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Landscape With Old World Style Garden Benches

Why is a bench such a welcomed feature in a garden? A garden can be a personal sanctuary and the garden bench provides a comfortable place for resting and admiring the results of your "green thumb".

 Garden benches can be focal points themselves or welcoming places where guests can stop and take in the beauty of your lush flowers. They also offer a nice view of other garden elements such as fountains and decorative objects.
Offering a bench beckons a visitor to come in, take their time, and enjoy seeing what you have created. 

There are many styles to choose from. The important part is choosing a design that fits the style and the d├ęcor of your garden. Hopefully this blog post will help you decide on a style for your bench as well as a location you might consider placing it. Some other tips and advice are also included. Enjoy!!

Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

A garden bench is a finishing touch that completes a landscape. Benches help define spaces in a garden and, when chosen correctly, complement its style.

You can spend long hours planning and manifesting the garden of you dreams yet if you have nowhere to sit and enjoy its beauty and admire all your hard work, you are definitely missing out.

Authentic Provence

Benches have always been an important part of the garden. In 17th century France garden designs became fashionable. Topiaries and colorful flower beds attracted people to return to the pleasures of spending time relaxing in the garden, playing musical instruments, and even  games. Bringing large, heavy and expensive furniture in and out of the house was  impractical so it wasn’t long before the first garden bench appeared.

Since stone columns, urns, statues, and water features were popular elements for French gardens the bench du jour was also made of stone. Iron and wood soon followed. Every monarch wanted to have the best and most glorious garden and was ready to spend large sums of money to accomplish it. Therefore, as was the French style, stone garden benches would be quite beautiful.

Meanwhile in England, the focus was on unity with nature. Natural parks and gardens were the most popular and wood was the choice material for park and garden benches. This image is from the Blenheim Palace Gardens.

via Pinterest

Wood is especially popular for garden benches, largely because it is a natural product and always looks right in a natural or more informal garden setting.

Aiken House & Gardens

A wooden garden bench always stays cool to the touch when the sun is hot, unlike metal or stone which can get burning hot. Even painted they seem to blend beautifully into a garden.

via Pinterest

If you are short on room in your garden try placing your garden bench within a flower bed. It will seem to  be part of the garden, growing in the midst of the plants that surround it.

To save space a bench could be tucked right into a flower bed somewhere along the garden path so you can savor the fragrance of the flowers. The gentle curve of the back helps the bench blend in smoothly with it's natural surroundings.

The iconic Lutyens Bench was inspired by the British architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens and is the ultimate sophisticated choice for a variety of outdoor spaces. It's appealing design became the standard bearer for garden seating.

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Considered a pioneer of garden benches, the Lutyens bench is meant to resemble the elegance of a Victorian country home and was designed to grace the lawns and gardens of royalty. Be sure to place your garden bench near a source of fragrance. This bench  will certainly provide a spot to enjoy the perfume of those overhanging roses.

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 You might consider placing a bench halfway into your garden, to entice you in just far enough find a moments relaxation away from all household chores and problems.

A bench could even be a place to rest at the end of a walk through the garden.

Here two small painted Lutyens benches act like a pair of sofas facing each other in the courtyard.

Another recognizable garden bench is the traditional Chinese Chippendale style with it's lattice motif. Most are made of teak, which is a tropical tree that is perfect for garden benches as it can last up to 50 years even if it exposed to elements.

There are many garden bench designs that fall into the Chinese Chippendale style. 

Designer Carolyne Roehm via Architectural Digest

Another set of lovely and interesting white painted garden benches, this time with Chinese inspiration. The pair is perfect for this symmetrical garden space.

Fretwork comes in many styles. These benches have been left natural.

White is a perennial favorite color for Chinese Chippendale garden benches.

A colorful take on a classic style is nice as well.

Designed by gardening enthusiast, Bettie Bearden Pardee, for her own Newport garden, the painted Parterre Bench is stunning in this all green garden setting.
via Pinteret

Headboard benches are a popular DIY project. It is easy to find old beds at yard sales and flea/antique markets. There will be tutorials on line to show you how!

Another DIY garden bench can be made with picket fencing.

This one has been made from two old lyre back chairs!

via Pinterest

Rosalind Creasy via Pinterest

A brightly painted deacon's bench looks lovely in a garden.

And of course not enough can be said about the humble park bench style garden seating. They are  sturdy, stylish, and a great place to drink your morning coffee and listened to the birds while you plan your day.

via Pinterest

Metal or wrought iron is a great choice if you are looking for something decorative and functional.

Antique iron garden benches are shaped into delicate and elaborate patterns. The process was tedious and expensive, but the results were beautiful. Not surprisingly, these antiques remain in high demand even today.

Jacqui Hurst via Pinterest

If you like a more simple and patinated iron bench you are in good company. These old benches are charming and quaint and gardeners everywhere adore them.

Since the old fashioned iron style is popular there are many designs and colors to choose from in today's market.

Todays iron benches are manufactured so they can be affordable. 

The old world romantic faux bois garden bench with it's elaborately twisted vines is still favored by gardeners everywhere. It fits so well into a natural setting.

Christopher Fairweather

An antique stone or modern cast stone garden bench will always provide a timeless addition to your lawn, garden, or terrace. 

Cast stone garden benches will last far longer than plastic or wooden furniture and the carved ones add a touch of old world refinement.

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They can also be rustic.......

or quaint and picturesque.

Ron Herman Landscape

There are so many wonderful styles of benches to choose from. Just make sure your choice works with the overall look of your gardens.

The garden bench can also introduce an element of art and architecture into your landscape.

Remember that your bench will be a more comfortable resting spot if you give it some shade.

Some gardeners enjoy a secluded spot for their benches. An arbor provides a reasonable amount of cover.

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Try adding a vine for even more seasonal protection. This is a lovely, elegant bench that works natural or would be stunning in a color.

via Pinterest

I told you there was lots to choose from!!

Vanessa Goodrich, photographer

Choosing the correct piece of garden furniture can not only provide you with an eye catching focal point, but it can also help you enjoy your garden even more.

You may be such a busy and passionate landscaper that you find little time to actually sit on your garden bench for very long.  

Just knowing it is there, reserved especially for you, will heighten the enjoyment and connection to your garden.

This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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