Monday, May 7, 2012

Decorating With Vintage and Antique Mirrors

Add a little Old-World refinement to your surroundings with a mirror that wears it’s patina proudly.

Vanity aside, antique mirrors are a great way to add charm to you home. The gilt of beautiful frames immediately creates an elegance that can’t be reproduced by any other wall accessory. Whether they acquire their distinctive mottled finish through age or artful distressing, antiqued mirrors offer a sense of history and worldly sophistication. The scale and shape of a large antique mirror calls to mind a grand European salon.

If your taste is more towards contemporary décor, there are plenty of large and unique mirrors for you to use as well. No matter the style you choose make mirrors a part of your interior decorating plan.

We all know how a mirror makes a space look larger, more open, and adds dimension. Mirrors offer an inexpensive way to give the illusion of space. Place them on a wall opposite of a window wall and see how the view is multiplied times ten throughout the rest of the space.

Mirrors placed in a foyer or entryway is a welcomed sight for guests. They reflect light and open up a dark entry and give a place for guests to ‘check’ themselves while entering your home. In a larger foyer, place small table, flower arrangement, lamp and mirror on the wall to expand the living area into this welcomed space.

Below you will find more ways to benefit from using mirrors in you interior design.

I simply adore large antique mirrors and use them wherever I can!

 Use mirrors to enhance a focal point of your room.  This is a LFD project where I used the mirror to enhance the sofa area of the living room.
In most homes the fireplace is already the focal point of the room in which it resides.  In these two LFD projects, I added more emphasis to the fireplace by placing a beautifully framed mirrors above the mantels. This will enlarge the room, and add a reflective surface to the décor you place on the mantle. From candle sticks to seasonal décor, a fireplace begs for a gorgeous mirror to adorn it. 

Large mirrors as focal points. Mirrors that sit on the floor, and are seven feet tall, are a beautiful way to add emphasis to an empty corner of a bedroom.

See how this beautiful mirror brightens this hallway.

Use them as the headboard treatment of your bed. They are beautiful to display decorative accessories on. The reflection  really enhances you treasures. 

This crazy mirrored furniture trend has me swooning.  I think it is absolutely beautiful.  I mean, I really love the Old Hollywood Glam vibe it sends out. It is expensive however. I am considering mirroring a small table myself. I have a glass company I work with and hope they will help me cut various sizes of mirrors. It’s a project in the planning stage!

1. Circular mirrors can look very geometric and modern, depending on how they're displayed. Here, circular mirrors of the same style — just in different sizes — are spaced out across an entire wall. The effect is dramatic, bold and modern. 2. Also be creative and different! 3.Fragmentation. This method is based on arranging mirrors in certain order near each other. I think this third picture is unique and lovely.

Make walls interesting...go against scale. Most people would put a smaller mirror over this chest but see how spectacular this over-sized one is here.

Another grouping of mirrors that makes a stunning reflective stairway wall.

      Here is a lovely vintage mirror.

 This Modern Traditional space captures a vintage rustic feel. Everything seems to layer together so well — the gray walls and the large gray-framed mirrors behind the table definitely create a dramatic backdrop in this dining room.

There are so many styles of mirrors to choose from. I love painted mirrors, especially for Vintage and French Country decor.

Chinoiserie mirrors are perennial favorites.

Like I said there are many different styles. Just have fun selecting the right one ....two....or three for you!
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