Sunday, June 9, 2013

Classical, Artistic Interiors.......Luis Bustamante Style

Luis Bustamante is a Madrid-based Architect and Interior Designer. While his work is classical in style, it has an edge, and a lightness to it that is so  crisp, graphic, elegant and balanced to perfection.

Bustamante’s work reflects his classical sensibilities. His spaces reflect a sense of symmetry and are imbued by Roman and Greek motifs like striking sculptures, marble columns and plenty of Greek key motif. 

Originally a sculptor and painter, Bustamante started his interior design career in 1991. His artistic eye gave him a unique perspective on interiors from the "aesthetic balance point of view of space, volumes and color." He does such an excellent job of incorporating art and sculpture into the home. His passion for both classical and contemporary art is translated in his interiors that marry the two styles seamlessly. 

 His unique aesthetic allowed him to work internationally, from Spain to the US, Mexico, the UK, Switzerland, Venezuela and Dominican Republic. Currently in Madrid, he heads a prestigious interior design studio that has scored some spectacular successes throughout the world.

Luis Bustamante

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