonderful painted four posters can give your bedroom a touch of old world style.

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Like all the other rooms in your house, the grown-up twin bedroom should be given alot of thought and attention to details. If you like a traditional bedroom, place a night stand between the twins and a couple of antique chairs at the foot. I like the curule seat in the middle! Accessorize with pretty vintage pictures and linens.

Suzanne Rheinstein has created a bedroom with grown-up four poster twins that are curtained but not in a feminine traditional way. These have a sophisticated tailored look.

I love canopies created with coronets and these grown-up twin beds are old world but in a colorful fresh way.

While focusing on function don't forget that you can also add glamour to your grown-up twin bedroom by installing coronets draped in fabulous fabric and hanging beautiful crystal chandeliers.

This homeowner has created a lovely grown-up twin bedroom by mixing pattern and collected accessories for a warm homey feel.

French beds are perfect for creating that grown-up look for your twin bedroom. They bring antique elegance to a transitional style space. Also be creative and come up with an unexpected style of coronet.

If you want your bedroom to look warm and inviting, try decorating the room in English style. Purchase two wonderful antique twin beds and then proceed to add texture and pattern to warm things up. Throw in treasures found at antique and vintage markets and your twin bedroom will look grown-up and charming!

These two pictures are of the same bedroom featuring grown-up painted twin beds and wonderful vintage English accessories. You would go to bed each night feeling as if you were in a bed and breakfast.

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I assume this is a youth twin bedroom because of the size of the chair. I added it because if you take away the chair and silhouettes of the children, you would actually have a lovely grown-up twin bedroom especially because of the chic tufted walls.

When decorating your grown-up twin bedroom, remember that symmetry is important for a room with two beds. See how well balanced this space is.

Perfect for the married couple, this grown up twin bedroom is neither too feminine or masculine, but strikes a balance in between.

A Cathy Kincaid farmhouse interior. Perfect if you want a grown-up vintage style twin bedroom.

If you are a fan of the French home, here is a stunning, soft and elegant, grown-up bedroom featuring French beds.

Toile fabric will always give a room French flair. A great choice for a grown-up twin bedroom whether you saturate the space or show restraint and just use it on the beds.

Pamela Pierce uses magnificent tufted antiques to give this twin bedroom a grown-up feel. The beds you choose makes all the difference!

This twin bedroom also reflects French styling in a simpler, more rustic kind of elegance.

     Inspired by French antique beds, Marshall Watson designed these replicas for a grown-up, old world style twin bedroom.

Keep in mind that when placing the accessories such as lamps, framed artwork, etc. symmetry makes the room look organized and balanced.

Upholstered headboards are popular with homeowners that desire a guest bedroom with a polished, grown-up look.

Inspired by the Sheraton Room at Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. The Cloister Bed is neoclassical in style with twin beds that share a headboard and canopy, creating a grown-up image of grandeur for the adult twin bedroom.

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A more modern version of two beds that share a common headboard. This a such a lovely grown-up twin bedroom for married couples that need separate beds. The grey/cream color combination sets a peaceful stage for sleeping.

Two twin beds, as opposed to one queen bed, could be more versatile since you never know who might be sleeping over. Black leather upholstered head and foot boards and zebra print seating give this twin bedroom a modern grown-up look.

Charlotte Moss designed twin bedroom with Chinoiserie style beds. Use a pair of twin beds covered in the same fabric as the curtains and walls to unify the space.

José Solís Betancourt and Paul Sherrill

If you prefer the exotic grown-up twin bedroom be creative and make canopies similar to these.

Or go for a tropical British Colonial look twin bedroom like this in David Bowie's Caribbean Getaway via Architectural Digest.

There are so many styles to consider, hope this helped a bit!!

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