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Dining Room Libraries.....Beautiful And Functional Spaces

I like individual rooms for individual purposes. That's why my house is over 100 years old so I can have rooms separated by walls. That being said, I will admit that I get why multifunctional living spaces are the status quo. I may be a dinosaur..... but I get it. We live in an age where space comes at a premium and creating multifunctional rooms is a huge trend. These days it is important to find creative ways to share space that will make your home more efficient. 

I have to admit that there is one "double duty"space I really do like and that's the topic of this blog post. The Dining Room Library. I think this combination works really well and can be quite lovely.

Many of us would like to have a library but very few homes provide the space. Some homeowners use their living rooms as a library but the Dining Room Library could be the perfect solution. They have been around for a few years but have just recently piqued my attention so I decide to create a post about them.

I have gathered some images for you to enjoy while we look at pros of having your dining room in your library......or library in your dining room.. Either way, you get the picture.

I happen to think this is a gorgeous space. Something about the marriage of these two rooms just works for me. Maybe it is because tables just look at home in a library. Dining room libraries are lovely to look at plus they are extremely practical.

When we have a dinner party the guests tend to sit around the dining room table and talk. I can see how being surrounded by walls of books could make it even more comfortable.

via Pinterest

I suppose a library in the dining room would be conducive for intelligent conversations.

Alot of space can go to waste in a dining room, but with library bookshelves this room becomes interesting and super functional.

Why not have a multi-purpose space that you’ll use every day!

Dining rooms doubling as libraries bring a warm coziness to the traditional formal dining room.

Depending on the books you choose, library walls can be a colorful and dramatic backdrop for your dining room.

I like the way a library wall of book shelves brings texture and dimension to the dining room.

You can even treat library shelves as your dining room walls and use them for displays of artwork, 

Charles Faudree


and other treasures that resemble the Victorian cabinets of curiosities. Here is a cozy dining room library that just oozes English charm.

Library walls just have a way of elevating the design of the dining room.

Libraries have the tendency to look strictly utilitarian so incorporating a dining room into the mix helps soften the look and makes the library more charming.

via Pinterest

Bohemian style Library/Dining Room of LouLou de la Falaise.

Remember your dining room library space doesn't have to be massive. 

A small dining room surrounded by books is just as lovely.

The dining room library can create a chic backdrop for intimate gatherings as well as turn the space into the perfect cozy reading room.

A great country farmhouse style dining room library. Loving the mismatched chairs and wonderful old table.

If you are not a "neutral interior" homeowner, a library full of books can create a rainbow-like backdrop. Add in some colorful dining room accessories and you are good to go.

shelfjoy on

The next few images will show you another reason dining room libraries just make sense. Every library needs a table to read at or work on. Now we see how functional these rooms can be.

When you aren't having dinner or entertaining let the library side take over.

The above dining room library is an example of how this combination is the perfect collaboration. What is a lovely room for dining.....

becomes an equally attractive library for reading or working, almost serving as an office.

What a gorgeous space to eat or read in.

If you are considering a dining room re-do and have always wanted your own library, you might give some serious thought to this chic and stylish combination.

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