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Decorate Your Home In English Style

English style decor is collected over time and can feel casual or formal. The decision to bring English cottage or manor house charm to your home will result in it's always feeling warm and inviting. If you love floral chintz fabrics, patterned wallpapers, colorful rugs, and traditional furniture and window treatments, then this post will be a a feast for your eyes!

 English style decor is the mixture of old, worn, highly valuable, or not valuable but highly functional. It is a mixture that always looks as though it was put together over generations.

 Maybe one of the greatest influences on English country style has been the weather in Britain. To counter the chill, the interior must be warm, snug and informal. It's no surprise, consequently, that in the English country style, the emphasis is on comfort. Combining the classic elements of English country decor are part of the beautiful tradition that creates a timeless, warm interior that you will enjoy for years to come.

Please listen to the music of English composer Edward Elgar. It will enhance your tour.

Large or small, English homes always have a certain charm about them.

The abundance of roses and other flowers in a typical English garden accounts for the use of floral chintz fabrics inside an English home.

Mark Hampton

Use drapes for the windows, not blinds. Curtains are employed, normally corresponding to the wall paper. Just as you will not see empty walls in an English country home, you will not find blinds either. If privacy is a problem use shades, not blinds.

Howard Castle in Yorkshire.

English bedrooms many times use the same pattern throughout the entire room.

There are usually books in English homes. Notice them as you look at the images. I wasn't aware of it myself until I previewed the post.

Needlepoint spaniel pillow and Staffordshire figurines like the one made into a lamp, are perennials favorites of English rooms.

Of course the Queen Anne chair is an English staple.

Ralph Lauren's English Country

Dressmakers details like the fringe on these chairs are a big part of English style. For a quick face life use fabric adhesive and attach some to your chairs.

Nancy Lancaster's bedroom at Mayfair.

Many times English art is displayed  in stacked order.

Equine art is a big part of the style.

English interiors are seldom without chintz.

Paneled wall are also a big design element in the English home.

The style encompasses a stately manor home look and casual cottage atmosphere.

Needlepoint items such as pillows, bell pulls, chair seats, footstools are a must for English decorating.

Very pattern layered room. If done right all these patterns work to form a cohesive look.

From Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill’s new book “The Life of the House: How Rooms Evolve”

Needlepoint chairs, leaded glass windows, and High Tea. What could be more English?

Beautiful English manor

The English Country House look is best achieved by layers of textures and furniture from different periods.

You have probably noticed that almost all the rooms in this post have oriental or other patterned rugs on the floors. Most English floors will be treated in the manner.

English country style is all about the eclectic mix of traditional pieces, fabrics, colors, and accessories.

While it is not bound by a particular period of furniture or set of colors, English country style takes a bit of finesse to avoid looking haphazard.

This is a closer view of part of the room below which is Nancy Lancaster's famous yellow room in Mayfair. If every piece is perfect the room becomes a museum and lifeless," Nancy Lancaster once explained when asked her secret to melding fine gilt and humble country

This cozy style is tidy, but can easily become cluttered. Grouping like items can prevent this.


English country style suggests a sense of timelessness.

Hall at Wightwick

Stained and leaded glass are popular window treatments in English manor houses.

Because of the collectibles, English rooms are always entertaining.

You will usually see fresh flowers and pretty porcelain in English style interiors.

Artwork is always displayed in the English home.

Items that look to have been passed down from one generation to the next are ideal. English country homes always exude this "cluttered" feel. Collectibles, antiques, needlepoint, brass, antiques, art, and leaded glass are common.

Now set back and enjoy a tour of Highclere, the set of Downton Abby.

Tally Ho old bean. Hope you enjoyed the post. Have fun bringing a touch of England to your interiors.
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