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Decorating With Shearling Home Decor

This time of year when the need to hibernate at home kicks in, we tend to look for warm and comfortable fabrics for lining our dens. If this description fits, but you prefer stylish and luxurious interiors, you might consider purchasing a piece or two of the latest trend in upholstered furniture...... shearling.

 I recommend using faux shearling only because I personally couldn't stand knowing a young sheep was killed so I could have a trendy piece of furniture. Real shearling is a skin from a yearling sheep or lamb that has only been sheared once and has been tanned and dressed with the wool left on. It has a suede surface on one side and a clipped fur surface on the other. Shearling can be made from real sheepskin or from synthetic fibers. Again for me personally, faux shearling would work just fine. You have the look without the guilt and there are great faux shearling pieces to choose from.

We have seen shearling on the runways  for a couple of years and of course home interior design often follows haute couture. High Point Market in North Carolina, which runs Oct. 18-23, is referred to as the “fashion week for home furnishings” and is where the newest collections and products in home furnishings are presented. Shearling was all the rage and is currently a hot trend.

I have gathered some images to tempt you a bit, hope you enjoy! In images it is hard to distinguish real fur from faux. The pictures are presented only to show you a decorating trend and how it can work in your space. It is up to you whether you choose real or faux shearling. 

Restoration Hardware

From pillows.....

to throws, to sofas, there are plenty of ways to indulge in some shearling home decor.

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The natural look is key in this “down-to-earth” theme so if you prefer to go faux, make sure you get a piece covered in a quality faux shearling.

Gwynn Griffith

This trend looks good in many different styles of interiors. I love the look of incorporating shearling into unexpected places.

Kelly Wearstler burnished brass asymmetrical columns, upholstered with Shearling.

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Shearling done classic style.

Pinch pleated faux shearling lined throw blanket in gray. Shearling works well with leather and this gray and white combo is especially pretty on the white leather sofa.

The Scandinavians have a special affinity for all things sheepskin and Scandi inspired decor accents are only picking up steam. Using shearling will give you a look that is contemporary and clean but also cozy.

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Scandi-Mod style with an Italian flair.This chair features an exposed brass frame, sculpted arm rests, linen sides and back, and of course a shearling seat for everyday luxury.

A shearling sofa like this helps warm up contemporary interiors that normally have a colder look to begin with. The look of shearling here combines industrial design with artisan craftsmanship.

A shearling-covered daybed rests below an Alexander Calder-inspired weaving in the sitting area of Will Ferrell's Manhattan bedroom.

Great shearling desk chair.

Shearling clad dining room chairs by Jasper.

Shearling Ebony Dining Chair by Tamara Magel.

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This year the shearling chair trend is exploding. It is a great way to make your home look expensive for less......that is if you use faux shearling.

I think these shearling upholstered chairs would look great in many interior styles. I would even use them in an old world setting.

Here you can see shearling chairs lending some texture to a more contemporary style apartment.

If you don't want to commit to large pieces of furniture, shearling pillows tossed about will help you still be a part of the trend. Either side can be used..........woolly or the smooth reverse in windowpane style. Also look for the different colors.

Alyssa Rosenheck Photography

Even classic French bergère chairs look beautiful upholstered in shearling.

Wells Leather and Shearling Swivel Armchair from Pottery Barn

Kelly Wearstler

The Foot Stool is handmade from a seat of luxurious shearling mounted atop solid bronze cast feet.

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This glamorous shearling covered boudoir chair is perfect for the Hollywood Regency style bedroom.

Don't forget about shearling underfoot for softness and visual texture.


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