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Decorating With Sofaless Seating Arrangements

I love sofas! That being said, I do find myself strangely drawn to the alternative seating arrangement that ditches the sofa in order to use four chairs, usually matching, although you can prefer them not to match up.

This style of sofaless seating makes alot of sense and is growing in popularity. I think it's unconventional look keeps homeowners from taking the plunge. I know when people come to my house they seem to prefer sitting in a single chair and usually not more than two people sit on the sofa.

If you are wanting to update your home with little to no effort, you might want to give this sofaless seating arrangement a try. It will give your living room or family room a chic face lift with minimal effort and expense.

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I love debunking those time honored decorating rules and mandatory sofas is definitely a rule that needs to be broken. The sofaless seating arrangement is quite lovely as you can see in this picture.

When the chairs are all the same style and color, the sofaless grouping has cohesion. Placed like this they give the feel of sofas but could be arranged in a different way for a more singular look.

Another example of arranging your sofaless seating with two chairs, side by side, and directly across from each other.

Currently the more popular way of arranging a sofaless seating area is to place the chairs in a more circular fashion with something like a table or ottoman in the center.

To anchor the sofaless seating arrangement and create a comfortable balance that will promote conversation, the ottoman is a functional choice. If you add a tray it will double as a table with easy access for everyone since it is placed in the center. Another plus is that it can provide additional seating if needed.

This sofaless seating arrangement feature two different style chairs but since they are covered in the same fabric they are seen as a unit.

This type of sofaless arrangement could work for any space from modern casual.......

to a bit more formal.

It is easy to see that the purpose for the sofaless seating arrangement is social interaction in a room that doesn't have a TV.

Tobi Fairley

Since most people prefer conversations face-to-face, a seating area like this without a sofa is probably the best conversation arrangement

Plus the arrangement of this sofaless seating area provides a much more intimate space.

Michael Matrka, Inc

When everyone is facing each other there is none of that uncomfortable twisting and turning. I hate leaving someone's house with my neck sore!

I know I hate being the one in the middle of the sofa being twisted on both sides. I much prefer a chair of my own and plenty of elbow room.

Pamela Pierce 

A lovely French style sofaless seating area.

In this sofaless English style living room the chairs are not identical but this works because they are similar in style and scale and have a good mix of patterns.

New England Home

This is the perfect seating area for a room where it seems almost impossible to place a sofa.

You will be surprised how easy it is to create an inviting and functional furniture arrangements without a sofa.

If you try the sofaless seating arrangement in you living room yet sometimes feel the need for a sofa, you can always slide a couple of the chairs together for a loveseat effect.

James A. Grove

Club style chairs are an excellent choice for this sofaless type of seating arrangement. The curved back echos the circular arrangement.

Sofaless seating arrangements are current and chic right now so if you are in the mood to try something new, this unconventional look is worth your consideration.

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