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Decorate With Matelasse

Matelass√© (mat-le-SAY) is French for “quilted” or “cushioned,” and in usage with fabric, refers to quilted textiles. It is meant to mimic the style of hand-stitched Marseilles type quilts made in France The looms give the appearance of hand quilting. The fabric is a plush textile that appears to be padded, but actually has no padding within the fabric.The treads used for the quilting are done in the same color as the fabric so that the pattern is what you see rather than the stitches. 

 Today the term is most often used to describe double woven fabrics, often damask or jacquard, that are slightly quilted and that feature raised or puckered motifs on their surface. These mid to heavy weight fabrics are ideal for bedding ensemble because of their warmth, and are often stone washed for extra softness.

Matelass√© fabrics are generally made from 100% cotton, but can also be found in cotton/polyester blends and chenille as well. Designs range from simple, graphic squares, or intricate floral motifs. 

  Matelass√© is especially popular because it offers such a  classic, understated pattern. I find it very elegant and refined while at the same time comfortable and charming. It's worth your consideration  for a bedroom redo.

Add a bit of French or Old World European flair as you begin adding matelasse to your home.

The quilted style of matelasse makes it a great choice for a home with a “country” inspired design. This could be European country style but it could also have an American country decor feeling.

Beautiful toile matelasse!

A bed featuring toile coverings and matelasse shams.

What is more French than a matelesse tablecloth?

Mix some pretty sheets with a matelasse comforter.

Stunning!!  This is my favorite way to use matelasse. I like to mix fabrics and patterns and it's tone on tone makes it work so well with other textures and prints.

I think matelasse provides an elegant touch to any bedroom.

Pair matelasse with shabby chic floral patterns for a soft, romantic bedroom.

Matelasse looks very simple and elegant, AND  is very comfortable. Manufacturers claim that its casual design improves with every wash.

Look at this beautiful matelasse covered headboard.

Matelasse even looks delightful in this coastal cottage style bedroom.

Add matelasse bedding to modern bedrooms, toss it over modern sofas and use it to add some old-fashioned style to the windows of a modern home or apartment. All of these options bring an appreciation of an older style into a chic space.

It has such a warm and cozy yet elegant effect on a room.

While I think all colors of matelasse are exquisite, I have to admit I am partial to white or cream.


A white matelasse bedspread makes an elegant stand-in for a table cloth. Color comes from green napkins—draped at the edge of the table rather than sitting primly next to each plate.

Another great way to use matelasse.....slipcovers!

Lovely design on brown matlasse. It looks like quilting but there is no padding.

source unknown

Matelasse coverlets in gorgeous colors!

Floral and gingham with a  matelasse coverlet.

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