Friday, May 18, 2012


I am absolutely in love with Boho Gypsy Chic. Maybe it is being a child of the 60's that stirs something inside. Whatever it is, I love the gypsy, hippie eclecticism of it. I would like to have a personal retreat decorated in Gypsy to do my needlepoint and cross stitching in. It is a fun style and even though it has been around awhile it is even more trendy now as you are seeing more and more Boho fashion and jewelery in all the stores. Gypsy decorating generally includes bohemian, Moroccan, Indian, hippie, vintage or beatnik influence, or some combination of the above. It creates an eccentric atmosphere, but keeps things rich and warm at the same time. Create your own gypsy hideaway with unique items that are ornate, funky and colorful. I am looking for a client that wants to re-invent, redecorate, and release her inner gypsy!!

I simply love this room! My gypsy spirit jumped at the sight of it!

Boho Chic accessories.

Boho style is all about beautiful fabrics!

Beautiful patterns, fabrics and colors together with antique furniture and accessories make this a stunning room. Remember this style is not "matchy, matchy" so layer different patterns from the rugs up! Also there is the ever present crystal chandelier!

Walls painted white are a beautiful background for the vibrant colors and textiles that define Boho Chic.

Multiple types of fabric and pattern is what brings this gypsy bedroom to life.

This dining room by Timothy Corrigan uses a Moroccan style wallpaper coordinated with lime green. Add in the vintage chairs upholstered in gorgeous patterned velvet colors, and you have Boho Chic.  The mirrored table reflects the whole scene and makes it even more dynamic.

Remember to combine interesting colorful patterns of fabric and wallpaper treatments. Paint your walls rich jewel tone colors. Crystal chandeliers are a must and can even be found in colors!

Walls painted bright yellow and the dark blue ceiling treatment are perfect for the Boho vibe of this bedroom. Add the lush patterned canopy treatment and colorful light fixture and this is a perfect retreat.

This wall painted in deep rose, vintage mirror, and lush fabric of the canopy treatment make this bedroom fit for a gypsy queen!

Here the patterned wallpaper is perfect background for a jewel tone vintage coverlet.

A colorful patchwork bed treatment, bright, multi-patterned chairs, and old vintage doors made into a screen and painted jewel tone colors all are good choices

If you want just a touch of gypsy chic you can have as little as you like. Here simply upholstering a couch in bright patchwork fabric does the trick.

Your outside entertainment areas are beautiful decorated in this style. Use bright paint colors and textiles in the form of pillows and tablecloths to give the your exterior that Boho flavor.

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