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Decorating With French Provincial White Cane Furniture

A beautiful, elegant yet casual, style emerged as wonderful French Provincial antique furniture merged with French farmhouse furniture from various French provinces. Called Chateau or French Provincial style, this decor is always rustic, old world, welcoming, and features a soft, natural color palette usually with a touch of a stronger color like russet, maroon or cobalt blue to provide the excitement.

 One of the icons of this style of decorating is the feature of this blog post. I am referring to the quaintly distressed French Provincial white cane furniture that seems to add the quiet charm and sophisticated elegance that makes this style of French interior so aesthetically pleasing to many today even though it has been around for a few years. 

If French Chateau style and the look of a pastoral country life is your desired interior, create a connection with the past by adding in a few well placed pieces of white cane furniture for instant authenticity.

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French style furniture has become increasingly popular in the interior design world due to its sophisticated elegance and style. A room that has been decorated with brocante flea market finds and French antique treasures is the perfect stage for French Provincial white cane furniture. Bright and uplifting these pieces will provide a tranquil, relaxed elegance to the atmosphere of your home.

 A chair like this French white cane Louis style side chair will instantly infuse your space with charm and simple elegance........the perfect balance of style and function.

Distressed white cane chairs have the unique ability to look fabulous in both rustic and elegant dining rooms. These French Provincial pieces have a grand appearance that can still provide a demure quality for your room.

The simple lines of French provincial white cane furniture became more popular as people began to enjoy rural, yet cultured, homes in areas like Bordeaux, Brittany, Normandy, and Provence.

It is easy to give your furniture European flair with French Provincial white cane chairs. Chairs are a good place to start if your are thinking about a rural French interior.

The elegant lines and refined details of French Provincial white cane chairs make it easy to enhance your living space with a touch of French sophistication.

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Chateau style decor has a strong sense of elegance and  luxury even though it is rooted in a charming, pastoral lifestyle. Slipcovers can add an air of sophistication to French Provincial white cane chairs.

French Provincial white cane furniture looks best when you choose a neutral palette and add accents of color. A neutral palette does give an air of calm to your house that if curated and decorated well is never boring.

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I use white French cane chairs in this corner of my kitchen.

Photographed by Jean-François Jaussaud

French Provincial white cane furniture is perfect for the chippy, farmhouse look. It's elegance looks right at home with a highly distressed piece like this farm table.

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Provincial furniture is more simple than what usually comes to mind when one thinks of French furniture. While there may be some carving, it won't be ornate. This simplicity of line in what allows white cane French style furniture to cross over into transitional and even more modern interiors.

French people living in the country who ordered the furniture were usually not as wealthy as the elite of Paris. These country people had more practical taste so provincial white cane furniture, while less fashionable, still displayed a genteel elegance with it's simpler decorative flourishes.

Craftsmen in the French provinces created white cane pieces with some formality, but also informal enough to be used in daily family life.

French provincial style originated in the rural chateaus found in French country provinces These were the country houses of rich French nobles during the reign of Louis XIV. Cane furniture was light and airy lending more to a pastoral life that the wealthy desired to retreat to.

Something about white cane furniture makes it look fabulous in weathered interiors.

French Provincial white cane furniture is loved by interior decorators for its simple lines and quiet charm.

Although it appears quaint in appearance, French provincial white cane furniture was durable enough for everyday use. It wasn't just a prized possession for these rural homes. These pieces were made to be functional.

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Axel Vervoordt

I love the graceful curved back on French Provincial white cane chairs. They are so elegant and charming.

Crisp and fresh white painted bed frames will add a light and airy feel to bedrooms. Sometime the white cane furniture is enhanced by gold leaf.

This white cane bed has opulent carving yet maintains a relaxed elegant charm that looks perfectly at home against a weathered wall. This is the true beauty of French Provincial white cane furniture.

With delicately carved edging these white cane pieces provide a splash of opulence and period style to any bedroom.

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French Provincial white cane chairs with their exquisite carving and crisp white exteriors provide a neutral and lustrous finish that compliments a wide range of interior styles and decors.

Decorating with French Provincial white cane furniture is an elegant and feminine style that works wonderfully in period homes as well as shabby chic style decors.

It is possible to buy both antique and modern remakes of French provincial furniture in regular as well as online furniture retail shops specializing in antiques and French furniture.These style choices in original and reproduced French furniture offer an array of painted pieces to suit virtually any decorating scheme and budget allowing you to find the perfect French furniture style to add French flair to any room.

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