Saturday, April 21, 2012

Decorate Your Home With Pretty Vintage Linens

Nothing says charming quite like vintage linens.  Displayed in a beautiful  piece of furniture like an armoire or in large vintage baskets or trunks, your room will immediately have a charming French chic ambiance!
Let these fabulous treasures of the past become a part of your interior design.

Everybody loves vintage quilts

 Lovely colorful vintage linens. 

White linen covering on a table in an old farmhouse in France.

Wonderful in baskets or old wooden boxes!

Now go to the antique stores and flea markets and find something pretty to display them in! Or if vintage is not your thing, buy any pretty armoire. Just open the doors and show your beautiful linens!

This would be a beautiful display cabinet for your linens.

Pretty colorful linens.
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