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The Old World Appeal Of Copper Bathtubs

Changing the bathtub is one of the best ways to give your bathroom a fresh new look or create a different style. Homeowners, tired of the built-in tub, are replacing them with the more elegant style of freestanding tubs. This trend has been building momentum for the last several years and continues to reach new heights of popularity in 2018. It's basically a rule that a luxurious bathroom needs a freestanding tub. Also copper has been huge in home decor for several seasons so it stands to reason that the copper bathtub is leading the field as it's very presence suggests indulgence. Copper bathtubs provide both the wow factor that a luxury bathroom requires and the warmth and old world charm that makes for an elegant space in which to enjoy the extravagance of a long, relaxing soak.

Copper bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes and range from iconic Roman or clawfoot style to ultra modern. I prefer an old world aesthetic so this blog spotlights my passion for antiquity. Also there are many finishes to choose which makes selecting your perfect copper bathtub even a harder decision. 

If you are considering a bathroom makeover, take a long hard look at these copper beauties. And whether your preference is burnished, or rich with patina, I don't think you can go wrong. Other than a slight burning sensation in your wallets, I believe you will be well pleased.

The imposing appearance of a copper bathtub seems to evoke images of a grand bathing experience in an old world setting. Bathtubs began to spread among wealthy households in the late 18th century.

The rich would bathe in copper bathtubs, like this French antique tub, that were rolled into their rooms on casters.

For hundreds of years beautiful copper bathtubs have provided character and an elegant, luxurious aesthetic to bathrooms.

Copper soaking tubs were popular among the 18th-century French aristocracy.

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Even Marie Antoinette had one. This is her copper bathtub at Versailles.

Taking a bath usually meant filling a copper tub with water heated over an open flame. Bathers used bath sheets to protect themselves from the hot metal.

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Woman Leaving Her Bath - Edgar Degas 1886

The copper bathtub is uber-trendy today but actually these lovely tubs are considered classic and have been around for centuries. Degas painted Parisian women bathing in copper baths in the 1800's.

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Another copper bathtub can be seen in the 1884 painting by Gustave Caillebotte called

Man at His Bath Man Drying Himself

These fabulous copper bathtubs have the ability to compliment almost any type of bathroom decor from classic to farmhouse as well as modern. Since copper tubs are available in many shapes and styles, they can easily be installed in almost any size bathroom. This tub has a zinc interior.

Copper is one of the most durable yet malleable and attractive metals, which makes it a prime candidate for use in the manufacturing of bathtubs.

Photo by Simon Upton via

I love the way these copper bathtubs start looking better over time as the finish ages and takes on that deep, rich color. Even though your tub will start out almost pinkish, you can rest assured as the finish ages it will take on that deep, rich tone.

The primary reason why a pure copper bathtub increases in beauty as it ages is because copper has a natural quality known as a ‘living finish.’ This means that it interacts with the environment. The speed your tub will change color and darken depends on how much it is used.

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In addition to looking great, copper bathtubs are healthy. Copper cannot be produced within the body and therefore needs to be added from external sources. When your skin touches the surface of a copper tub, your body absorbs small amounts of copper so every time you bathe the body absorbs some of this very needed mineral.

As homeowners are returning to more elegant and luxurious bathrooms, the stand alone tub has become increasingly popular. Claw foot tubs can be the centerpiece of just about any bathroom design with their elegant looks and character. This copper example is simply gorgeous!!

I have tried and tried to find the source of this image. Please let me know if it is yours!

The rich glow and gleaming surfaces of copper tubs lend a sophisticated air that changes the look of your space, giving it an instant old world feel.

These tubs are perfect when you crave a long, hot, and relaxing bath because the metallic properties of a copper bathtub conduct heat faster and retain heat longer than traditional bathtubs.

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Another fact for the pro side of the copper bathtub is the fact that it is easy to keep clean and sanitary because it is bacteria resistant. Other materials can harbor bacteria up to a month it not properly cleaned and cared for. Bacteria literally cannot live long on the surface of your copper bathtub because studies show that copper surfaces eliminate more than 99% of bacteria known to be human pathogens within just two hours. This applies to tubs with copper interiors.

Designed by french interior designer Frédéric Méchiche via photo by Avant-Gardenist on flickr

Copper bathtubs also come in several interior finishes from zinc to porcelain, stainless to even silver.

As opulent as the copper bathtub can be in more formal bathrooms, it's quite elegance still looks fabulous when used in a rustic European.......

Tubs can have different finishes from a glossy, lacquer-plated tub, to a brushed copper or weathered finish. It all depends on the look you are trying to create in your space.

Here is a copper bateau in a verdigris finish.

Copper tubs may be just the statement piece your bathroom needs. Just remember, there are different components that go into producing any copper product. These components are critical to its quality, appearance, and longevity of your copper bathtub. Just be sure and do your homework before purchasing one for yourself.

Yes, copper bathtubs are expensive, but they are great investments in aesthetics as well as function and durability. With only a minimum amount of care, your pure copper tub could last for decades...... possibly centuries.

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You could even pass them on to future generations as a family these!!

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