Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gather Leaves, Nuts, And Acorns For Fall Decorating Projects

Who doesn't enjoy taking a hike on a beautiful fall day when the colors are at their peak? This year make sure you take a basket or bag and stop along the way to pick up some of the lovely natural elements to use in a fall decorating project. Enjoy the images below, get some ideas, and then............

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  1. DEAR LISA! I happened to scroll down to your blog on my list, that STILL has your train post from WEEKS AGO....and here, sure enough, you have a new post but it still does not show up on my roll! ARGH!

    What a lovely hike you have here my dear! IT SNOWED here today but it did not stick....we are gearing up for the real cold weather now!

    Have a lovely evening, Anita


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