Friday, April 20, 2012

Architectural Elements Add Old World Charm To Your Home Decor

A great way to bring sophisticated charm to your interiors is through the use of architectural elements.

Some people only think of crown moldings and wainscoting, however there are many beautiful and unusual alternatives. They bring unique beauty to your interiors and exterior entertainment areas. I love to look for them at salvage places, antique stores, and flea and collectible markets. Depending on where you search, you can sometimes get lucky and find a great bargain!!

Below are some fabulous looks using vintage elements.

Columns are a very popular salvage element and are quite easy to find.

Add an element over your bed for instant elegance!

An absolutely gorgeous element behind this bed.

Old window make a wonderful backdrop for this outside entertainment area!

Use a mantle outside!

I love old shutters as backgrounds inside and out!


Vintage doors can be used in a number of ways.

Great idea above this shower.
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