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Decorating With The Color Raspberry

Raspberry is a gorgeous and trendy color, that is a bit more chic and sophisticated than most shades of pink, making it a popular choice for updating interiors in everything from traditional to modern homes. A grown-up shade of pink, raspberry is more on the red side and decorating with raspberry will give your interiors energy and playfulness without making them too ultra feminine or sickeningly sweet. 

While gathering images for you I was surprised to see that people are referring to ever shade of pink on the planet as raspberry. I have see everything from burgundy to neon pink. The reason I have added several pictures of raspberries in the body of the blog is to keep your eyes focused on what color raspberry actually is.

Those of you who follow me know I am partial to old world interiors so you will see the old and the new all done up in the color raspberry. These interiors are simply DELICIOUS and decorating with the color raspberry will show the world you have GREAT TASTE!

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The color raspberry is like the yummy fruit itself..... a bit sweet, a bit tart, sort of a rich, edgy reddish pink.

Beautiful raspberry damask window treatments and wallcoverings in a fabulous former French residence turned museum. They were not afraid to use color in the 18th century. Pair it with a rich cream for a luscious look.

Le salon de Mercure, Palace of Versailles

This image shows how gold and gray make pretty companions for raspberry walls.

Raspberry is a stunning color choice for sofas that will make them look elegant and rich.

This raspberry and gold window treatments is soooo beautiful.

A lighter shade of raspberry silk moiré in the queen's bedroom at the Chinese Pavillion at Drottningholm Palace. Look at how pretty these rich shades of blue and green work with the raspberry.

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Even in nature raspberry is at it's best accompanied by gold, or in this case brass. And the green stems for accent!!

Crystal sconce and raspberry shades.......perfect for when you need a bit of this color to accent with.

Or maybe a raspberry colored throw tossed on your bed.

This window treatment uses a deeper shade of raspberry for a warm elegant look.

photographer Francesco Lagnese

This lovely traditional interior by designer Miles Redd
is so stylish in raspberry lacquered walls. The gold accent trim provides a touch of opulence.

Green, yellow, and raspberry is a beautiful color palette. Don't forget that you can create a portiere for a doorless entrance to a room. Another way you can incorporate a bit of raspberry to your room.

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Raspberry and lemon of nature's color combinations.

I love this colorful and fun dining room. Raspberry looks so good with dark colors like black, gray, and even navy. The touch of yellow in the painting adds so much!!

And of course there is chartreuse, raspberry loves it!! In a room with this much chartreuse you want the raspberry to accent in small doses.

What can I say....mouthwatering perfection. Raspberry velvet is so rich in it's depth and texture.

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The walls are striped in two shades of raspberry. To make this space even more stunning, raspberry pillows have been tossed on a cream painted French cane settee. 

If you don't want your room to look like the inside of a raspberry smoothie, try adding just a few pops of this color to pump up the playfulness of a room.

French Basketeer

Better Homes and Gardens

Since raspberry is little more subtle than hot pink, it blends better with warm colors.

Cream on cream is a pretty background for raspberry. Add in some soft blue for a pretty feminine farmhouse look.

The bath is a good place to play around with the color raspberry just to see if you like it.

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And why not have a raspberry colored kitchen!

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If you long for a pink bedroom but can't get the husband to go along with girly pinks, try raspberry....... he might go for it's richer tones.

Raspberry is a bold color but the look can be softened by painting walls in a variety of creams from light antique cream to a pale shade of yellow.

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The color raspberry is also showing up more and more in painted furniture. Isn't this stunning against a gray wall?

Try blending calming, classic neutrals with raspberry pink .....especially when it is presented in an exciting geometric design like on this traditional sofa.

This modern traditional dining room by designer Peter Marino was updated with raspberry walls. Deeper shades of raspberry create very sophisticated spaces.

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Darker rooms also need colors that are more saturated, since there's less light available. Raspberry shines as an accent color for these darker rooms. Black, gray, and raspberry is a color combination that gives your room an Art Deco feel.

The color raspberry is versatile and can be used to accompany neutral color tones as well as bold and bright choices. Try a raspberry painted floor.

Miles Redd

Raspberry saturation, but done in such a nice way.

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You might even try making a entrance with Benjamin Moore's Raspberry Glaze.

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