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Decorate With Colorful Wicker Furniture

With the ice, snow, and cold temps behind us it is finally time to welcome the warm weather. One way to do that is by outfitting your porch, patio, or poolside with cozy, colorful, all-weather or antique wicker.

Wicker and rattan are both enjoying a comeback and in addition to monochrome garden furniture, in 2021 you will also see more and more colorful furniture in gardens and on balconies. There are several ways to enjoy the trend. For some there are the "naturals" but other like you might like a blast of color to help you forget the hard winter, floods, and regulations that have kept us extra depressed over the winter. That is why this particular blog post features colorful and uplifting painted wicker.

Remember this colorful wicker has not been seen on Grandma's porch. Although white wicker will always be my favorite, there is a special need for color and fun at present. So I say bring the drama with some exciting and bright wicker finishes this season. I hope you enjoy the images I have gathered to help you decide the summer color for you!!

Wicker and rattan are both enjoying a comeback in the design world for both indoors and out. You can find both vintage and modern pieces, either of which would easily fit into your home. The hottest home design trends for richer color palettes and brighter design are predicted to make a splash in the coming year. Colorful wicker will be a great addition to your outdoors.


Color and pattern will be strong in 2021 on all fronts. People are gravitating towards more dramatic and lively palettes at home and also patios and porches. Bright colorful wicker is the ticket to giving your outdoors some pizzazz.

After all garden furniture should not blend into the general landscape but should stand out. You can either purchase some of the modern wicker in bright colors or paint your old wicker in some of the pretty shades out there today. Either way, make it colorful!


Such a wide range of beautiful colors makes decorating more fun but to some it makes it even more challenging. Of course the color you choose for your wicker furniture will be a matter of your personal taste, however a basic guide may be helpful in choosing colors that set the tone of your outdoor d├ęcor.

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Bold, colorful wicker will obviously have the most impact on a space so show some restraint as caution is required for placement as well as adding in complementary colors. If you don't have a natural eye use a color wheel to find you best color combo.

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Dressing up any outdoor space involves attention to every detail from color to style choice. Your choice to paint your wicker in bright or subdued colors is up to you.......just make sure the color enhances and does not distract from the overall look of your home and gardens.

Not saying that painting colorful wicker is fun.....just rewarding!!

Choosing light shades of yellow for your wicker will provide a cheerful country look.

Where years ago color was only used as decoration, entire sets of wicker are now the focus of color.

If painting by brush does not appeal, spray paint is an other alternative to create colorful wicker.

Thoughts of summer come to mind with choices in green apple.
Wicker painted in this color becomes crisp when paired with stark white antique linens. Use sleek, white and minimal cushions for a crisp but more updated look.

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Chartreuse green with its bold yellow overtones is a popular new color for wicker and is fun to use alone or when mixing and matching with other colors. Wicker painted this shade of green will definitely stand out on single pieces and even more so with an entire furniture grouping.

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Deeper green is a good color choice especially if you have a large space and lots of wicker furniture. This color coordinates well with most other colors.

While bold and bright colors may be less than tranquil, stirring up a little more energy and excitement with colorful wicker may be just what a  covered porch needs this year. 

Sage green is a wonderful color for painting wicker because it is so easy to add accent colors to.
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Wicker tables and chairs, sun loungers and even swings get the colorful treatment this year.

Orange conveys energy and enthusiasm. Painting wicker orange will guarantee an exciting and colorful sun room, porch, or patio.

We are seeing colorful painted wicker in some vintage as well as modern spaces and it looks fresh in both. Since orange is a mixture of red and yellow it is intense yet is calmed down by the happiness of yellow.

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Color is the anchor that brings a room together. No matter what you choose to paint your wicker just remember to coordinate your accessories to the color. Don't overdo it or the look will go south on you.

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If brights are not for you, create colorful wicker in subdued shades of your favorite color. Here burnt orange adds color that still has an earthy feel to it.

Also you can paint wicker furniture in new rich colors with increased resistance to fading in the sun.

Colorful wicker in soft blue will work well in a modern country setting.

Natural wicker has been, and still is, popular for homeowners. However, those who love color on their wicker furniture can look forward to their outdoor area becoming a new trend.

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Wicker painted in blue hues is a wonderful choice for coastal settings.

Navy blue wicker is colorful yet will add a touch of sophistication to any front porch.

And who can resist blue wicker and white porches for a crisp country setting.

Many people even choose to paint wicker with a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer gives the most consistent smooth overall finish by far, can be used with a wide variety of paints and is the fastest for large projects. There are tutorials out these to show you how.

Wicker painted in aqua hues evokes a peaceful beach scene and colorful outdoor entertainment areas.......

.....and makes it especially inviting for sun rooms.

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Gray is a good neutral accent for colorful wicker. Here it gives aqua and turquoise painted wicker a more contemporary look.

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Coral is another fun color for painting wicker if you are looking to refresh,  add cheerfulness, and make your porch or patio colorful this summer.

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Wicker painted this color will make the drabbest days seem more upbeat and the sunny days simply exhilarating.

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And who doesn't love colorful red painted wicker!

While I personally am partial to small amounts of colorful red wicker per setting, many designers "go big or go home" when it comes to shades of red.  This shade is more or a watermelon than it is all out fire engine red. Makes it easier to work with.

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One very popular choice for painting wicker furniture is deep antique red. This is one color that may be difficult to overdo in painted wicker chairs, loveseats, and sofas if you provide a rich background and natural complements like wood floors and other naturally finished rustic accessories.

There is nothing like the carefree and happy feeling of being back on grandma's wicker covered porch.  And today's perilous times are driving us to recreate that cozy safe feeling in our own homes. But the same wicker can today be painted in a different colorful way....... with a bit more pizazz!

Black is always dramatic for wicker furniture and will appease most all tastes from traditional, to eclectic and modern tastes. Reds look wonderful as accenting colors because of their dramatic flair. This combo also mixes well with shades of gray so a gray porch will set it all off. Even though the wicker is black the look is still colorful.

Black paint has a way of turning wicker furniture into stronger statement pieces.

And don't forget the colorful pastels!

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Maybe you don't want a whole porch full of colorful wicker. A wicker side table in a soft pastel color with pillows and accessories in these shades would be lovely.

Another good idea for using colorful painted wicker is the mismatched chair style. Just choose your colors wisely!! Here the bright colors are muddied down a bit for a more subdued look.

I personally think the colorful but subtle palette works better with the mismatched wicker chair look. Buttery yellows, faded blues, soft olive greens and warm aquas are among the popular pastel choices available in wicker furnishings.

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Even two tone mismatched wicker seating is pretty if you use the right color combination.

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Whatever color and style you choose, just sit back and enjoy the warmth of colorful wicker this season!!

This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

In the event that I have not credited the correct source of an image, please contact me at and I would be glad to correct it.

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