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Classically Styled Black And White Bathrooms

Maybe it is the sophistication, maybe it's the contrast. One thing we know for sure is that the classic black and white bathroom never seems to lose it's appeal. The popularity of these elegant bathrooms have endured and as we prepare to head into 2023 there seems to be no sign of that changing.

Black and white are true opposites that pack a powerful punch when wedded together and used in designing interiors. And whether your style runs toward classic or contemporary elegance, the black/white color combination works beautifully as a go-to palette for the bath.

This blog post is directed to those who like an old world classic style bath and are especially enamored with the bold, high contrast refinement of the black/white combination. Hopefully the images below will give you ideas on how you too can create a timeless black and white bath as well as make it uniquely your own.

One of the easiest ways to bring classical style into your black and white bath is via your flooring. The harlequin (or checkerboard) floor is that iconic pattern that’s been used for four millennia so I don't see it going away…ever. A claw foot tub and French chair complete the classic look

РЕНЕ СТОЭЛТИ ......via

Now this is my idea of a stunning old world bathroom. The black and white tile floor sets the overall old world feel and when you add in the French Empire chandelier, grisaille papered walls, and that fabulous bathtub....well you simply have perfection!!

Lovely black and white bathroom from Château de Chantilly. I love the portieres! If you are looking for a creative style that draws the eye and gives your space a grandiose feel, checkerboard marble flooring has retained its sense of luxury enough to bring class and drama to your space.This flooring is so elegant and opulent that it was used in the Queens Staircase in the French palace of Versailles.

John Jacob Interiors

Since the elegant black and white checkerboard pattern has withstood the test of time it is the perfect choice for a classical black and white bathroom.

This lovely bath is not exclusively black and white but still comes across that way. The flooring, beautiful black and white claw foot tub, and old world antique accessories make this a very elegant bath. Visit their blog for more picture of a lovely home!!

This classically styled black and white bathroom is saturated in marble which is trending at present. Add in the geometric 3D flooring and you have a bit of contemporary mix that looks great in a classical bath.

The owners of this predominately white farmhouse style bathroom have still brought in the black and white theme through use of the harlequin floor. I think that even though it is considered old world this flooring works with all decors...... modern, farmhouse, traditional......

and vintage like this great black and white bathroom.

Interior Designer Frédéric Méchiche's apartment in Marais Paris

via Pinterest

In this black and white bathroom a solid black floor really makes the white tub pop and the FRENCH CORNER sliding shower enclosure from DreamLine will make you feel like you are staying in a European hotel.

A freestanding bateau bath sitting majestically in the center of a black and white bathroom oozes high-octane glamour.....minus the cow picture of course.
A glam black and white bathroom with iconic Dorothy Draper appeal.
Nathan Kirkman Photographer, via

There are so many styles of black and white flooring to choose from. This homeowner has used black, white, and gray hexagon tiles to create a classic floor for their bathroom. This geometric shape is currently on trend and offers  endless opportunities for customization. 

Also we're seeing more and more gold fixtures in black and white bathrooms these days.

This personality packed black and white bathroom definitely exudes the "Oh la la" factor. Bold geometric flooring is right on trend as is the stylish free standing tub and the sculptural chandelier. Put all this against the old world boiserie and that fabulous mirror and you don't have a bathroom, you have a bathing experience.

Steven Harris

Loving the bold flooring in this black/white combination bathroom.

A great mix of classical and modern is demonstrated in this stylish black and white bathroom.

Great use of mermaid scale tiles in this black and white bathroom. They definitely give direction and make you feel like you are floating downstream.

Gone are the days of bathroom flooring just blending into the background!! Try building your black and white bathroom around a vintage claw foot tub you have found and painted black. 

To make a classic black and white bathroom your own, add pattern for extra visual appeal. Just be careful. This is a look that can go south on you real fast!

Elegant and classically styled black and white bathroom. The claw tub and modern traditional sink station bring the old world charm. Even the geometric rug has the feel reminiscent of a classic harlequin floor. The modern lighting and accessories update the look.

Interior designers love black and white because it is such a winning combination. Used in a bath it never fails to elevate the overall aesthetics of the room. Sleek and sophisticated, but with an appeal that is timeless. Try adding unusual focal points, such as a feature wall.

Another way to show personal style in your black and white bathroom is through the lighting. Be sure the lighting is good as one of the main bathroom design offenders is inadequate lighting. There's nothing worse than a poorly lit bathroom!

SuzAnn Kletzien via

If you are going in the direction of black walls and ceilings in your black/white bath, consider white wainscoting and/or decorative molding. These features will soften the look for you.

Or just dive into the black paint pool wholeheartedly. Your white sink and toilet will really look crisp and clean. Don’t forget to add framed art or other decorative objects as the finishing touches!

A black tub on a background of white subway tiles. The black grout makes these white tiles almost seem to pop off the wall.  Also they give this vintage black and white bathroom  a modern twist and help a small bathroom really come alive.

Remember you can add the classic combination of black and white to your bath with wallpaper and fabric. Toile is a good choice for a rustic French farmhouse look.

Striped wallpaper is such a classical look it will be perfect for a timeless black and white bathroom.

Black and white is such a stark contrast, there is no need to try and make a statement in any other way. However, if you like black and white bathrooms but monochromatic is not your thing, by all means have fun and add a pop of color.

A black and white bathroom is a classic style choice, but it is easy to stamp your own personality onto it and make it something uniquely yours.

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