Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decorating Your Log Home

There was a beautiful two story log and stone home in Berea, KY, the town I grew up in, that I coveted so badly as a teenager. It was just under 100 years old and the land it sat on was bordered by split rails, forsythia and quince which was so beautiful in the spring with the abundance of yellow from the forsythia intermingled with the red of the quince. I always dreamed of buying that house and was devastated when some one bought it, promptly tore it down, and built a gas station. I fail to understand most people but that is a blog in itself. I went on to purchase and restore an old colonial in that town and lived there for 14 years.

 This post is dedicated to the beauty of log homes. I love hand hewn logs as opposed to round, so this post features that particular style. Log homes have a warmth that just can't be recreated. I have friends that bought two old log homes, dismantled and moved them and then reassembled. What a gorgeous home they have now. Also another friend made a two story log home in the rear of her property into the most beautiful bed and breakfast. I have stayed there during Christmas and there is nothing quite like it. You just feel different, all warm and cozy. Can't explain it, but it's true. I hope you enjoy the pics and if you are considering a log home by all means take the plunge!!

Log homes are always welcoming!

I like to include one or two plaster walls to reflect more light.

This is a beautiful log dining room with exposed beams and a fabulous stone fireplace Not your typical log cabin!! Many homeowners today choose to combine rustic with a touch of luxury. You might see leather furniture, crystal chandeliers or even modern decor inside one of these traditionally simplistic homes.

Rustic but elegant bedroom has the logs and the stone and also a weathered board ceiling.

Log kitchens are so warm and inviting......and make you want to bake!!!

The  massive field stone fireplace is a  grand focal point for this log bedroom.

Log rooms are so cozy at Christmas. A live tree and  handmade ornaments are a must for decorating.

Is this not cheerful? You can have the log look without it being too rustic.

I adore the primitive look of pie safes and cupboards, wooden bowls, and antique baskets. A log home is the perfect stage for them. Early settlers had little space for storage, so many items they used every day were kept on display. Utilitarian items, such as brooms, hand saws and other tools, cookware, plates, clothing, bonnets, candles and oil lamps were all kept close at hand. Hang some of these items on your walls, as you would artwork, to give your log cabin home interest and authenticity.

Another elegant log interior. Nothing overly rustic about this lovely room. When a room is decorated correctly there should be something going on at each level of the room—from floor to ceiling—to create visual interest and complexity.                                      
All you can say about this bedroom is WOW.   Log porches can be beautifully decorated and immensely enjoyed.

Your log home can be decorated with a softer and brighter touch that includes floral arrangements, cottage style artwork and more.

Country furnishing and colors look so pretty in log homes. Red always stands out in a log room especially the more weathered the logs are. With a log home you should select natural muted colors. Bright trendy colors look oddly out of place.

The logs act as great insulation.

This room has the round logs but they chinked (white band you see between logs) which I like. Usually round log homes don't have the chinking.

More cozy Christmas images!

Stone and log used together for a beautiful home.

You don't have to always use primitive furnishings in a log home. Antiques are stunning and give a more sophisticated look.

Weathered wood, like barn siding, is a great accessory for log interiors. They have framed their mirror in weathered wood.

Very pretty and I love the cedar shake roof.

I love this home and the way it is so asymmetrical. Everything is askew and that makes it so appealing.

Quilts and rag rugs are staples of a log home bedroom. I love the lace bed skirt! Create balance with bright splashes of color. Traditionally, this was accomplished with vibrantly colored quilts and other handmade items. But today, you can create the same effect with an abstract modern painting or a colorful collection of primate items.

The logs walls, the fireplace and the soft, sumptuous bed dressings. Who wouldn't want to fall asleep in this lovely bedroom?

Log homes in snow are always picturesque.

Every log home I have been a visitor in has always looked it's best at night. They take on a glow that no other home has.

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