Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Decorating With Trunks and Luggage

Trunks were once a necessity for travelers but quickly faded when less expensive and easier to move luggage made its appearance. Since then trunks have become a great interior decorating accessory. If you've got a trunk or other vintage luggage that you are looking to add to your home, then consider using one of the following decorating ideas.

The perfect coffee table for a eclectic room.

This is a great vignette. The luggage is  pretty and can be quite functional for storage.

Make an interesting end table from lovely vintage trunks. 

They are fun to use on your porches, decks, and other garden areas. Cream suitcases have a French look. I am looking for a few of this color right now for myself.

Using vintage suitcases to replace the drawers of a chest makes for whimsy and interest.

A piece of luggage can make a cute picnic basket or a care package for a sick friend.

Trunks provide a great accent for this elegant bedroom.

Storing clothes, books, and other smaller items is what makes trunks fun and functional.There are many storage trunks and luggage designs that can fit into almost any decor.

This homeowner has found a nice way to display their collection of vintage luggage.

Quite unique chest of drawers, don't you think?  What a clever idea for a mini library! Old steamers can be found at antique malls, yard sales, and maybe even thrift stores.

Luggage.....the perfect foundation for a pretty vignette.

Clever shelving! I found a site that shows how to make the shelves. Go to Red Hen Home blog  and click on the post called Making an Entrance. 

Vintage red, white, and blue.                     Cute magazine rack.                       New colorful luggage.

This is a very creative way to make a console.

These antique trunks are in wonderful condition and look great in this bedroom.

Whimsical tables. These would be a great DIY project and you could make them as elegant or casual as your taste dictates.

This small suitcase is very cleverly used as a medicine cabinet. I love the color of these pieces of antique luggage. Can't you see these in a English room.

So go yard sale crazy, thrift shop mad, and flea market frenzied, and find the perfect vintage baggage for your interiors.


  1. Wow, I have never seen luggage used like that before, thanks for sharing! I have been meaning to add a little decorative flavor for my house but I haven't had that many good ideas. I guess I will have to keep brainstorming a bit.

  2. I really like all the different ways antique trunks were used in decorating your home. When I was really little my mom used to have a couple trunks that she inherited from my grandmother. Since then she has given them away and it makes me really bummed because now I wish that I had them and would love to use them in my home. http://hmsantiquetrunks.com


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